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Remedies for Sun

As Sun has the capability to fade away the darkness on earth; it can also evade the negativity in your horoscope if it is positively placed. Sun is the epitome of confidence and spirit, ambition and cheerfulness, wisdom and warmth, royalty and charisma. At the same time, it can also make you introvert, arrogant, egoistic, jealous, irritable, pompous, and prone to psychological problems.

Indications of a weak Sun:
Though an expert Vedic astrologer should be consulted before practicing any remedy for Sun to understand if you are not getting the support of Sun in your life. Still some indications of a weak Sun or malefic influence of Sun are: 
  • the person is always insecure about their social status and position.
  • Such people are prone to singing their own praises due to lack of self-confidence.
  • The feeling of inferiority is deeply rooted in such individuals, which also affects their social life.
  • Lack of drive and motivation in the individual, he or she would look for others for support.
  • Father of the native usually doesn't have good fate generally.
  • Natives having a weak Sun may also recurrently suffer from lack of sensation in limbs and physical problems. Some may also struggle due to weak eyesight, excessive saliva or color blindness.
To mitigate such harmful effects, you could try remedies for Sun given below.

Vedic Remedies for Sun

  • Offering water to Sun every morning from a copper vessel is a powerful practice to strengthen Sun.
  • Gazing at the Sun and its red glow with naked eyes as it rises is also a powerful remedy for weak Sun.
  • People having a weak Sun in horoscope should always have a glass of water with sugar before commencing a new project or leaving home.
  • Another great remedy for Sun is to avoid meat as much as possible. Following a Vegetarian diet would help calm down the malefic Sun in horoscope.
  • Providing medicines to the needy people is also a workable remedy for Sun.
  • Donating clothes and things of red or ruby color is also a effective in this case.
  • Wearing Ruby gemstone can also be considered to calm Sun.
  • Throwing a copper coin in a river or canal consecutively for 43 days is highly beneficial.

Lal Kitab Remedies for Sun

  • Another workable remedy for Sun is to feed an ox, worshipped in Hindu mythology and religion.
  • You should take your father’s blessings and pay respect, as it is one of the most powerful remedies for Sun.
  • Natives with weakly posited Sun should not receive gifts or accept anything for free. Parents can be an exception in this case.
  • You should also keep a chakki in the house.

Astrological Remedies

Astrological Remedies