Remedies for Moon

Remedies for Moon

Moon, the queen among the imperial stars is considered the most influential planet in Vedic Astrology. Remedies for Moon are very significant, the Moon sign is held to be more important than the Sun sign.

This is because Moon controls our emotions and mental capabilities, and nothing affects us more than how we feel (emotions) and how we deal with these feelings (mind).

When Moon is weakly positioned in a horoscope, it can lead to mental disorders. Moon is also about our interests and inclinations, thus when weak, it causes a lack of interest in anything.

The person becomes pessimistic and doubtful about life. Depression is also possible and to come out of it, these natives tend to resort to alcohol, which further drowns them into stress.

Such people are prone to distrusting their partners and indulge in conflicts with them. They do not pay attention to their mother.

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Some natives under the influence of a bad Moon spend most of their time in a deserted area. The person spends more time fantasizing than in reality.

If too bad, Moon can also cause excessively sensual thoughts and an unstable mind.

Moreover, due to all this, they tend to lose crucial opportunities for growth in life bestowed by other planets. Moon thus has a profound influence, what is given above is just part of the picture.

Here are few remedies for Moon that one can perform to lessen its negative impact.

Vedic Remedies for Moon

  • Moon represents mother, thus those under the strong influence of a weak Moon in a horoscope should never go against the wishes of their mother. They should pay respect to her and never quarrel.
  • It would be best for natives having a weak Moon in the horoscope to not indulge in the dairy business. Such people should offer sweets to young children, especially girls.
  • When under the negative influence of the Moon, offering white flowers at cemeteries also helps.
  • You should keep pets and feed them with milk on daily basis.
  • You should also avoid spending time in solitude. Practicing meditation every day is one of the most preferred remedies for Moon as it calms the mind.
  • You should avoid having any spiritual place named after you.
  • Offering milk to Shivalingam also strengthens Moon.
  • You should not have birds as pets as caging them could worsen the impact. The best thing to do is to feed birds in the garden than caging them at home.

Lal Kitab Remedies for Moon

  • If the native has been having trouble on account of recurrent nightmares, keeping a glass of milk at the bedside would help. The next morning, the milk shall be poured into a giant tree, fig if possible.
  • Another effective remedy for Moon is to put a crystal underneath your pillow. Switching off any electronics and gadgets one hour before you sleep is also helpful.
  • You could use silver made utensils and wear silver jewelry to empower Moon in your horoscope.
  • Last but not the least, you should not offer donations to educational organizations themselves, nor should you offer free education if you are a teacher or run an institution. Moreover, when buying a gift for someone, never get a book.


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