Remedies for Venus

Remedies for Venus

Venus is the karaka of beauty. Remedies for Venus are significant because it enables you to see beauty not just in the physical sense, but in everything and appreciate all that is exquisite and gorgeous around you.

This is why Venus is strongly associated with arts, creativity, luxuries, and physical attractiveness. People born with a strong Venus, especially in Ascendant have a magnetic charisma. Venus also endows the native with wealth and riches.

When Venus is negative in a horoscope, it gives skin problems and issues in progeny and reproduction to both men and women. Such people may struggle to bring their love affairs to fruition.

Moreover, it may also cause differences between your female partner and kids. Such people suffer from excessive sleepiness during the daytime. This also gives excessive sexual energy, interest in sensuality, and extramarital affairs.

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Individuals under the negative impact of Venus may also follow atypical trends in terms of their sexuality. It is important to practice remedial measures to calm this planet’s negative effects. Here are some effective remedies for Venus that may help.

Vedic Remedies for Venus

  • You should avoid taking gifts from others or anything for free.
  • Offering sweets to widowed women or little girls is also a powerful remedy for Venus.
  • If you donate pure cow ghee to any religious place and start using it regularly in your kitchen, it really helps to calm down Venus’ effects.
  • You should use perfumes and silver ornaments.
  • You could chant the mantra of planet Venus - Om Shum Shukraya Namaha 108 times daily
  • You could also chant Om Dram Dreem Droum Sah Shukraya Namah.
  • On Friday, you should give white food or ornaments to needy young girls
  • Pouring white flowers in a river also helps calm Venus
  • Those under the influence of a weak Venus in a horoscope should never repeat their clothes without washing them first. Wearing unwashed clothes could aggravate the negative results.
  • You could also light a camphor lamp daily in the evening inside the house to eliminate the negativity.

Lal Kitab Remedies for Venus

  • Keeping a square silver item in your wallet or purse also proves helpful in keeping the negativity of Venus to the minimum.
  • You should also feed black cows or horses regularly.
  • People born with weak or malefic Venus in their horoscope should also ask for their mother’s blessings whenever they leave home.
  • Another effective remedy for Venus is to be faithful to your lover or spouse.


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