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Sagittarius Love Horoscope - Marriage

Sagittarius Love

Sagittarius is the most adventurous sign in the zodiac. It is a fire sign and ruled by the most pious planet of the zodiac, which is Jupiter. Sagittarius is the sign for expansion and magnification. 

They like optimism, studies, traveling, debates, spirituality religion, law, literature and what not. Sagittarius indicates high intellect.  They want the same quality from their spouse. They are not limited people, they have multiple skills. They will be visible in multiple roles in society. They all like to teach others, so they need a person who can ignite their high intellectual nature.

They can’t stand small talks. They see the world as their home. Even if they reside in India, they will be thinking about the next US presidential elections or the Keystone pipeline issues. They are highly adventurous and they need someone equal adventurous as them. They may not always like to sit back and relax and to take up family responsibilities. They will even ask their spouse to come out and see the world from a wider perspective.

Since they are a fire sign, they will never like to stand still like a water sign. They like to grow up and they don’t like anyone to be an obstacle in their plight.  They will have an opinion about all things. This nature may not be going well with Earth signs or saturnine signs. Earth signs like Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn will not come out easily with an opinion. They will take the time to analyze the facts. They may not like the fiery Sagittarian to explode with the opinion and make their life complicated. Sagittarius is not very submissive, this is a known fact. They like to be independent and a pestering spouse has no place in their life. Maybe the daily chores are not the concerns of a Sagittarius.

They always like straight moves. It is a drawback of a Sagittarius that they can’t easily identify the gossipers or backstabbers. They meet everyone with a plain heart unless Jupiter, their ruler is not in a complex mode. If Jupiter is in complex mode, then the Sagittarius will know all the odd games.  They have goodwill for all and they like to lift up everyone to see the world as a family.

They like long trips, interactions with the international community. They want their spouse also to know these things. They will get well with air signs like Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius because they have this air element and Sagittarius is a fire element. Both air and fire couple will make a progressive life. They will be having a lot of healthy discussions. These progressive discussions will be very nourishing unlike the discussions with earth signs like Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

They are highly intelligent and if their ruler Jupiter is not in a great mode, then they can even be with low intellect. So, they won’t accept a person who is not interested in intellectual talks.

They are highly philosophical, so if you want to attract a Sagittarian, then you should start reading books by philosophical people. They like religion and even atheism. They like to learn anything and everything. Dating a Sagittarian is not easy because they may not be that traditional as well. Sometimes they will come up with revolutionary matters

They are very generous and they want others to be generous as well. They may not tolerate the gossiping nature of Gemini, but they like the chirpy and free going nature of Gemini. They like to keep a charitable nature. They like people of the same nature.

They have a negative side as well. It will be something like being too adventurous and not having caring nature. They are independent people and they don’t like their spouse asking accountabilities. They can teach others, but they may not like to take some correction from others. If they feel restricted, they may walk away for safe pastures.

This nature can be a challenge to all Earth signs because they are very practical in nature. They don’t their spouse to be free birds. They like to keep their reign, so that may not go well with a Sagittarius person.

They lack the talent to adapt according to the situation because they are bluntly honest. The world needs more diplomacy and a Sagittarian will have difficulty in being diplomatic. So, they can fall in recurrent issues with your partner. The issues will be more with the same Sagittarian.

They may not like to stick on to the same thing and that also become another concern for their spouse. A Sagittarian will be having multiple plans. They will find it difficult to work hard for the completion of any project. This can be a big turn off for earth signs like Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. They like to continue to work hard until they reach perfection, but a Sagittarius will not be able to sustain.

When you date a Sagittarius, you should remember these things.