Read Your Own Horoscope: A Step-By-Step Tutorial to Vedic Astrology

Under the guidance of Pt. Punarvasu, Indastro has been serving astrology patrons since 2001. Backed by years of experience and unique insights from ancient books & sources that are 1500 to 5500 years old, this free Vedic astrology tutorial has been put together with an objective of helping people better their lives. These free lessons from Indastro will help you read your own horoscope. For which you must keep the following points in mind:

  • Go step by step. Until you have mastered one step, do not move to the next.
  • Do not just read, but apply these principles on your own horoscope
  • In the begining, just pay attention to just reading and analyzing a birth chart, rather can drafting one.
  • Go in the same order of lessons as is provided here.
  • Practice and more practice.

Mahadasa of Jupiter

The duration of Jupiter Mahadasa is of 16 years. Jupiter is the planet associated with wealth, riches, fortune, spirituality and happiness in married life too. It also represents liver. Benefic placement of Jupiter in the chart means, the native would lead a prosperous life. Jupiter elevates and expands the aspects of the area where it sits in the horoscope. People under the Mahadasa of Jupiter get success in teaching, banking, lectureship, education, finance, jewelry, marriage counseling, loan processing, psychology, spirituality, politics, administration etc.

Children also perform well when Jupiter Mahadasa is going on. During this period, Jupiter blesses the native with improved judgment and wisdom. Native makes right decisions in life and aspires to achieve great heights in career too. This Mahadasa also increases your inclination towards spirituality and religion. It is also marked by warmth and betterment in relationships, especially married life. Here are the results of several Antardasas of Jupiter.

Jupiter Antardasa in Jupiter Mahadasa

Spiritual pursuits and worshipping affords a lot of wealth, conveyance and physical comforts. If done with conviction, the person could enjoy a lot of name and fame in society and get the blessings of Jupiter. This is a landmark period in terms of practicing spirituality. A lot of religious travels and virtuous activities take place. Children also lead a happy life. Native enjoys a lot of wisdom and knowledge and gets a better position in career. If afflicted, this Dasa can also lead to separation from spouse. Problems with children are also possible. Health issues could strike, especially related to liver. Affliction may also lead to loss of wealth and defame.

Saturn Antardasa in Jupiter Mahadasa

Saturn Antardasa gives benefits in loan and property matters. People in this period enjoy a lot of wealth and gains due to the downtrodden in society. This period gives boost to one’s professional status. Native puts in a lot of efforts into getting success. This is a good period to succeed in the field of law, justice and management. The more you work hard during this period, better would be the chances of success. If affliction is there, the native could face issues in work life. Some health complications may also crop up during this period due to the negative influence. Saturn Antardasa in Jupiter Mahadasa could also lead to defame in society and loss of wealth in case of affliction.

Mercury Antardasa in Jupiter Mahadasa

Both planets are the karaka of wisdom and intelligence so during this period, the native gains good knowledge and learning power. Their intellectual abilities improve a lot. Native earns a lot of name and fame with their own intelligence. Boss also recognizes your value during this time. This is also a good period concerning education. Results are often positive during this Dasa. Native also gets success in professional endeavors and earns a lot of respect in society. During this Dasa, native tends to maintain peace and good relationship at home. If affliction is there, native struggles to get desired results of his efforts and hard work in exams. Skin problems are also likely in this case. Moreover, memory issues and mental instability can persist too.

Ketu Antardasa in Jupiter Mahadasa

This Antardasa affords the native with spiritual inclination and interest in religious travels. However, during this period, Ketu causes a lot of problems and confusion in career matters. Possibility of imprisonment also exists. Native may also suffer from health issues and a lot of mental distress. Some wasteful travels could also occur during this period. You may observe a sort of distance in relationships too. Expenditure also shoots up.

Venus Anterdasa in Jupiter Mahadasa

This Dasa brings a lot of positive outcomes, provided you make enough efforts. Your conviction towards God and your spiritual guide strengthens during this period. Venus gives a lot of physical comforts too. Your interest in music and singing also increases. You observe a lot of affection and love in your married life. Both planets are benefic and denote wealth and fortune. This period thus brings a prosperity and financial stability to the native. You tend to enjoy a lot of material comforts such as luxury clothing and vehicles. Your knowledge also increases due to the positive influence.

Sun Anterdasa in Jupiter Mahadasa

This Antardasa brings a positive impact upon your financial position. Status elevates and overall wealth increases too. The influence of planets brings a lot of name and fame to the native. Both these planets are supreme and powerful so success in professional endeavors is possible. Chances of promotion also exist. Native observes an increase in knowledge and wisdom too. Happiness in family and relationship matters also prevails during this period. If malefic presence is there, the native could suffer from body aches, fever, nervous disorders, headaches and lack of peace of mind.

Moon Antardasa in Jupiter Mahadasa

Native enjoys comforts from partner and children during this Antardasa. The influence of Moon and Jupiter’s relationship boosts income prospects. The native develops a liking for dairy products. This period also brings progress on the career front. Native gets a lot of support from society and enjoy material comforts, luxuries and pleasures of life. This is a beautiful phase of life for the native. Relationship with spouse and children also remains cordial. The person undertakes spiritual travels too. If under malefic influence, this Antardasa can lead to distance in relationships. Loss of wealth and health issues are also possible. Native could also face issues with mother or maternal figure. Frequent body aches and mental distress may also persist during the Dasa.

Mars Antardasa in Jupiter Mahadasa

This Antardasa increases knowledge and learning ability. Native earns profits from land sources. There remains a lot of happiness in familial matters and married life too. Relationship with siblings also improves. Native becomes a little dominating in nature though so some disputes and arguments with others are possible. Nonetheless, this is a period to enjoy respect and fame in society. If under malefic influence, this period causes eye related issues and fever. Lack of mental peace also keeps the native troubled. Problems in relation to property matters may also come up. Moreover, loss of wealth is possible too.

Rahu AnterDasa in Jupiter Mahadasa

This Dasa brings a lot of confusions and problems in life. It makes the person egoistic and domineering in nature. The person begins to indulge in unnecessary arguments and fights. Family relationships also suffer due to this. Native also observes a career downfall during this period. Financial problems are also possible due to rising expenditure. This period is also marked by an increased fear from medication and infections related to it. The person may also suffer from physical distress, headaches, and liver related problems. To have a more peaceful life during this Dasa, native should take up religious travels and take a dip in holy waters. Practicing meditation also helps in this regard.