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Mahadasa of Moon

Moon Mahadasha runs for almost 10 years. Moon represents beauty, femininity, purity, charm, softness, emotions, art, love, money, status, progeny, luxuries, auspicious events, prosperity, mental peace, mother, silver, and so on. During Moon Mahadasha, the native often feels inclined towards artistic pursuits. This period boosts creativity in the person. Native experiences vivid dreams and fantasies during this period.

Moon takes you on an inner journey, towards spirituality and higher knowledge. However, Moon also brings mental instability, depression, laziness, and moodiness in case of malefic influence.

Moon Antardasha in Moon Mahadasha

Moon Antardasha in Moon Mahadasha is a positive period in one’s life unless the planet is afflicted. A lot of progress takes place during this time. Native enjoys material comforts, prosperity, and the company of women.

The relationship with the mother also improves because the native is able to fulfill her wishes. A lot of positive and negative developments make a way in life. Chances to have the bliss of childbirth too. Singles get a chance to meet someone special.

Due to the mental weakness and instability imposed by Moon, the native also encounters some hurdles.

However, a lot of respect and fame in society marks this period. Inclination towards arts and creative fields such as music, poetry, etc also increases. Spiritual travels also take place during this Dasa.

Mars Antardasha in Moon Mahadasha

Mars Antardasha in Moon Mahadasha, the period is marked by increased difficulties and hurdles. Some wealth loss is possible but at the same time, native experiences growth on the professional front.

Hard work is the keyword for this Dasha. The person often has to stay away from his or her native place during this period. Some issues with mother and other family & relatives also persist.

Majorly, this Dasha takes its toll on health as the native experiences issues related to stomach, blood impurity, and anxiety. Enemies also try to drag you down during this Dasha.

Rahu Antardasha in Moon Mahadasha

Rahu & Moon planets are inimical to each other. Rahu here affects the psychological health of the person. The native suffers from a lack of mental peace and unnecessary fears, especially from theft.

A dip in financial status is also seen during this period of Rahu Antardasha in Moon Mahadasha. The native feels distressed and lonely as if there is no one to turn to.

Vicissitudes in business are also seen. Eating habits also suffer during this period and health issues also strike pose hurdles such as fever, mental distress, and infections due to wrong medicines.

Once the Dasha is over, the native’s life returns to a normal state.

Jupiter Antardasha in Moon Mahadasha

Jupiter, the lord of expansion here affords the person with great wealth and happiness. Native spends a lot on luxuries, clothes, ornaments, and other material comforts. This is the time of indulgence and enjoyment.

Some spiritual travels also take place during this period of Jupiter Antardasha in Moon Mahadasha. Knowledge and wisdom get a boost. Students get to choose a subject of their choice and their efforts bear good results in exams.

This is large because both are benefic planets. Happiness and peace prevail in life and native spend a lot of time with friends and company too. Moreover, wealth prospects also improve during this period.

Saturn Antardasha in Moon Mahadasha

Saturn is a malefic planet so this period of Saturn Antardasha in Moon Mahadasha, naturally causes some challenges in life. Saturn is the planet that brings delay so you might observe some hurdles in fulfillment of your goals and achievements, which could lead to frustration and distress.

Native also begins to use harsh language & tone and becomes more argumentative under the malefic influence. Chances of defaming in society are there as well. Mother’s health or your relationship with her bears the adverse influence of this Dasha the most. Native also develops some sort of addiction.

Mercury Antardasha in Moon Mahadasha

Moon considers Mercury as a friend. While Mercury is inimical towards Moon, this period of Mercury Antardasha in Moon Mahadasha bears positive effects for the most part, because both are benefic planets.

A lot of growth in career and income prospects takes place. Native enjoys the comforts of life. Communication ability improves considerably because of the benefic presence of Mercury. This is a good period to take part in debates.

Native uses a lot of intelligence and knowledge to make wise decisions and drive him or her towards success and happiness. A good boost in financial position is also possible. Students perform satisfactorily in their studies.

Ketu Antardasha in Moon Mahadasha

Ketu Anatardasa in Moon Mahadasha causes a lot of travel. Native however suffers due to some mental distress and lack of peace of mind. Ketu’s shadow over Moon is considered malefic in Vedic astrology, and it keeps the native mentally distressed during this period.

Wealth loss & Family issues also persist and frequent quarrels affect cordiality. Some unwanted fears also keep the native troubled, such as from water and enemies. While it is a tough time, it cannot be termed a bad time.

Venus Antardasha in Moon Mahadasha

While the relationship between Venus and Moon is inimical, both are benefic planets associated with wealth. Native enjoys a lot of comforts and luxuries in life during this Dasha.

Wealth grows considerably, and some sudden gain is also possible during this period of Venus Antardasha in Moon Mahadasha.

New relationships are possible during this period and existing ones remain blissful. Natives spend a lot of time with loved ones too.

Native feels interested in creative pursuits and develops a fondness for arts, poetry, music, cosmetics, beauty, jewelry, etc. The desired travel also takes place during this period.

Sun Antardasha in Moon Mahadasha

Moon absorbs most of the hard sunlight and reflects only the soft glow. This period is a very balanced one since both planets work together just like a father (Sun) and a mother (Moon).

Moreover, these two planets are friends with each other so happiness and enjoyment prevail in life during this period of Sun Antardasha in Moon Mahadasha.

Native attains a better position in life and recognition from authority too. Social life and status improve during this period. Career growth is also perceived.

Enemies are not able to drag you down. However, native becomes a little egoistic and dominating during this period, which should be avoided to maintain peace in relationships.

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