Moon in Taurus

This is an exalted position for Moon; however, the lord of Taurus is Venus, which shares an enemy relationship with Moon. But since both are watery planets, their energies collide well. This is a balanced position. People with Moon in Taurus tend to be quite romantic and good-looking. Your personality is attractive and sturdy. You have a beautiful face with short hair. You are a generous and charitable person, who always wants to help those in need. The positive placement of Venus affords you riches and possessions life has to offer.

A person with Moon in Taurus would be happiest during the middle and last part of your life. Luxuries and material possessions appeal to you. You have a strong sense of ownership. You are a grounded and practical person. You are equally bighearted too. As a friend and partner, Moon in Tauras person is tend to be highly loyal, dependable, stable, and committed. You are quite intellectual, with a brilliant mind. Your relationships are often long-lasting but you can be possessive too. You have a melodious voice, eloquence, and a charming manner. You are a fun person to be around due to your canny sense of humor. You have a strong penchant for arts too. Things like renovating home and interior designing also appeal to you.

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