Capricorn Love Horoscope

Capricorns have huge emotions which they are often unable to express. They love their partners immensely but cannot express it in open. They are practical & thoughtful. They keep tabs on the likes & dislikes of their partner & will make things according to their preference without it getting noticed unless their partner knows them well. 

Capricorn Love Horoscope


Capricorns have a heart of gold, and only a truly emotional and understanding person can get to it. They are often misjudged as ‘unromantic’ but that’s because most people don’t really know what romance actually means. Get to know a Capricorn really well and you’ll understand how beautiful a relationship you can have with a Capricorn. Their relationship can be emotionally healthy, deep and strong.

They look and aim to build a life of calm, peace and love with a strong foundation. They are not flimsy and will not change their mind with the vision of just another man/woman walking down the street. Their heart isn’t something that can be bought, it can only be earned with love, understanding and maturity.

Capricorns are the most steady partners one can ask for, provided they are sure that the person deserves that steadiness. They wait for very long periods to observe not just their partners but also their own emotions for them, and once they’re sure they make a move. With Capricorn men, however, that’s not easily possible, as he’s shy around the opposite sex/gender.

An accurate prediction about your love compatibility can be arrived at only when certain parameters are studied, for which we require the exact birth details as mentioned in the form below.

Women who expect strong and lavish displays of affection can look for other air and fire signs. This man is all about emotion, romance in a steady but beautiful way and a partner who will be your rock until the end of time.

Their partners often get confused by their subdued behavior as detachment or unloved, but not everyone can go beyond the surface to see what lies beneath. Just the way you need to go deep to find a pearl, you need to see beyond the surface to understand and love this man.

You’ll be deliciously surprised to find something extraordinary within him. Capricorns have a downside to them that they don’t take the required steps which they clearly know that they want to, which shows that they’re not bold enough to voice their true feelings.

In fact, the deeper the emotions, the harder for the men of this zodiac. You’re just expected to sit there and figure it out, which is not how it works. This is why they miss out on expressing themselves even in school and college days to their crushes. They should inculcate dignity and diplomacy, avoid nervousness and discontent, and be bold and daring.

Traits of Capricorn

Capricorns are always committed to a mission in their life, more often than not, no one knows what that mission is.

  • They exude power and authority in most realms of their life but hold their cards close to their heart.
  • One can never guess which of their passions are their ultimate goal or if they’re just catalysts to their ultimate vision. They aren’t the ones to hog the spotlight. They will generally put someone who’s never been there to feel the oomph for once. That stabilizes the situation for them and makes them seem like the ‘bigger person’.
  • They are always in control of the situation while they stay quiet and watch everything from the backstage. They almost always know what’s up.
  • They’re very good manipulators and can manipulate situations and people solely with their intellect. They are not to be underestimated.


Capricorn Love Horoscope

Weekly Predictions (19 May - 25 May)
This week promises enthusiasm and high romantic quotient with your partner. You may also go out on dates this week. Single folks may encounter a new love interest in life but there may be some difficulties in expressing your mutual feelings. Distance might be created from a lack of quality time together.

Capricorn Man in Love

This man doesn’t fall in love every fortnight. They are romantic but will take too long to choose the right partner.

  • Their romance is not a mode to impress their partners or to make them feel good for a specific day, rather it is genuine and a way of self-expression and can come out in such subtle ways that no one else in public except their partner will notice.
  • They are practical, self-motivated, thoughtful, reasonable, and very reserved in nature.
  • In case you are looking for a dependable, sturdy, and practical lover, he is the right man.
  • They are materialistic.
  • Public display of affection is not liked by them.
  • He is intended in the planned physical side of love. He is not a fiery lover but is deliciously romantic.
  • His lovemaking is sensual and slow – often too intense to handle, emotionally.


Capricorn Woman in Love

Capricorn women are earthy, feminine and can be flirtatious with her partner, and often, no one else will get to know that sparks are flying. These women, in general, are career-driven and flings or short-term relationships don’t appeal to them.

  • They are pretty solid when it comes to their priorities and in their head they know what they want from their personal and professional lives, and she’s hard to be moved from her desires in these realms. Capricorn woman in love is steady in emotions and romance.
  • They are focused on their career during the period of building their career and when she feels she needs a partner, she’ll find her right match.
  • She lets her partner take the lead. She likes men who can make her proud or do something which can make her feel like she married a man of substance. These women are strong and like the company of strong men.
  • Their definition of ‘strong’ is someone who’s emotional, can be open with them, trusts and respects them, learned and is clear-headed with a good vision for the future. She will stand by you, firm and proud and support you all the way through.
  • Her presence, once felt, will stay long. These damsels have special organizing capacity with good tolerance, patience and steady nature.
  • Their romantic perspectives are best guarded by them and something that a chosen one gets to explore. We hope you’re lucky!


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Love Guide for Capricorn

Capricorns are well-suited to fellow Earth signs who’re as steady as they are and can understand them on the same level.

They are also well-suited to water signs who’re similar in nature and can understand them well, being more emotional and making them feel comfortable instead of insecure, which they might be prone to.

  • In the affairs of heart, the Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) element people are like the Capricorns, especially orthodox and conservative. They are sincere and loyal and attached to their sentiments.
  • However, with Taurus, the compatibility can be capricious as they both can get fickle and jealous in disposition since they are equally prone to the Cupid’s arrow. Though, the slow, patient working of a Taurean’s mind finds its fulfillment and final expression in a Capricorn, who finally reaches the top and attains the desired goals.
  • Those from these signs are more practical than idealistic, more rational than dreamy, and hence well-matched individuals.

Capricorn is an Earth sign which is emotional but always within themselves. The emotional water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) can understand this effortlessly since they’re masters of emotions.

  • The Cancerian can find stability with a Capricorn who can prove to be the calm to their mood swings.
  • The Scorpio looks just as calm on the surface and most times it’s hard to tell the difference between the two – at least by the looks. The Capricorn may hide, but the Scorpio is born with the trait to uncover.
  • The Pisces is emotional as well and a Capricorn can feel safe with a partner as long as they don’t have a wandering eye.

To make their love relationship perfect, Capricorn should

  • Avoid nervousness and discontentment but develop dignity, diplomacy, avoid selfishness, egoism, and pessimism.
  • Should not become desperate and broken-hearted.
  • Should not overstress themselves but, instead, take plenty of rest. They must avoid fatigue.
  • Take care of health.


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