Aries Ascendant

Aries ascendant individuals are quite restless and are always going around looking for new ventures. While males with this ascendant will have a strong athletic build and look like a fighter, women with this ascendant will have average height, energetic spirit, and a natural, toned complexion.

Aries Ascendant


Aries ascendant is the first zodiac sign and its expansion on the zodiac circle measures from 0 degrees – 30 degrees, where it represents your understanding of self-existence with the phrase of “I AM” that defines your self- identity and your own tune of existence.

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Mars is considered your sign lord, fiery in nature that symbolizes desire, drive, energy, and sexuality in your horoscope. It governs Aries and Scorpio its ruling signs. Aries is ruled by Mrigashira, Chitra and Dhanistha nakshatra (constellations). Mars is exalted in Capricorn and debilitated in Cancer. Mars shares friendly relationship with Sun, Moon, Jupiter and opposes Mercury and Ketu, while it shares a neutral relationship with Venus and Saturn. It is a variable [changeable] sign, so individuals with Aries ascendant are restless souls who are always on the move for new ventures in life.

Characteristics about Aries ascendant individuals

Facial appearance/physical features

Aries male will have a strong athletic body with a tough built, prominent chin, and a tanned and toned body due to outdoor activities that gives them the intense look of a fighter, as Mars is the lord of war.

An Aries ascendant woman will have medium/average height, energetic spirit, curly hair, arched eyebrows and a natural, toned complexion.

Aries Ascendant Personality


Aries ascendant does not mean that you are prone to aggression over every matter. Rather, you possess a self-confident personality, bold attitude and natural leadership ability, determination and strong will. Your reaction toward any situation is based more on the placement of Mars in your horoscope.


You are born under Aries ascendant which blesses you with a fighting spirit, the striking energy to stand against challenging situations and not back out from any tricky situation.

Excellent Leaders

You have the natural talent and flair to lead your team with a strong will and strategy that will make you and your co-workers achieve success in your ventures. You will defend your team with an aggressive approach and not let them face any adverse situations; but, at times, you can become dominating and overprotective in your professional relationships.

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Instinctive Optimists

You have an optimistic outlook/attitude towards all aspects of life despite facing challenging situations at any given moment. But you should avoid being arrogant and selfish.

Possessive Lovers

You have the innate trait of being possessive and dominant in your love relationship; you will love your partner with intense feelings and wish your feelings to be reciprocated with the same intense approach. An Aries woman/man can often get clingy due to her possessive nature.

Determined and Successful

You are successful in your career due to your focus on your goals and strong efforts and will chase your ambitions until you achieve them. On the other hand, it may lead you in the wrong direction if your decisions are hasty and impulsive.


You will never forgive any person who has hurt you or tried to harm your loved ones. You will balance your enmity by making them pay for their faults but will not ignore and accept any genuine apology from others.


Aries ascendant individuals are generally active, vibrant with energy and always in action to search for new/adventurous activities.

Aries Ascendant Love Life

Aries ascendant men/women are very passionate and intense lovers with strong physical orientation towards their partner, they will make efforts to keep their partner happy and satisfied. The positivity of Aries’ relationship will depend upon the placement of Venus in your horoscope as Venus shares a neutral relationship with your personal planet Mars. However, despite everything, it is confirmed that Aries men/women share an intense physical equation with their partner.

Aries Ascendant Compatibility in Relationships

You are straight-forward and somewhat dominant in your attitude, but you can have the perfect partner in a Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, or Aquarius ascendant.

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Aries Ascendant Career

Saturn is the planet that governs the 10th house of your career prospects and Mars is exalted in Capricorn, so if the placement of Mars is strong and beneficial in the 10th house, it can give you a successful career in politics, military or police force. Aries can also make a successful career in creative skills like dance, acting, singing, writing, and teaching.

Aries Ascendant Health

Aries ascendant individuals will have robust health with vibrant energy throughout life with the ability to recover quickly from any illness, but you usually suffer from indigestion, acidity and bloating. You have to be careful in your dietary habits and take care of your health.

