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Moon in Gemini

Moon in Gemini

Gemini is a dual sign, ruled by Mercury, which shares an inimical relationship with Moon. Mercury is a neutral earthy planet while Moon is a feminine watery planet. This placement of the Moon makes the native friendly, cheerful, emotional, reserved, and lonesome. Native has an uncanny ability to make quick observations. People with Moon in Gemini tend to be mentally sharp and alert. These people form an impression about things and people quite quickly. They are exceptionally good at multitasking and are quite versatile. They are quite perceptive and understanding in nature.

People with Moon in Gemini are Outgoing and sociable, these natives tend to have a huge social circle. They get attached to people and are very talkative. Their sense of humor is good. Communication is the strong suit, both oral as well as written for Moon in Gemini person. At times, these people become moody too. And there is a restlessness in their nature as if their mind is constantly occupied, always in search of new information. Such natives tend to be quite intelligent and have a long life. They can be good mathematicians or writers too.