Leo Ascendant

You have a fiery side to you which remains dormant until you are challenged. You are born with leadership qualities and look after the growth and welfare of all your subordinates.

Leo Ascendant

Leo ascendant is the fifth zodiac sign and its expansion on the zodiac circle measures from 120-150 degrees where this ascendant is well described as the most ‘authoritative’ sign of the zodiac circle. Leo ascendants are strong, authoritative, self-motivated, proud and talented with abundance of energy to carry out any task with a sense of authority and ability to lead others.

You have a charismatic personality that attracts people and makes you win their attention, especially in your social circle. You have the perception of living your life with full enthusiasm and have good vitality and individual ideas and an approach that can win the support of others.

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Sun is considered as your ascendant lord that represents your personal power, soul, pride, ego, authority, relations with father, government, strong physical constitution, will power, immunity for resistance against disease, creativity, your horoscope, and spontaneity.

Sun governs Leo, its ruling sign. Leo is ruled by Uttara Phalguni, Uttara Ashadha and Krittika nakshatras (constellations). Sun is exalted in Aries and debilitated in Libra. Sun shares friendly relationship with Moon, Mars and Jupiter and opposition with Venus and Saturn while it shares neutral relationship with Mercury.

Leo is a fiery sign, so it makes you strong and sensitive by nature with the creative intelligence to lead others. You have the ability of being protective towards your loved ones with love and compassion but can become obstinate if their ego is hurt over any matter.

Leo Ascendant: Characteristics

Leo Ascendant Facial Appearance/Physical Features

Leo ascendant is ruled by Sun, which gives you a charismatic personality that often reflects in the majestic impression you make on others due to the royal look in your personality, though you may be of average height. You appear to be in control but quick response with vigor, passion and aggression is your common reaction towards any situation.

Leo ascendant man is strong with well defined bones. You have a prominent chin, medium to tall height, intense eyes, dense hair growth that enhances your charismatic personality.

Leo woman have a very striking and radiant personality with pinkish hue in their skin, slim body, long neck, bold eyes, and dense hair adds to the beauty of their personality.

Leo Ascendant: Personality

You, as Leo ascendant, have high energy. However, your fire element is under control till you are not challenged unnecessarily. You are blessed with the potential of leading others where you will look after the progress and welfare of your subordinates who work for you with clarity in your approach. You have an innate nature to protect and guide others to get your work done but you can be overly protective with your loved ones that may affect the compatibility of your relationships.

Very Confident: You have a confident personality where you are aware of your abilities and potential to pave the way to success in your professional field. You never underestimate your talent and personality, which makes you popular in the social circle.

Well Groomed: You have the unique talent of detailing exquisite things such as clothes, shoes or jewelry, which will help you look elegant in your professional/social circle. You love to dress well, according to the occasion.

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Attention Seekers: You have the urge to be the centre of attraction in your personal and professional spaces; you want to be appreciated by others for your abilities. But if you feel challenged by someone you will make efforts, even by being dominant, to get back into the limelight.

Egoistic in Behavior: You are generally easy-going and playful in your behaviour towards others with your energetic personality but at times success and opposition make you dominant and egoistic in your behaviour and you can hurt others intentionally.

Passionate and Controlling: You are career oriented and take a lot of pride in your achievements as you work with passion and dedication. On the other hand, you are very passionate about your relations with your loved ones and tend to be overprotective at times, which can affect your relationships negatively.

Born Leaders: You are have the power and strong qualities of the Sun; you have the ability to make others follow you and work for you as per your decisions, in both personal and professional life.

Leo Ascendant: Love Life

Leo ascendant individuals are possessive in their love relationships, but there can be over-expectation from the partner. You are very loyal and extremely emotional and expect your partner to reciprocate your feelings with the same intensity.

You treat your partner with dignity until challenged. You are possessive.The materialistic status of your partner seldom attracts you.

Leo Ascendant: Compatibility in Relationships

You as Leo ascendant are generally compatible with fire and air sign ascendants including-Leo, Sagittarius, Aries, Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra as the fire and air elements of the compatible signs build and blend your relationship with your partner.


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Leo Ascendant: Career

Your career lord is Venus, but you have the quality of being a natural leader. You have the potential of connecting with others on public platforms with sophistication and grace in your personality. This attribute can bless you with good careers as politicians, leaders, project managers and team leaders. Creative potential can bless you with a career in acting, singing and dance. Your success in career is assured. Once decided which career to follow, you are ambitious, hard working and competitive to achieve success.

Leo Ascendant: Health

You have good physical health with vibrant energy and the strong determination to stand against the odds for achieving success. You are a strong workaholic and will work consistently without much rest, which can also make you aggressive and stressed out. You may suffer from back problems and headache due to long hours of work. Apart from this, diabetes, high blood pressure, and anxiety are some common ailments. Eating too much/too less when emotionally disturbed affects your immunity strongly.

Leo Ascendant: Psychological traits

  • You are egoistic and sensitive by nature, which is not very helpful for your personal welfare and those around you. Your arrogance in your relationships will earn you rivals in your life.
  • To balance your life events smoothly, avoid being adamant and consider being flexible when required.
  • Be careful with money matters as you love to live a luxurious life and flattery from others can lead you to increase your expenses without further thought.
  • Treat others with respect and try out certain meditation techniques to control anger issues.

Impact of Various Planets in Leo Ascendant

Sun in Leo Ascendant: Sun here gives you a charismatic personality with a positive approach towards life. It is very beneficial for your professional progress as it can make you work hard work and take daring attempts that will bring success in your career ventures. But it can also give you an estranged relationship with your partner/spouse.

Mercury in Leo Ascendant: Mercury here makes you arrogant and you are likely to boast about your achievements in public. You will have good earning but your lavish expenditures can affect your financial staus negatively. Taking care of your health is of absolute importance, which includes addressing your anxiety. You will have good sexual compatibility with your partner but your emotional connection can get affected due to your egoistic approach.

Venus in Leo Ascendant: The position of Venus in Leo ascendant makes you selfish and egoistic. E.g.: You will force your subordinates to work for you for your professional benefit. You have the support of your family/partner, who unconditionally carries out your decisions without objection or question.

Mars in Leo Ascendant: Mars here blesses you with happiness in all aspects of your life. It bestows you with a long life, luck and wealth. Mars’ placement here is extremely beneficial as it gives you a happy temperament and optimistic outlook towards life events, which makes you powerful and well respected by others.

Jupiter in Leo Ascendant: Jupiter here brings positive results with your creative intelligence, through which you are blessed with wealth and recognition. You have good relations with your loved ones; your approach is generous towards them - which helps in maintaining harmony in relationships. Your egoistic attitude comes on the forefront when you are challenged and things do not go your way. This attitude can create a rift in your relationships.

Saturn in Leo Ascendant: Saturn here will give you good gains on the professional front but, on the other hand, your rivals will work against you with full force to tarnish your efforts and reputation. If you are willing to work with others without any arrogance on the work front, you will get beneficial results. This position can also bring opposition from spouse/partner.

Moon in Leo Ascendant: Moon here governs your emotions; hence, your emotional and mental balance will depend upon the placement of Moon in your horoscope. You will have the strong inclination to meditate and pursue spirituality to achieve mental peace and harmony.


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