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Moon in Sagittarius

Moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a gregarious sign governed by Jupiter that affords the natives with good fortune. Jupiter, which is a masculine planet, shares a friendly relationship with the feminine Moon, together they balance the energies. Moon in Sagittarius is a positive placement, as it makes the native determined and balanced. Such natives tend to be spiritually inclined, intellectual, and knowledgeable. They like to share their knowledge with others and spread awareness. They have a strong sense of justice too. They seek freedom, both on a mental as well as physical level. Such people do very well in fields like banking and teaching.  They tend to be good learners too.

Moon in Sagittarius gives an outgoing personality. Such natives are quite in touch and comfortable with their inner selves. They have a strong decision-making ability and have an optimistic outlook on life. Sometimes, however, they are too idealistic. Being a Moon in Sagittarius native, you are not someone who would do anything to be associated with eminent people. You make friends on your terms. You are quite honest, broadminded, friendly, outspoken, and believe in the idea of equality and justice. You are naturally good with teaching and preaching. Your sense of observation is quite good and accurate. You are quite resolute and decisive, but at times, you fail to learn from your mistakes.