Taurus Ascendant

Taurus ascendant individuals are persistent and stubborn, have a problem-solving nature along with a loyal and possessive personality.

Taurus Ascendant


Taurus ascendant is the second zodiac sign and its expansion on the zodiac circle measures from 30 degrees – 60 degrees, where the first catch phrase of Taurus Ascendant individuals is, “I HAVE” that defines your strong desire for materialistic acquisition of wealth and the need to live a luxurious life.

Venus is considered as your ascendant lord, stable in nature and symbolizes beauty, desire, wealth, luxuries and relationships in your horoscope. It governs Taurus and Libra, its ruling signs. Taurus is ruled by Bharani, Purva Phalguni and Purvashada nakshatra (constellations). Venus is exalted in Pisces and debilitated in Virgo. Venus shares friendly relationships with Mercury and Saturn and opposition with Sun and Moon; it shares neutral relationships with Mars and Jupiter.

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Venus is a fixed sign, so the individuals with Taurus ascendant are self-sufficient, do not value great adventures in life but are always looking for stability and security in life. They are the calm ones while making important decisions. Most importantly, Taurus ascendant is all about sensuality and relationships.

Taurus Ascendant: Characteristics

Taurus Ascendant Facial Appearance/Physical Features

Taurus ascendant is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, so both men and women generally have attractive looks with a charming personality.

Taurus male have strong bodies that resemble a Bull [symbol of Taurus], neither too tall nor short, with an enigmatic personality and confidence that make them appealing. They have a unique sense of dressing, they make the well-dressed men in a crowd. But, on the other hand, their love for food can make them gain weight as they mature.

Taurus women have average height and flawless skin, big eyes that are generally dark black/brown, long necks, and fuller lips.

Taurus Ascendant: Personality

Taurus ascendant gives you a sensuous personality, you love to enjoy the pleasures of life; but, on the other hand, you are dedicated towards your responsibilities and will commit them at your own pace. You are a person with firm values and principles; you have an inflexible approach which, at times, can make you extremely stubborn and unreasonable when provoked. Quiet and affectionate in nature, you appreciate the genuine efforts of others but are extremely cautious when it comes to choosing your friends and partner.

Family Oriented: You are born under Taurus ascendant which makes you work progressively in your relationships. You always want to have the feeling of belongingness and share a close bond with your family to enhance your security quotient.

Importance of Self Reputation: You are very sensitive when it comes to your own reputation. You love to be surrounded by those who are supportive, appreciate your efforts and do not criticize your faults in a manner that can affect your mind.

Looking Good: You have a keen eye for fashion and your natural inclination is to be well-dressed as you have a deep desire for compliments for your appearance – this brings you a positive feeling. You love to show off your expensive clothing, jewelry and accessories that give you the confidence of looking good.

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Persistent: You have the ability to be stubborn once you have taken your decision over any matter. You have fixed goals and relationships in your life, which do not change frequently since you go ahead with them after weighing all the pros and cons. You will make the desired efforts to gain them for stability and security in your life. You will work hard with constant efforts to create a sense of financial, emotional, familial and physical security.

Loyal and Possessive in Love: You have the inborn quality of being loyal in your love relationship and once committed with your partner, you are likely to be possessive and incessantly seek your partner’s attention.

Comfort and Luxuries: You have an unconscious inclination towards comfort and luxury even on your professional front. You love to relax and enjoy your surroundings and do not adapt to changes very quickly.

Problem Solvers: You have the ability to solve problems to balance issues by using the tact of compromises that are accepted by all. You feel it is very important to have cordial relationships with in both personal and professional life.

Your dedication and sense of responsibility makes you a good home person and an efficient taskmaster on the professional front.

Obsession: You are obsessed about being protective towards your belongings and relationships. You become restricted in your approach when your emotional and financial well-being is challenged.

Taurus Ascendant: Love Life

Taurus ascendant individuals are sensible in a love relationship; you prefer not to chase blindly based only on attraction. You accept the clause that it is not necessary for every relationship to bloom. The positivity of Taurus relationships will depend upon the good placement of Mars with Venus in your horoscope, when you are not just looking for a physical relationship with your partner but also a strong emotional connection for future prosperity of the relationship.

