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Marriage Horoscope for 2019


As soon as we dive into the new year, our heart begins to search for the perfect time to pop the question or to exchange vows. Married couples look for favorable time to start a family or would the new year treat them well. Singles dread the thought of being alone for one more year & cross their fingers while reading horoscopes to find if their relationship status this year could fare well.

The 2019 marriage horoscope breathes out sunshine & love to all of you. Effusive Jupiter transits secretive sign Scorpio after 12 years. All the hidden desires & secret love affairs would get opportunities to get out of covers & see some light. Chances of meeting the dream man/woman.  Jupiter spins the wand to turn lovers into married partners. Good news for people who have been cloaking the details about their love life from all. Now it’s the right time to come out & be bold with the Jupiter’s blessings.

Saturn’s transit in Sagittarius sign would make relationships honest & loyal. You would get showered with love & affection. Luck of partner would improve finances as well as your business & career. Keep your bags ready because vacations would be fun & full of romantic stuff.

Ketu & Saturn’s conjunction after March would help in spiritual enlightenment & married couples could find themselves indulged in religious practices. Rahu in the Gemini could roll your married life & make it idyllic. Singles would be philosophical & poetic in love.

16th April 2019 to 10th May 2019 is the splendid period to pop the question, exchange vows or just spoil your partner with love as Venus, lord of love would get exalted & could give magical results. Between 10th September 2019 and October 2019, stay cool as your marriage could go though some burning grounds.

Glimpse of 2019 marriage horoscope for different zodiac signs:

Aries - Married life seems to be high on love. Partner would be romantic & understanding. Chances of falling for someone elder than you. Little bit of wait if thinking to plan a family. Read More

Taurus - Patience is the key to save marriage. Talking could resolve problems & give better understanding. Precautions & deep thinking needed before jumping onto decisions in marriage matters. Read More

Gemini - Relationships are nothing but trash without honesty & understanding. Winning argument is not important when you could lose your love in process.  Plan a trip to rekindle love. Read More

Cancer - Talk with your partner the way you want them to talk to you. Tribulations in married life is possible post March. Ego could prove damaging for the married couples. Read More

Leo - Married life would be all sunny & bright. Use your words carefully to avoid difference. Parallel affairs could be tempting as well as damaging. Read More

Virgo - Ketu affects the married bond. Detachment could be cause of worry. Spending time together would be great. Plan outings to revive your love life & marriage. Read More

Libra - Perfect time to walk down the aisle. Love & marriage would no longer be a mirage. Pamper your partner to make the most out of this auspicious time. Read More

Scorpio - Great time to enjoy love & togetherness. Marriage proposal might give positive results. Married couples might take a spiritual turn to purify their relation & love. Read More

Sagittarius - March could be a turning point in your married life. Arguments could disturb the harmony of otherwise loving & caring relationships. Read More

Capricorn - Wishes might get fulfilled. Spouse would be supportive & understanding. Married couples might achieve great success together. Read More

Aquarius - Your wishes would get fulfilled in the form of a loving partner. Efforts could make things delightful. Progeny matters look bright. Pride could distance you & your partner. Read More
Pisces - More love & romance to you this year. Spouse would be intelligent & helpful. Dreams might start becoming true. Read More