Remedies for Jupiter

Remedies for Jupiter

If malefic, Remedies for Jupiter, are imperative because with a strong Jupiter in the horoscope comes wealth and wisdom. It gives higher knowledge, education, intellect, and luck quotient to the person.

Jupiter causes expansion in areas of life, related to the house where it is placed. It is the binding factor too. While Mars may help you get married to a beautiful partner, Jupiter’s presence helps to sustain the marriage.

Jupiter is considered to be the most benefic of all planets. However, sometimes, it can bring adverse effects due to ill-placement or if under the malefic influence of enemy planets.

A negative position of Jupiter in the horoscope makes the person suffer in terms of academics and education. Such a person also struggles to enjoy a stable financial position due to loss of money and riches.

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Moreover, he or she can be indecisive and blamed for things they have not done. Hair fall is also a common problem in natives having a weak Jupiter in the horoscope. Jupiter when weak also becomes the karaka of obesity and diabetes.

Jupiter usually blesses the person with spiritual inclination and righteousness but when ill-placed, it does the opposite. Such a person lacks religious faith and inclination. They have strong tendencies to become rebellious.

And to top it all, natives with weak Jupiter in the horoscope also have a troubled married life. They either get married late or suffer from progeny related problems in life.

If a native is trapped in such a situation, there are several remedies for Jupiter that can be performed to pacify the wrath of the planet.

Vedic Remedies for Jupiter

  • Applying turmeric powder or sandalwood blend on your forehead is an effective remedy to soothe Jupiter.
  • Another possible remedy for Jupiter is to offer bananas and sweets to elderly people and foundlings.
  • You should avoid bathing in alfresco places such as the ocean, river, etc.
  • Avoiding meat and alcohol also helps lessen the harmful effects of weak Jupiter in the horoscope.
  • Before you embark upon a new project or work, make sure to take your parents’ blessings.
  • Donating turmeric to a religious place for eight days continuously also helps in this regard.
  • If you have been unable to seek help from spiritual gurus or are cheated recurrently, practicing meditation can be one of the most effective remedies for Jupiter.
  • You should also recite Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram.
  • Keeping a yellow handkerchief with you always also calms Jupiter.

Lal Kitab Remedies for Jupiter

  • To mitigate Jupiter’s negative influence, you should wear something yellow on your head, like a cap, scarf, or turban.
  • You should always clean the nasal passage before commencing anything new.
  • Wearing wear gold in some way, be it a ring or a chain is also considered a powerful remedy for Jupite
  • You should be supportive to your siblings and cousins if Jupiter is weakly posited or under the malefic influence.
  • You should also consume saffron daily or apply it on the naval, throat, forehead, earlobes, and tongue
  • If Jupiter is affecting the 11th house of income and gains, it is considered good to use your father’s belongings such as pen, conveyance, etc.


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