Aries Ascendant Psychological traits

  • Bounce in their steps

You have the ability to dominate, initiate, direct, instruct, and lead others. Your abilities give the impression of controlling others to work for you but, on the contrary, you have a special gift of self-control and of having control over others that makes you unique in forming any plan and strategy on the playground, office and the personal front to lead others towards success.

  • Mystery behind Aries radiance

You have the Martian energy in your horoscope and the strong placement of Mars with Sun in your horoscope will bless you with confidence and basic raw energy that becomes creative with your honesty and spontaneous protective attitude over others, giving an aura of being strong. This is done with the purpose of standing against the odds, which gives an additional glow to your personality.

  • Unpredictable Aries

You are lucky to catch the attention of the Aries ascendant individual. It is a win situation for you as they will put in all their efforts to pursue your attention. But, if you do not reciprocate, they will retreat without any word as they do not like to be ignored and their ego is hurt. You will have to earn their attention again with lots of effort.

Various Planets in Aries Ascendant

Mars in Aries Ascendant: Mars here gives you a distinctive characteristic in nature and personality, if it occupies your house of self. You are highly competitive in nature, which pushes you to work towards your goals while willing to take risks and persuade others to work for both achieving your goals or maintaining relationships. On the other hand, it can make you impulsive and wavering in mind when Mars governs the house of obstacles, as that can cause negative results. You will have the determination to overcome your problems with strong initiatives.

Venus in Aries Ascendant: Venus gives you the inclination towards materialistic comforts while happiness in personal relationship is increased. However, it may give you harshness in speech due to your impulsive behavior, which is reflected in your relationships. Venus will give you immense wealth with luxurious life and a good and loving spouse but you will be impulsive in your approach towards love. Your relationship with your partner may face challenges in relation to compatibility. The passion in personal relationships for gaining emotional closeness is strong but can create disputes with loved ones over family assets.

Mercury in Aries Ascendant: Mercury represents your communication and thought process, so it will make you quick-witted in your nature/instinct, you will have the unwavering way of expressing your feelings with definite assertiveness while communicating with others. Also, you may occasionally become loud in your tone when expressing your opinions to others, which may hurt the sentiments of others. You will have the ability to defeat your rivals with your intelligence with quick decisions and actions.

Moon in Aries Ascendant: Over here, Moon will make you more impulsive by nature. It can make you restless and tempt you to change your mind very often, so arguments with your loved ones – especially with mother – will be there quite often. All your decisions/actions are related and directed from your emotions, based on your impulsive instincts. However, Moon can also bless you with family happiness and contentment during its period in Aries ascendant.

Sun in Aries Ascendant: Sun is considered as the saviour for the Aries ascendant as it’s exalted and the most beneficial planet for you. Its strong position in any horoscope will give strength to your identity, confidence in expressing your ideas, vigour and determination to lead others at work and in personal relationships. You will be strong when dealing with matters and will be protective/dominating in relationships. Sun’s period in Aries ascendant may be the luckiest time for progress and growth in your life.

Jupiter in Aries Ascendant: Jupiter is the planet of progress and expansion, so here it will bring opportunities for your growth and expansion. It will also make you take risks to explore new horizons without considering any setbacks in such ventures. Rigid attitude and emotional output in conflicting situations will affect your relationship with others. The connection of Jupiter in Aries ascendant blesses your fortune, you are able to overcome minor problems with your initiative as you do not tend to lose hope in the toughest of situations.

Saturn in Aries Ascendant: Saturn has the natural qualities of discipline, organization and responsibility but Saturn is debilitated in Aries ascendant, which suggests that it may bring about the tendency to be less organized in your routine work or make you face some challenges in matters related to discipline at work and balance in relationships. You may have a strong desire for independence but face challenges in personal and professional spaces due to your assertiveness, as you will often be extra demanding of others due to your overexpectations.


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