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Mahadasa of Mars

Mars’ Mahadasa runs for a period of 7 years. Mars is the karaka of passion, ambition, energy, aggression and enthusiasm. The major fields it represents are sports, physically demanding activities, marketing, sales, military, surgery, and war. During the Mahadasa of Mars, the native has to increase the amount of energy he or she puts into these key areas of life. Mars Mahadasa is marked by an increase in aggression. Mars gives burns, wounds, and disputes with brother due to land and property matters. In case of malefic influence, the native may also suffer from allergies, low blood pressure, bone weakness and lack of energy.

Mars Antardasa in Mars Mahadasa

Mars dominate the native’s life in this period. Native observes a sharp increase in energy, courage, aggression, and desires.  During this period, the native observes gains in property matters. The native feels endowed with more courage and better problem solving skills. Mars Antardasa under Mars Mahadahsa also creates good marriage prospects for the native. This period also brings growth in career and financial matters. If under malefic influence, this Dasa can lead to differences with siblings. Native may also suffer from urinary problems, property related issues, danger from electricity, weapons and fire. Low blood pressure is another key problem that strikes during this Dasa. This planetary period also creates strong chances of accident. Businesspersons also experience hurdles in growth.

Rahu Antardasa in Mars Mahadasa

This is a negative period as per Vedic Astrology principles. Rahu here casts a negative influence upon the native. During this period, the native encounters a lot of opposition, challenges and risk from weapons, fire, theft, expired medication, and poison. At times, native also suffers loss of elders or a loved one. Lack of moral values and inclination towards illicit pursuits persists throughout the Dasa. Native may also struggle due to stomach, eye or head related health issues. Overall, this is an unstable period wherein the native feels mentally drained and distressed.

Jupiter Antardasa in Mars Mahadasa

Jupiter and Mars share a friendly relationship so Jupiter Antardasa in Mars Mahadasa brings positive results to the native. Jupiter’s wisdom and maturity tames the aggression of Mars. Native feels more attached to the divine and expresses a lot of knowledge and wisdom. This Dasa brings more strength of mind, a lot of respect, authority and spiritual inclination to the native. Status of the person also elevates during this Dasa. A lot of auspicious events take place in one’s life. Profit from land and property is also possible. The combined effect of planets also affords the native with good health and a peaceful married life. Relief and profits in business matters is also observed during this period. Native enjoys a happy life with family and a cordial relationship with children and friends.

Saturn AAntardasa in Mars Mahadasa

This is a tough period in one’s life because Saturn is malefic and is quite inimical towards Mars. Native encounters a lot of hurdles in professional and personal life. Opposition tries to cause harm to the native. Family and friends also become reason of some personal suffering for the native. Lack of peace of mind and instability persists in life during this period. A sense of bitterness exists in all personal relationships. This is a time to keep patience and make serious efforts towards success. The native should stay away from theft, imprisonment, fire, travel and authority. Loss of wealth is also possible during this Dasa.

Mercury Antardasa in Mars Mahadasa

Mercury governs wisdom and intelligence and is a benefic planet. Despite the conflicting relationship, this is a balanced Dasa. Native may feel distressed at times but intellect and wisdom would improve, helping him or her emerge as a winner despite the odds. Natives would feel blessed for what they have and feel inclined towards spiritual pursuits. Some restlessness and impatience may persist at times due to Martian influence and native may also experience fear from enemies. Harshness and ego may increase which could lead to some unreasonable quarrels. Loss of wealth is also possible during this period if care is not taken.

Ketu Antardasa in Mars Mahadasa

Ketu is considered a malefic shadow planet in Vedic astrology and Mars is also a fiery planet. During this Dasa, the native faces many hurdles, negativity and difficulties. Planets make the person impatient and pose many challenges in the way to success. There could be some sudden trouble from fire and weapon. Native may also suffer loss of wealth during this period. A lot of mental tension infects the atmosphere in familial matters. Native is also likely to encounter wasteful travels, career downfall, mental confusions, loss in business and health issues such as stomach problems, leg pain or some difficult-to-diagnose problems. Spouse or children may also suffer on the health front during this period.

Venus Antardasa in Mars Mahadasa

Venus is a tender, feminine benefic planet but Mars on the other hand is masculine and aggressive. But both the planet are neutral towards each other so maintain a balance. During this Dasa, the native feels free-minded. Venus Antardasa in Mars also affords the native with better health, rise in status, vehicles, property, precious jewelry and physicals comforts. Income also increases during this period. Native feels a strong penchant for arts, music, dance and luxuries. Native also pursues virtuous deeds and feels happy. If Venus is under malefic influence, the person goes to a foreign country and experiences fear of theft and eye related issues.

Sun Antardasa in Mars Mahadasa

Both the planets are masculine and fiery and represent power and ambition. Their Dasa brings mixed results for the native. During this period, the native earns a lot of fame and success in competitions. Income and wealth also increases. Native enjoys a sound health and a stable mind. Royal favors, reward from government and recognition in foreign countries are some of the perks associated with this Dasa. Some may also land a government job during this period. This is a good period for those in politics too. Native mostly spends a blissful time with loved ones. Some negative results of this Dasa include distress to children, health issues like fever, headaches, eye problems and hair fall. Defame is also possible if malefic influence is there.

Moon Antardasa in Mars Mahadasa

Mars considers Moon as a friend while Moon is neutral towards it. This is a balanced position as one planet is masculine and fiery but the other is feminine and watery. The native become soft-spoken and polite during this Dasa but it also makes the native a little impatient. Native enjoys a lot of comforts and pleasures, happiness and rewards. Some auspicious occasions may also take place at home during this time. Moreover, your desires and dreams also get fulfilled due to the combined influence of planets. This period also brings rise in status and income. Some problems could persist though due to increase in distress, restlessness and lack of mental peace.