Capricorn Ascendant

Capricorn is the 10th sign of the zodiac and represents seriousness and a level of frugality regarding finances. They are quite stable but materialistic and do not jump into commitments as soon as others.  They have tough looks, and their style sense includes a lot of greys.

Capricorn Ascendant


Capricorn ascendant is the tenth zodiac sign and its expansion on the zodiac circle measures from 270 - 300 degrees. You as a Capricorn ascendant are practical, where being whimsical about events and relationships is not your style. You are always in touch with your ground realities and believe more in your hard work and efforts than in destiny.

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Saturn is considered as your sign lord that symbolizes discipline, dedication in work, seriousness and a responsible person with the strong sense of duty towards your commitments. It governs Capricorn and Aquarius as its ruling signs.

Capricorn is ruled by Uttara Ashada, Shravana and Dhanistha nakshatra. Saturn is exalted in the Libra sign, debilited in Aries sign. Saturn shares friendly relationship with Mercury and Venus and is in opposition with the Sun, the Moon and Mars, whereas it shares neutral relationship with Jupiter and Mars.

Capricorn is an Earth sign which makes you very hard-working individuals and you can work consistently with efforts to achieve your goals. You have the ability to inspire others and lead others with inherent leadership that reflects maturity and motivation. You are known for your reliability and grounded attitude which initiates you to set your goals and achieve them in your personal and professional life.

Capricorn Ascendant: Characteristics

Capricorn Ascendant Facial Appearance/Physical Features

Capricorn ascendant have a well-groomed personality and appearance with a slim body structure, easiness in your walk, height may be short or average, chiseled features that make you look attractive. You have the habit of trusting your intelligence more than others and are least concerned about your appearance.

Capricorn ascendant men have bushy eyebrows, medium and average height, with focused and serious eyes where a well-groomed appearance is the strong forte of their personality.

Capricorn ascendant women have short height with large head that gives you the false impression of being tall than your usual height, small body frame, but their eyes are serious and focused in vision.

Capricorn Ascendant: Personality

You as a Capricorn personality are very responsible towards your commitments. You rarely lose you composure in adverse situations and move forward to find solutions to your problems, but are insecure towards failure.

Reliable and Responsible: You are very committed towards your responsibilities and your reliable attitude towards anything makes the others assured that the commitment will be completed.

Disciplined and Consistent: You are in the favor of working in a disciplined manner in your routine life and you move effortlessly in certain order in your routine work to carry it out smoothly. Once you decide your goals, you have the ability to make consistent efforts to achieve them.

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Loyal and Ambitious: You are a very ambitious and great thinker who believes in pre-planning events for the success of its completion. You have the ability to chase your dreams but will work extremely hard with honesty for themselves and their organization.

Family Oriented: You are very responsible by nature, and you will make efforts and expenditure to make your family comfortable and happy. You will try to give them materialistic happiness but will not be able to show your love and affection to them or your partner which may lead to discontentment in relationships.

Calculative and Clever: You do not like to share your plans with others but their sudden action indicates that they are taking some calculated risks which has the fine chances of gains but nobody knows their action until it takes its concrete shape. They have the ability to wait patiently for the right moment that makes them unique and successful on the work front.

Reserved and Eloquent: You have a reserved nature and like to keep your thoughts personal which can reflect an aura of depression or pessimism around you. You like to live alone, independent and focused on your work and commitments. You have an eloquent and expressive speech with others, but you can be direct and firm in your communication to prove your point when required.

Capricorn Ascendant: Love Life

Relationships and love are not your strong forte of you as a Capricorn ascendant individual, but once you are emotionally connected with your partner you will make strong efforts to make the relationships work. You will love to make sacrifices for others both in love and family relationships, but you are not a good listener to others concerns (except for Sravana nakshatra in Capricorn), and this can cause discontent in relationships.

Capricorn Ascendant: Compatibility in Relationships

You as Capricorn ascendants have good tuning with Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo ascendants who are your good matches as they understand and appreciate your dedication and hard work towards your commitments.


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Capricorn Ascendant: Career

You are very serious and dedicated about your work and will put consistent efforts to achieve your goals. You have a balanced approach with diplomatic and caring attitude towards others who either work for you or work with you. You have the ability to give un-biased opinions on the matters of concern so careers as judges, lawyers, CEO or any top ranking positions that can handle projects or multinational companies are suitable for you and you’re likely to do well in these. You will always take calculated risks in your business/job to gain progress in life.

Capricorn Ascendant: Health

You will have good and normal health. But you must keep a balance in your personal and professional front with ample rest between your work schedule and the time spent with your loved ones. You have to keep good dietary habits with practice of yoga and meditation to keep yourself mentally and physically fit. Capricorn Ascendant- Psychological traits

  • You are very family oriented where you like to work in discipline & order in routine work but everyone in your family would not agree with your restrictions, especially children. So you need to have balanced and loving approach rather than being authoritive.
  • You are very ambitious by nature and trying hard to achieve goals may not work according to your expectations, so it is beneficial to take things at a relaxed pace to have a satisfaction in life.
  • Being stubborn in all your concepts in life will not bring positive results for you and it is very essential to possess a skill like flexibility to bring success in your life ventures.
  • You are passive in emotional connectivity with others which indicates that being emotionally distant and cold will affect the bonding of your relationships and it is likely to make you feel lonely with a personal void.

Impact of Various Planets in Capricorn Ascendant

Saturn in Capricorn ascendant: Saturn here blesses you with long and healthy life. You have good wealth quotient and extremely close to your parents but have conflicting relationships with your siblings and spouse. A weak placement of Saturn can cause you to be irritable, rigid in your thought process due to your strong dedication in your profession will make your relationships less cordial.

Jupiter in Capricorn ascendant: Jupiter here blesses you with positive traits like optimistic approach; faith and generosity where you will love to explore your spiritual inclinations, but avoid being over-indulgent and extravagance in your personal habits and expenditure. It will be necessary to maintain a disciplined approach in life to avoid any kind over commitment that may lead to stress and fatigue.

Mars in Capricorn ascendant: Mars here is exalted in Capricorn ascendant which indicates their good fighting ability, good strength and zeal in all your commitments. Mars here indicates that your motivation and energies are directed towards attaining comfort. You want to stay relaxed, happy with good social circle of friends and decent income.

Venus in Capricorn ascendant: Venus is the most friendly and beneficial planet for Capricorn ascendant. You have the habit of being organized in your personal and professional front where your love for organized work and organized people ensures the success in all your materialistic wishes and the fulfilment of your desires.

Mercury in Capricorn ascendant: Mercury here gives for Capricorn ascendant gives you success in your work, health and life after initial hard work and struggle and you are likely to gain weight due to your own negligence. Mercury is beneficial for you; hence you need to put in efforts and hard work to get professional success. You are likely to gain wealth due to your intelligence and wisdom and tactful approach.

Moon in Capricorn ascendant: Moon here brings occasional setbacks in your patience, mostly it makes you composed, serious, reliable and you are the epitome of responsibility. Your calm and composed behaviour especially during emotional disturbance makes you win the trust and love of others on the personal and professional front.

Sun in Capricorn ascendant: Sun here will make you egoistic in your general approach where you will have obstacles in your work front, discord in your personal relationships. You will have to face obstacles from unknown sources where your personal relationships will demand your attention. Your stress levels will be high and your wisdom will fail to work despite understanding the root cause of your troubles. You will have to be vigilant in your behaviour with others over the personal and professional front.


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