Capricorn Financial Year


Each financial year is different from the last on accounts of taxes, budget, inflation etc. whether you will benefit or not from the current circumstances depends Vedic astrological attempts to study the position of your ruling planets and the houses. To determine for you how your finances will be placed during all quarters of this FY, give this a read.

Capricorn Financial Year

The financial horoscope of Capricorn moon sign reveals that this 2021-22 may not be a financially rewarding year for the Capricorn natives. Even though you will put in a lot of efforts, yet the planets will cause hurdles and challenges in your life. Also, the planet of prosperity, Jupiter, will remain in debilitated sign for most parts of the year.

April to June 2021 – The cluster of planets will be present in the ascendant in the initial parts of the year and it may lead to ups and downs and challenges. The horoscope of Capricorn native indicates that 2021 will bring your expenses to an all-time high. Jupiter will enter the second house of your horoscope that signifies your wealth and financial condition. Also, Venus, the planet of luxury, will be in its exalted state providing ample opportunities for you to strengthen your financial position. The exaltation of Sun will come as a blessing for you.

July to September 2021 – This period will see higher opportunities from overseas sources as Jupiter, the lord of your third and twelfth house, will be posited in the second house of wealth. This planetary position may give you a spectacular opportunity to earn more. However, you need to be careful about your expenses because any negligence on your part can result in heavy losses & loss of opportunity.

October to December 2021 – During the month of October, Jupiter will be retrograde in its debilitated sign, Capricorn. This reverse movement of Jupiter will cause financial problems but this does not mean that you will have shortage of money. The horoscope points out steady growth, on the other hand, your personal life/relations may suffer. As you move towards December 2021, Jupiter will progress into Aquarius sign in the second house of wealth, and the financial prospects will start improving once again.

January to March – The New Year 2022 will bring a lot of opportunities to earn profits and gains due to the favorable planetary movements. Saturn will be posited in the ascendant/first house along with a cluster of planets, until March 2022. Also, Jupiter will be progressive in your wealth house. A lot of opportunities may come your way due to the favourable placements of planets that will sow the seeds of good financial year ahead.