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Mahadasa of Venus

The Dasa period of Venus runs for as long as 20 years. It is a benefic and tender planet, a watery feminine energy. Venus is strongly linked to love, passion, beauty, marriage, arts, music, creativity, luxuries, wealth, indulgence, sex, media and fragrances. It is essentially the planet of the senses - of smell, sights, sound, taste and touch. When Venus is benefic in the chart, it brings a lot material comforts and prosperity. Native does well in artistic industries such as media, fine arts, dance, music, entertainment etc. Venus affords the native with magnetism to attract opposite sex. It gives comfort of vehicles, jewelry, luxuries, home, royal status and profit from all aspects.

Venus Antardasa in Venus Mahadasa

Antardasa of Venus leads to wealth gain and prosperity. Native gets to enjoy a lot of comforts, conveyance, new clothes, luxuries, perfumes and so on. Venus gives better name and fame in society too. Along with financial gains, native experiences intensity of desires in personal life as well. This Antardasa brings new relationships and also, romance in existing ones. It also brings love and passion back into your married life. Native feels artistically inclined and becomes fond of creative pursuits such as fine arts etc. A lot of enjoyment and indulgence takes place during this period.

Sun Antardasa in Venus Mahadasa

The relationship between Sun and Venus is inimical so Sun somehow engulfs the positive impact of Venus here. While there would be slight progress in wealth, some challenges also persist in life. Native tends to indulge in conflicts with family members and spouse. This is the time when only sincere efforts can fetch good results. Some enemies or opposition also ties to drag you down. Moreover, you feel lack of support too. This Dasa especially affects your eyes, head, stomach and heart. Native should also beware of dealings with government sector.

Moon Antardasa in Venus Mahadasa

When these two watery feminine energies collide under an Antardasa, the native becomes fond of artistic pursuits and beauty such as music, flowers, fragrances, fine arts etc. Both these planets are tender, feminine and benefic but exact results differ from chart to chart. Excessive submissive energy causes issues in career matters. Some irresolution persists along with distress in familial matters. This is not the time to go haywire but follow a righteous path. Inclination towards spirituality helps.

Mars Antardasa in Venus Mahadasa

In this period, some blood related problems crop up at times. Your libido goes sky high too. You become aggressive and revengeful. There can be some hurdles at work so you should work towards controlling your behavior. Health issues like fever, cold, blood infection, acidity etc may persist too. However, native also attracts a lot of wealth, ornaments, luxury clothes etc during this period. If you are in land, copper or gold related business, huge profits roll in during this period.  Overall, this Dasa brings mixed results for the native.

Rahu Antardasa in Venus Mahadasa

This period brings good news from children and relatives’ side. However, native should exercise caution in situations involving fire, chemical or poison. Some infection due to medication is possible too during this period. You are able to defeat enemies during this time nonetheless. The negative influence of Rahu somewhat overshadows the benefic aspects of Venus so some challenges and difficulties persist during this period. Native falls from the grace of seniors at work and loses position and wealth at times. Some bitterness and misunderstandings persist in relationships as well.

Jupiter Antardasa in Venus Mahadasa

While the relationship between Jupiter and Venus in inimical, both these planets are benefic in nature. Jupiter in fact is considered the most benefic planet in Vedic Astrology. Jupiter relates to expansion so under Venus Antardasa, Jupiter expands what Venus gives. Native enjoys good professional status, material comforts, and happiness in familial matters during this period. Some inclination towards spirituality is also felt during this Dasa. Native gets a lot of recognition and fame in their social circle. Jupiter also expands one’s knowledge and intellect. Native spends a pleasant time with spouse and children and also observes elevation in career.

Saturn Antardasa in Venus Mahadasa

Saturn is malefic while Venus is benefic. Since both planets are friends with each other, Saturn’s negative impact alleviates to some extent. The results of this Dasa are average in turn. While the native is likely to experience disputes in married life, he or she enjoys a lot of comforts and luxuries too during this period. Obstacles in career and social life cause some disturbance in life. Health issues and financial hiccups also persist on account of rising expenditure. On a positive note, this period is marked by increased religious inclination. This is the period of hard work. If you invest serious efforts, results would be somewhat positive.

Mercury Antardasa in Venus Mahadasa

Venus and Mercury are friends to each other. Moreover, both the planets are benefic in nature. If this Dasa is free from affliction, then native enjoys a comfortable and enjoyable life with children. Happiness can be felt in abundance in all matters. Mercury infuses the right amount of wisdom to strike opponents down and rise to fame. This is a great period for people who participate in creative competitions such as debate, arts, poetry, writing or painting. Native leads a satisfactory life with friends and family.  Relationship with spouse and other members of the family also remains stable and happy. You become more sincere towards relationships.

Ketu Antardasa in Venus Mahadasa

Ketu is a malefic planet so it weakens the positive impact of Venus here. Native experiences an increase in bitterness in relationships, which can create some distance. Lack of mental peace also persists during this period. A lot of obstacles keep you from treading towards success, especially in career. Native may lose his position at work or suffer some loss. Some unwanted travels also take place during this period. You should be very careful as your enemies try to drag you down as well. You should also check your medication as you could end up with some infection due to wrong medicines.


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