Scorpio Love Horoscope

Devoted, loyal until the end of time and extra emotionally attached to their partner is what defines the nature of love that a Scorpio resonates with and feels. They are the ‘feelers’ of the zodiac in all honesty and have the knack of understanding their partners well. They also know how to fulfill them and find true joy in simply seeing their partner smile. That is the definition of a Scorpio lover.

Scorpio Love Horoscope


Scorpios are the 8th sign of the zodiac. Scorpios have a great intuition of understanding people, emotions, their surroundings and intentions and bring them to light or speak it out. They also have the quality of accepting it all and together bringing it forward clearly in the form of emotions like water. (water representing emotions in astrology).

This quality helps them in their personal relationships a great deal. What might take for everyone else an entire lifetime to understand, a Scorpio can navigate in no time. This includes understanding the emotional needs, wavelength, vibes and complexities of the person in front of them, and therefore, comes up with the essence of ‘I get you’, or resolving it all together. Being with a Scorpio will make you feel understood- a gift that only one with a Scorpio partner can correctly make sense of and value. If ‘to understand, and be understood’ was one of the strong building blocks in a relationship, a Scorpio is someone who you can a effortlessly do that with and expect this factor to be the first thing to vividly present itself in a relationship with them.

This is why a Scorpio is also very cautious of the relationships they form through life and the privacy they require. Since, it is very easy to get bogged down or have too much of emotions from too many people to carry as their cross in one lifetime. A Scorpio chooses to have fewer but deeper relationships than all others in their entire life. This emotional entangling with their partner can translate itself in the physical world through sex while merging both the aspects together bringing them so close to them that it becomes impossible for a Scorpio to simply ‘stop loving’ their partner. Its an impossible endeavor for a Scorpio, they know this, and they won’t even try to do that. This is probably the one reason why Scorpios are considered the most loyal of all zodiac signs.

Traits of Scorpio

Scorpio in Love is smart and very romantic. They provide ample comforts to their loved ones or life partners and try to keep their family in cheer, and good spirits.

  • But they will take every precaution not to expose their family affairs to anyone. They will enjoy popularity, easy social acceptability, and public esteem.
  • They like to flirt but their love affairs are a closely guarded secret. Scorpios can be won over only through the power of love. Scorpions only trade in love and care.
  • Being a watery sign, Scorpions have a fertile imagination and sharp intelligence. Further, this sign shows that they have intense feelings, and emotions which emanate from the water element.
  • They enjoy their life to their entire satisfaction with impulsive action, courageous resolution, independence, excitement, and forcefulness.


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Scorpio Man in Love

The constellation Anuradha is known to be the selfless lovers of the zodiac.

  • They are the ones who don’t just love and support you in the physical matter of things but also give you the freedom to find your place in the world, which is also the space one needs to ascent spiritually.
  • They value growth within themselves and in their partner, especially as a person. He has a clean heart and adores a good human being as his mate.
  • He has been through a lot in life, in general, which makes him want to be with someone he doesn’t have to hide from in his sea of insecurities.
  • He wishes to enjoy pure bliss and happiness in his relationship which is why he is completely open and supportive of his partner in her endeavors.
  • He is likely to not show this part of himself, but if you chance upon to be the woman he has loved with all his heart then you will see it, especially during love-making, which will, very surprisingly and distinctively than every time else, be extra emotional.

Jyeshtha, the other constellation also has similar traits when in love. The only difference being that in their case, they’re the ones who’re pretty innocent lovers and might be extra-sensitive than Anuradha men.

  • This means their partner should be such who can understand, love and support their fragility and vulnerability and feel pride to have an emotionally available man as their mate.
  • This is far from the conventional definition of an ideal man in astrology which is now changing at the speed of light considering that these attributes are now being focused more upon, unlike how it has been showcased so far.

These beautiful traits should not make you think that this man is a too soft to be played with. Remember, he is a Scorpio, and he has a stinger! He will never use it on you, but once you do something to lose that beautiful, fragile heart, you are not getting it back, no matter what you do. He might love you till death but never look back again- that is a Scorpio man.

However, when he finds the perfect mate who matches his energy, he can become so romantic that it will make you blush real hard. He can make the boldest of women blush to their core by the way he’ll flirt- and the right woman possibly will. This shy man could make any woman shy in front of him, when in love and that’s his style, really.

He’s also super-devoted and nothing & no one in the world can change his feelings for you. A Scorpio male partner is intense, dynamic, energetic in romance, and love but of complex moods. They’re invincible in love; have twin traits of passion, and reasons.

Once a Scorpio man really, actually likes you and shows you the above traits, you’ll secretly wonder why did he not happen to you early!- We bet you that!


Scorpio Woman in Love

Scorpio women are as internally strong as they are fragile. They break into a thousand pieces, and they can break anyone into a thousand pieces who try to harm their loved ones. Scorpio women are extra-sensitive and go to any length to be protective of their loved ones. They are the honorable women of the zodiac who keep their husband/partner/lover in high regards. They cannot be won by superficiality. To get the heart of a Scorpio woman is to sign up for a type of love which goes beyond time, space, distance and lifetimes.

A Scorpio woman is, in reality, innocent and transparent like water. She trusts blindly and commits fully, which is only after she’s sure that you have genuine love for her and feel just as deeply. It is not easy to fool a Scorpio with shows and expressions of love, because she knows the genuineness in your feelings. Being as intuitive, its hard to hide your true feelings from her.

  • A Scorpio woman in love does not need money; she craves only tender love and care. These ladies enjoy their life if their partners show genuine affection and deep love.
  • When she falls in love, she jumps into the deepest pool of emotions ever known. Her intentions are clear, and her love even clearer, up to the point in which she gets hurt. When this happens, she can become your worst enemy.
  • Scorpio women in a relationship are no doubt very adjustable in nature, and know, how to please their partners. They’re very passionate when it comes to love matters. They’re magnetic, proud, and totally confident.

She likes to have a very personal space between herself and her lover which she deems as sacred as the alter of God. She primary need in a relationship is that her relationship be respected by everyone else who’s close to her.


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Love guide for Scorpio

Scorpio spans across three constellations Vishakha, Jyestha and Anuradha. They are compatible with fellow Water signs and Earth signs.

Scorpios and other Water signs

The one thing that connects a Scorpio with another water sign (Cancer and Pisces) is their watery nature. It brings a balance between their elements and an ease of understanding those emotions well. This builds for a strong bond.
Scorpios are however best suited with Scorpio itself, as none of the other two signs share a 7th sign connection to Scorpio, however, they’re compatible.

Scorpios and Earth signs

Water and soil blend together to sprout life into the world. Their energies create life and Scorpio being a water sign yet ruled by Mars, has enough of what is required to create and build with the Earth. This makes them good for relationships. While water signs can understand another water sign, earth brings calm, stability and groundedness to a Scorpio.

Taurus being the best-suited, being 7th from the zodiac making it as ‘partner sign’. The other two might be compatible.

To Make Their Love Relationship Perfect, Scorpios Should

Work on your trust factor: Scorpios either trust too soon, or not at all. This is something that Scorpio needs to work on. Rust is a process.


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