October Pisces Horoscope


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Pisces October 2021 monthly horoscope
Pisces Monthly Horoscope: Overview
Planet of Influence: Jupiter
Predominating Emotion: Impressive and easily overwhelmed
As per Pisces horoscope, the month of September will bring assorted results in your career and financial life. You may receive good gains through your hard efforts in professional life. Business persons may have hopes to get good business during this time but be careful in any kind of partnership. Sudden financial losses may disturb your economic balance and bring some decline in monetary status. Singles may have slightly better time but married ones may have a complicated time due to the presence of hot planets Sun & Mars in the 7th house of marriage and spouse. Health may need to be taken care of as blood related issues may occur or heart related problems may also be suspected. Students may get desired results of sincere hard work and determination.

Pisces Career
Planets of Influence: Jupiter, Saturn & Mars
Major Trend: Work load with new responsibilities
Career of Pisces in this month will bring favorable results but along with heavy work load leading to responsibilities and duties. Your hard efforts will reward you through favorable gains but may be a little delayed as Jupiter, the lord of the house of career will be in the house of gains with Saturn together throughout the month. Business persons may achieve their expected goals. However, it is to be remembered that you need to be very careful in partnership or in signing any document. Till 22nd October, your anger will be on the higher side and affect your work and your relations with co-workers. You need to be calm and patient while interacting with them.

Love, Marriage & Relationships for Pisces
Planets of influence: Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars & Sun
Major Trend: Intimacy between the couple
Love relationships during this month will be pleasant and harmonious. You may have strong and emotional bonding with your soul mate during this period but you may have more than one relationship. Married persons may have little tough time as fiery planets Sun and Mars together in your 7th house of marriage may lead to arguments and heated discussion with spouse. You need to be cool and calm for smooth sailing in married life.

Pisces Money & Finance Horoscope:
Planets of Influence: Mars, Sun & Mars
Major Trend: Ups & down in financial status
Your financial status may face ups and downs as there will be an inflow of money but some sudden expense may disturb your economic status. You need to control your expenses. There may be good profit received from past investments in this month. Most important is to maintain balance in your expenses and earnings and do proper planning of finances beforehand.

Pisces Health
Planet of influence: Sun, Mars & Venus
Major Trend: Physical & Mental stress
In the month of October, your health may need close attention. There are chances for you to suffer from some kidney-related problems. Try to drink a sufficient quantity of water as this may help you avoid any complications in this regard. Moreover, your parents’ health too may require attention. So, please take care. Work pressure could make you mentally tired around this time. However, meditation can help you feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

Pisces Students & Education Horoscope
Planets of Influence: Moon, Mars & Ketu
Major Trend: Zeal to achieve goal
For Pisces students, this month will be normal. You are a hard worker and devoted towards your studies which leads you towards success in education. Saturn will aspect the 5th house of education and bless you to be disciplined and sincere in your efforts. You are confident in your moves and achieve whatever you think in life. Students who are pursuing higher education may face some obstacles in studies. For research, this time is positive and you may start a new or complete your thesis or synopsis during this month.

Family Horoscope: Pisces
Planets of influence: Mars, Sun, mercury & Venus
Major Trend: Fulfillment of Responsibilities and duties
Family life of Pisces will be full of ups and downs. Mars is the lord of the 2nd house of family and will reside with the Sun and Venus. Mercury aspects the family house which will add good and sweet time to your family. Combination of Mars and Sun will give confidence to perform all responsibilities and duties well but at times, it may give bitter experience or misunderstanding within the family members. There may be social functions or get-togethers which will rejuvenate your monotonous life and relations and you will be blessed with happy moments.