Taurus Ascendant: Compatibility in Relationships

Taurus’ compatibility in love life will be with the partner who will connect emotionally and offer spontaneity to the relationship. You can have a perfect partner in Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces ascendants.

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Taurus Ascendant: Career

Saturn is the planet that governs the 10th house of your career prospects and here your career lord portrays innovative ideas with the flair of independence in nature – this when combined with your ascendant lord Venus will give you a good potential of creativity. Hence, anything that involves art and beauty with creativity will work well for you. Venus is exalted in Pisces so you can have a successful career in dance, acting, singing, teaching, nursing, child care and fashion designing.

Taurus Ascendant: Health

Taurus ascendant individuals will have robust health with good vitality and health throughout life with the ability to recover quickly from any illness. But avoid over-eating as you have an inclination towards exquisite cuisines and over-eating will make you gain weight as you mature in age. Keep a check on your dietary habits for good health throughout your life.

Taurus Ascendant: Psychological Traits

  • Taurus Ascendant has great endurance in your personal relationships and professional responsibilities and a certain sense of compassion that makes others trust you and your honesty.
  • You do not get provoked easily even in adverse situations, which makes you very strong and stable, which adds charisma to your personality.
  • You get stubborn over matters of concern once you have taken the decision.
  • You have a sense of strong emotional sustainability, but you can also be lazy about leaving your comfort zone – especially with respect to physical activities.
  • Over-indulgence is a weakness for Taurus ascendant individuals. Possessions are very important to you for your security, so is dressing well to impress others - but they have to be comfortable and high quality products even though they may affect your finances.

Impact of Various Planets in Taurus Ascendant

Venus in Taurus Ascendant: Venus here gives a certain charm to your personality that goes beyond your physical appearance. Venusian energy in your ascendant exhibits the visible love for beautiful surroundings and luxury in life. Also, you are dedicated towards your responsibilities but will commit them at your own pace. You will love to maintain cordial relationships, balance work and personal life, and strongly defend your reputation when your rivals try to tarnish your professional image.

Mercury in Taurus Ascendant: Mercury here proves to be very auspicious for you as it blesses you with a sense of humor, intelligence and intellect to communicate politely with others over any matter. You are blessed with riches through inheritance, good earnings through hard work and good relationships with your loved ones. You work towards your goals through hard work and intelligent efforts with good support from and bonding with children, spouse and family.

Moon in Taurus Ascendant: Moon gets exalted in Taurus ascendant where it blesses you with good relations with your family, especially mother, women in both personal and professional spaces, creativity and emotional connection in all your relationships. But it is essential to maintain balance in your emotional approach in all matters of life.

Sun in Taurus Ascendant: Sun in Taurus ascendant gives you a stable attitude vis-à-vis your values and loyalty; gives you a balanced behavior, the ability to leave behind your egoistic attitude to a great extent; and makes you work hard while cooperating with others. You will have cordial relations with others, including your partner/spouse.

Mars in Taurus Ascendant: Mars in Taurus ascendant makes you conscious of your self-respect, makes you face challenges in your love/marital relationship due to your dominance and rude behavior. There may be a lack of mutual understanding with your professional partner, seniors and coworkers. Your health will be afflicted due to personal negligence; but you will enjoy gains through overseas connections with a strong placement of Venus in your horoscope.

Jupiter in Taurus Ascendant: Jupiter in Taurus ascendant is likely to make you selfish, greedy and unforgiving occasionally when you are challenged by others. But mostly it is likely to make you strong, wise and connected emotionally with your family and partner, keeping your family safe and well provided by your efforts. You will be courageous and will help the less privileged.. You will see good gains from foreign trade and inheritance; and will have the ability to overpower your rivals.

Saturn in Taurus Ascendant: Saturn here is very beneficial for you as it makes you wise and unbiased. You will have the tact and respectful way of presenting your problems and resolving them with your loved ones. You will see good gains through your patience and hard work; long travel may bring gains through your efficient work techniques. Caution will have to be applied vis-a-vis speculation in money matters and relationships, as it can bring setbacks.


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