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Moon in Aries

The lord of Aries is Mars, a fiery masculine planet that is friendly towards Moon, which in turn is a watery feminine planet. This conflict of energies engenders a native who is aggressive but resolute and honest. There is no mystery in the nature of the Moon in Aries people. You are what you look like. Your subconscious manifests itself in your temperament and reactions. You tend to trust your instincts and sensory perceptions and make quick decisions & act without forethought. You have a higher than average sense of self-respect. This gives you a kind of restlessness and recklessness in life.

The temperament of people with the Moon in Aries is crabby, sometimes hot sometimes cool. You are a self-motivated person, with a lot of new ideas to toil with. You have a very active mind, and there is a sense of joy about how you live and carry yourself, which others find very attractive. Your motto of life is to take it one day at a time than to plan for the future ahead. There is, however a tint of ego in your personality too. You tend to stay away from emotional involvement and are a freedom-loving soul. Moon in Aries makes you Financially sound, you have a prosperous life in general.

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