Scorpio Ascendant

Scorpio ascendant individuals have a strong and daring personality and can be quite passionate, jealous and territorial in their relationships.

Scorpio Ascendant


Scorpio ascendant is the eighth zodiac sign and its expansion on the zodiac circle measures from 210-240 degrees. You have a magnetic and attractive personality. Due to your secretive aura that surrounds you, it makes others naturally curious to know more about you. You have instability and insecurity in your nature due to your impulsiveness and it is essential for you to learn that every situation/relationship loses its impact with the flow of time.

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Mars is considered as your sign lord. Fiery in nature, it symbolizes desire, drive, energy, and sexuality in your horoscope. It governs Scorpio and Aries, as its ruling signs. Mars is ruled by Vishakha, Anuradha and Jyeshta nakshatra (constellations). Mars is exalted in Capricorn and debilitated in Cancer. Mars shares a friendly relationship with Sun, Moon and Jupiter and opposes Mercury and Ketu, while it shares a neutral relationship with Venus and Saturn.

Scorpio is a fixed watery sign, so the conflicting energies of these two would make you a restless soul. You need to learn not to control others or seek security from others but to try to make efforts to feel secure within yourself. You are considered as the strongest, smartest and the toughest of individuals according to your horoscope.

Scorpio Ascendant: Characteristics

Scorpio Ascendant: Facial Appearance/Physical Features

You have a magnetic and attractive personality due to the secretive aura that surrounds you and attracts others towards you.

A Scorpio male is likely to have a very attractive personality with a generally tall and strong body and have an athletic build and broad shoulders that attracts the attention of others, especially women.

Scorpio women have a sharp, striking personality with expressive yet secretive eyes like that of an eagle, while they also have a healthy complexion, soft hair and medium height. They usually have a strong and resistant attitude in adverse situations.

Scorpio Ascendant: Personality

You are well known for your loyalty, devotion, passion, and single-minded focus in your pursuits to achieve your objectives. You have an intense personality and are someone who does not like to establish limitations in your life but has deep emotions and feelings towards their goals and relationships. Your approach most likely will touch the extremes; that can be either very secretive or very loud.

Manipulative: You have the unique quality of convincing others to believe in your vision over any project and relationship. You have the art of persuading others with your strong command over your communication skills to willingly work for you as per your wishes. This trait of convincing others to work for you or accept your decisions in relationships gives you a powerful personality.

Strong and Daring: You have the inherent quality of underlying confidence that makes you dare to take risks both in your personal and professional life. These daring risks can be beneficial if manipulated with intelligence and well-planned efforts. It can otherwise create setbacks and give you an impulsive approach towards situations and in relationships.

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Intuitive: You have very strong instincts, where you can judge fraud in your relationships by the body language and expression of the concerned person to a certain extent. You unconsciously act more on your instincts based on your situations/people/relationships.

Extremist: You have a decisive nature when dealing with situations or relationships with others. You are loyal and devoted to your relationships but expect others to reciprocate your feelings with the same intensity. This can make others react in your favor or against you, based on your behavior with them.

Generous: You love to help others, especially the less privileged ones, as that gives you mental peace and harmony. You do not love to boast about your good deeds in public or your social circle.

Passionate and Jealous Lover: When you are in love, you are very devoted towards your partner, be it in terms of an emotional relationship or physical intimacy. You will be fully attentive towards their needs and will make extra efforts to make your partner happy. But on the other hand, you can be a very jealous lover if you feel your partner’s lack of attention towards you or if they fail to reciprocate your feelings with the same intensity and depth.

Territorial: You can be very possessive towards your relationships and goals and if by chance you feel threatened by others who try to cross their limits, they are put aside by you with quick aggression and action to safeguard your interests and relationships with your loved ones.

Scorpio Ascendant: Love Life

You are a very passionate and intense lover with strong physical orientation for your partner, where you make efforts to make your partner happy and satisfied. The positivity of your relationship will depend upon the placement of Venus in your horoscope, as Venus shares a cordial relationship with your personal planet, Mars. However, despite everything, it is confirmed that you share an intense physical relationship with your partner and get jealous and possessive in love relationships when you feel insecure and challenged.

Scorpio Ascendant: Compatibility in Relationships

You are straightforward and somewhat dominant and possessive in your attitude when it comes to your personal relationships. You can find the perfect partner by ensuring they belong to Cancer or Pisces, as these are also watery signs ascendants.


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Scorpio Ascendant: Career

Sun is the planet that governs the 10th house of your career prospects, and you have a strong determination and passion for power, which makes you suitable for careers that allow you to use your innate analytical and problem-solving skills with your individual approach. With your natural leadership qualities, due to the influence of Mars and Sun, you can excel in positions of authority, management and executive roles or creative fields where you can channel your excess energy and passion in your work.

Scorpio Ascendant: Health

Despite your ascendant being very strong, your health is a matter of concern as you may suffer from problems of digestion, acidity and bloating. You have to be careful in your dietary habits and practice a good exercise regime to stay healthy in your life.

Scorpio Ascendant: Psychological Traits

  • You are very emotional and self-protective, but you become judgmental over small issues due to your emotional nature.
  • You are very secretive and may keep secrets from your loved ones, where what you say and what you do may be different from each other.
  • You are intelligent and quick witted and will be able to navigate any situation with your quick observation skills, but your views may be rigid and unreasonable which may not be progressive for your relationship with the people around you.
  • Your egoistic attitude when challenged brings accusation in your communication with others, which can hurt others; thus, others do not feel confident of your trust on personal levels. You have the desire to dominate others with power and dominance when you are challenged by others.
  • You have a good social circle.

Impact of Various Planets in Scorpio Ascendant

Mars in Scorpio Ascendant: Mars here will make you behave in a dignified way even when dealing with your rivals. However, a weak Mars can make you aggressive over your rivals when challenged. You can be revengeful when challenged as you have the power of overcoming your rivals with your daring attitude and fearless actions. Mars here makes you aggressive, but this trait is beneficial for performing well in military, army and for being good surgeons.

Jupiter in Scorpio Ascendant: Jupiter in Scorpio is the planet of luck and charm for you where it blesses you with a strong intuition that protects you naturally from dangers and problems. You are highly learned with a good amount of knowledge and have the ability to make monetary gains through knowledge and education.

Saturn in Scorpio Ascendant: Saturn here indicates that you will have the opportunity to work for your career prospects sooner/later in life. It signifies the emotional intuition of your nature and helps you keep your desires and ego in check and brings more stability in life. You are a workaholic and have the ability to manage your personal and professional fronts together, simultaneously. Saturn with weak dignity will make you egoistic and dominating in your relationships.

Venus in Scorpio Ascendant: Venus here reflects conflict in your marital life and loss of your dreams and desires. You will have the chance of developing foreign connections that may be related to your professional and personal relationships. It is essential to be careful when handling personal relationship matters.

Mercury in Scorpio Ascendant: Mercury can make you selfish. When you are under the influence of a weak Mercury, it can make you adopt every means to gain power and reputation. The placement of a strong Mercury in your horoscope will bring you gains from your profession related to communication and research-oriented matters, while a change in your profession can give rise to your income as well.

Moon in Scorpio Ascendant: Moon is a beneficial planet for you as it can make you be more spiritual and use your intelligence to seek knowledge of the higher truth. This will help you be calm and balanced in adverse situations and tough relationships. You are emotionally connected with your teachers and mentors and their teachings.

Sun in Scorpio Ascendant: Sun is a beneficial planet for you, which give you the insight of your good deeds and help you be aware of your strength. It makes you work hard and blesses you with a strong social status.


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