Moon in Capricorn

Capricorn is a serious sign, ruled by Saturn, which naturally imposes some roadblocks in life. And when Moon is positioned in Capricorn, which shares an inimical relationship with its lord, the person obviously encounters some delay and obstacles. But this does not mean that Moon in Capricorn is a bad placement. In fact, people with Moon in Capricorn are quite determined, resolute, reliable, and persistent, qualities that Saturn awards the natives with. Such people are stubborn in nature. When they have made their mind, nothing can change their decision. There is seriousness in their tone and a sense of stability in their life.

These people work hard to progress. They struggle to express their feelings, though they are very emotional. They are a little self-conscious, reserved, and conservative. These natives also struggle to express themselves sexually. At times, these people can also turn fickle and blackmail others emotionally. Positively, they want to reach great heights in life and be famous. They like to help and lead others, so they often indulge in social work and community leadership. A person with Moon in Capricorn, tends to earn a lot of money in their life, especially in the later part.

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