Capricorn Love Horoscope - Marriage

Capricorn is an Earth sign and it is ruled by the most stubborn planet in the zodiac, which is Saturn. This is a very practical sign and even though it is ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is the most auspicious sign in the zodiac as it rules ambitions, karma, name, and fame.

 So, a Capricorn always will aim at name, fame and a successful career. They can be a little slow, but they are not defocussed. When you date a Capricorn, you should remember, they are very much focussed. If you like structure and discipline, then a Capricorn will be an ideal partner for you.

They don’t like anything which is against the law unless Saturn is in a complex mode. They like to be practical and realistic. A superficial person like Sagittarius or Scorpio will have difficulty in adjusting with a Capricorn. 

They both are not that flexible and Capricorn also not that flexible. Only a flexible person should go for a date with Capricorn. Otherwise, you may get discouraged. It is an earth sign and that makes them very much grounded. Those air signs who like to fly high may not like to be with a Capricorn.  Capricorn is the sign for structure and discipline, air and fire signs may not have this talent to be structured. They are scattered like air. Any endeavor to restrict them may cause damages in the relationships. 

Capricorn may look very rigid, but they have a tender heart, but it is not easy to get them in a soft mode. Most of the time, they will be looking at the harsh aspects of life. They like to work hard and always thinking about their responsibilities.  One amazing fact is that if you are dating a Capricorn, and then there are huge chances for them to be the eldest kid in the family.

They don’t like any surrealistic matters. The main quality of a Capricorn is they can go easily through a crisis and get it over by their practical approach. They know that the present situation is not their final destination. They will bring some solutions even in the toughest situations. They are reliable as well.

A Capricorn is highly ambitious. They may be slow, but they always remember what their goal is. They don’t want to take any risk in their plight. Aries, which is known for their initiative nature may find it difficult to adjust with a Capricorn because Aries doesn’t like to sustain and they will have multiple incomplete initiations. This is totally the opposite nature of a Capricorn. They will take time to fix their goals, and they will never listen to a third person. This is also showing the stubborn nature of a Capricorn,

They are very mature and wise. Most of the Capricorns are the eldest in the family and that itself is a value addition for them.  They will like mature and practical people yet, they will like playful Venus too because according to astrology Venus and Saturn are friends.

They are patient, and that is a great quality which everyone likes.  They will be ready to wait until their spouse reaches maturity. They will be helping them with inputs as well.

A Capricorn is very watchful of the situation. First of all, they are not in a hurry to act. So, they will be able to make use of every opportunity.

The major negative thing about Capricorn is they are very pessimistic. It will be a big turn off for most of the signs. If a Capricorn is dating a Cancer, then that relationship will go through a lot of volatility. It is because Cancer is ruled by the Moon and it is a very unstable planet. Concertinas always need a positive approach to them otherwise they will feel stuck. A Capricorn will definitely find it difficult to adjust with attention seeking Cancer. A pessimist Capricorn will find difficult to inject some positive energy into a Cancer.

A Capricorn will never easily shift from their ideas. This can be a big problem with air signs, majorly with Gemini. Gemini’s are known for their dual nature. It will be tough for a Gemini to get into a promising relationship with a Capricorn. Gemini is adaptable, but not Capricorn. When they take a decision, then that can be for a lifetime. Gemini always will look for safe pastures and that is not the nature of a Capricorn. They like to stay on what the feel right.

They are not very friendly or of a socializing nature. This makes Capricorn a shy person, but they are not. They are bold enough to come out, but rarely.  They generally don’t like too much of public appearance because Saturn is an outer planet and it feels secure when it is away from the social domain.

When you date a Capricorn, you should never try to change their view forcefully. The relationship with them can be a little slow, but progress will be coming up, but a little late.

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