Libra Love Horoscope - Marriage

This is the sign everyone loves, just because Libra is the most favorite sign of Venus. Everyone loves the planet, Venus. Even the astrology haters are very curious how Venus is placed in their chart. In Vedic astrology, when Venus dasa comes, everyone gains glory. Venus is the most sensuous planet in the zodiac. It is the planet for love, beauty, and relationships. Librans are known for their diplomatic nature and beauty. It is very easy to identify a Libran because they will be always classy, cool and looking beautiful. They will like to keep their diplomatic nature unless Venus is not badly placed.

Libra is air and that indicates they like to socialize. They don’t like to be secluded if Venus is not badly placed. They are the crowd pullers of the universe. They like to look good, speak well and share good things about anything and everything. It will be very hard for a Libran to speak evil or look ugly. It depends upon the condition of Venus.  They want their spouse also to look good and they naturally get attracted to well-behaved people. They truly don’t like to be with unruly people;

They like happening relationship and they don’t hesitate to flirt. They like the drama, but the soft Venusian influence may not tolerate any high drama.  If you love a Libran then try to be diplomatic. Librans have a nature to get attracted towards Aries because Aries rules the seventh house of spouse. If a Libra go through a breakup, then it will be difficult for them to get quickly into another relationship. 

Libra is an air sign, so they like to be social butterflies. They like claustrophobia. However, they don’t like to get into an in-depth relationship like Gemini and Aquarius. They truly don’t want to take up huge commitments as well. They like the romantic side of the relationship. Physical intimacy is also very important to them.

They are the charmers of the zodiac and they will do the best in it if Venus is not badly placed. Still, they will difficulty in understanding the need of the spouse. So, the spouse gets an extra responsibility of describing each time when they want something. The symbol of Libra is balancing scale and they want to keep the relationship balanced. So, when their spouse comes up with demand, they will do their best to give it.

Librans are very careful in dealing with their spouse. They will not give them high hopes. There will be less effort from a Libran to get things done from their spouse. Whichever spouse they get, they will like the diplomatic nature of the Libran. Still, they should not try to keep a Libran under their control. They totally dislike being limited.

They are romantic with the right people. Their flirtatious nature may sometimes put their spouse into confusion. Yes, your Libran spouse can have many fans, but that doesn’t always mean they have multiple partners. If Venus has positive aspects, then the Librans will not play with the feelings of their spouse.

They like to be just in their relationships. If they have done something wrong, they will admit it. Diplomacy is a main quality of Venus and that should be seen as a great strength. If Venus is debilitated or retrograde, then there will be recurrent issues in the relationships.

They are very beauty conscious and that can be a problem for their spouse. Every time they ask their spouse to behave and look good and that can be a big turn off. For this, they may even force the spouse to be hypocritical. If their spouse is a Cancer, then it can truly break their heart. A Cancer is ruled by Moon and Moon is very evident in showing its emotional ups and downs. It will be very tough for a Cancer spouse to suppress their feelings. The Libran will do it in order to be diplomatic.

They are the people pleasers of the zodiac, so there will be a lot of denials to please others. This may not be easy for a spouse which is ruled by Mars, Saturn or Sun. It is only possible for a Gemini, to be adaptable. The yes boy or girl spouse will have a tendency to ignore the feelings of the spouse in order to impress the public.

This changing behavior will make a Libran little unreliable for their spouse. Another challenge can be the extravagant nature of the Libran. For earth signs like Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, spending nature of a Libran can be very irritating. In a relationship with Libran, there will be arguments regarding expenses.

A Librans main challenge is taking up responsibilities. The Air element is always showing a block in understanding others expectations. In their desire to fly high, they may generally ignore others feelings.

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