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Rahu House

Rahu is a revolutionary planet. It dislikes authority and condones the social norms. It makes the person anti-authoritarian in the area of life governed by its position in a house. Rahu gives positive results in 3rd, 6th and 11th house and is considered highly malefic in the rest. Rahu makes an individual go against the norms and orthodox ideas associated with that particular house. For example, when Rahu is posited in the 4th house, it gives one a mindset that is a complete opposite to other family members. They usually hold different values and beliefs than what is followed by their family.

So naturally, where Rahu is posited in the horoscope defines the area of life where the person would feel lack of peace of mind. It also gives strong desire to associate with the values of Rahu house, inability or fear to do so, and ultimately dissatisfaction. There is a lot of mental unrest associated with the house where Rahu is positioned in a horoscope.

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