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Sagittarius Moon Sign

Sagittarius Moon Sign

Sagittarius is the sign of Jupiter. It is known for the streak of optimism and positivity. With the Sagittarius Moon sign, you love to expand your experiences. You are a fire sign, quite driven towards your passions and creative outlets. You are also a mutable sign, meaning you have a penchant for variety and change. Together these two attributes give you the need for freedom, the need to explore (mutable) your passions (fire) freely.

When Moon is in Sagittarius, you feel at home everywhere. You have wandering tendencies and feel best when exploring the world. You feel most comfortable and happy when expanding your horizons. You are a cheerful and easygoing person, quite like a bird and you hate it when someone or something makes you feel caged or restricts your freedom, be it a relationship or a challenge.

Sagittarius Moon sign is most anxious about movement. There is a strong need for constant activity. You want to meet people, hang around, travel to new places, and gain new experiences. All this is key to your emotional wellbeing. You love open spaces. Your dream home consists of a huge garden, bright & airy rooms, and a terrace.

You need a lot of room and space to flourish, both physically as well as in relationships. You would love a partner who shares the same level of passion for travel as you.

You hate routine because you always need a change of scene and an active lifestyle. People with Moon in Sagittarius can sometimes be irresponsible like forgetting appointments and the like but your aura is such that others find it hard to stay mad at you.

You are quite honest and straightforward, but you are too blunt in sharing your mind. There has to be some filter between your thoughts and speech. Nonetheless, even if you hurt someone with your remark, you somehow get away clean with the situation. Your canny sense of humor certainly helps you in this regard.

Routine kills your spirit, and so does responsibility. It is not that the Sagittarius Moon sign runs away from responsibilities, you just take enough time and don’t like to be pressured. It should be a matter of choice for you. For example, you stay away from commitment in relationships until you finally find someone worthy but once you do, there is no turning back and you are usually downright truthful to that person (sometimes hurting them with your bluntness though).

Sagittarius Moon sign are not as organized as other signs. You don’t mind making or switching plans at the last minute. Your blind faith that everything will be fine is really soothing. You have a free-spirited, knowledge-hungry personality, which is very inspiring. You make great teachers!