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Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius is also ruled by Saturn, which shares an inimical relationship with Moon, so naturally, this position of Moon brings some obstacles in the native’s life. People born with Moon in Aquarius tend to have a fertile imagination nonetheless. They are innovative people with a lot creative energy, which can be revolutionary if used effectively. If you have Moon in Aquarius, you are likely to be a broadminded and freedom-loving person. Your sense of observation and analysis is strong. You keep analyzing everything around you all the time, which gives a sense of detachment to your personality. You seem aloof and impersonal to those you come in contact with. But that doesn’t mean that you are unemotional.

You are in fact a humanitarian soul and think about others first. You have a deep concern for the needy and believe in justice. You want freedom in life, but you are quite demanding when it comes to relationships. You are always up for an adventure, and a routine life bores you like anything. Monotony makes you miserable. You tend to have a rowdy face and at times encounter issues related to eyes. You can also resort to negative thoughts at times. In fact sometimes, Moon in Aquarius people also become victim to addiction to intoxication of some kind.

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