Remedies for Mars

Remedies for Mars

If you have a weak Mars in your horoscope, results may not be favorable as it is a malefic planet. It can cause recurrent knee pain. Moreover, it is associated with blood, which may make the native anemic too, thus it is vital to do remedies for Mars.

People having a weak or malefic Mars in horoscope suffer from weak eyesight, recurrent headaches, and dark circles around the eyes.

Such people also struggle in reproduction, as Mars is also the governor of our passions, love, sensuality, and sexual capabilities.

Women with a weak Mars may struggle with problems in the monthly cycle and pregnancy. Badly placed Mars also causes debts and inability & struggle to pay it off. Such people often live guarded and secretive.

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Moreover, if they lend money, it takes a long time to recover that amount. They regularly have dreams of being chased down or have fear of law enforcement. These remedies of Mars would help alleviate its negative effect.

Vedic Remedies for Mars

  • If you have a weak or malefic Mars in your horoscope, donating sweets to religious places close by would be helpful.
  • Planting pomegranate tree outside the boundary of the home is a great remedy too.
  • Feeding a monkey is another powerful way to calm Mars in the horoscope.
  • You could consider living in a joint family to mitigate the harmful impact of a weak or malefic Mars.
  • Another remedy is to pay a visit to holy places as frequently as possible.
  • Reciting Gayatri Mantra or worshipping the Orange idol of Lord Ganesha is another effective remedy for Mars.
  • You should never forget to buy gifts for your female siblings on their birthdays, anniversaries, and occasions.
  • You should make donations to farmers, military funds, and law enforcement units.
  • Gifting copper-made objects to friends or any pottery is also helpful.
  • Blood donation is one of the best remedies for Mars.
  • You could also consider planting an Indian Lilac in your backyard or garden.

Lal Kitab Remedies for Mars

  • You could pour Rewari or Batasha in flowing water.
  • People having weak or malefic Mars should also feed cows whenever possible.
  • Carrying a red handkerchief or napkin with you is also one of the simplest & great remedies for Mars.
  • If feasible, you should purchase an elephant’s tusk and store it where you sleep.
  • You should also make it a point to never take anything for free, not even from family, particularly brothers and sisters.
  • You should also take care of siblings and help them as and when required.


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