Career Horoscope 2019

You must have planned your to-do-list and would have set up career goals for 2019. Are you aware that your career & financial journey in a year is very much affected by the movement & placement of planets in your astrological chart. To help you find when & how you can have a fulfilling career in 2019, has prepared 2019 career horoscope snippets of each zodiac sign to give you a peep into your career in the New Year.

Important transits of 2019 which can affect your Career

  • Jupiter will transit in the Scorpio sign. It is possible your interest will be majorly in research, occult science, yoga, meditation, etc.
  • Jupiter will retrograde from 10th April to 11th August in 2019. According to Career 2019 horoscope, this retrograded Jupiter will encourage you to analyze your faults and would also guide you to get rid of them.
  • Jupiter will also conjunct with Saturn & Ketu in the Sagittarius sign. This is likely to develop inclination towards career in fields like law, microbiology, computer programmer, research and religion.
  • Rahu and Ketu axis will be on the Gemini and Sagittarius sign. This will develop your interest in communication, media and other programming language.
  • Sun, Mercury and Venus will be in exaltation in the month of April to May & in September in 2019. They will support & encourage you to learn new skills. Career horoscope 2019 shows you will have a magnetic personality. Chances of monetary gains are also seen in the career horoscope analysis.
  • Sun will be exalted from 14th April to 15th May.
  • Venus will be exalted from 16th April to 10th May.
  • Mercury will be exalted from 11th September to 29th September.
  • In 2019, retrograded Saturn & Jupiter will affect your life and career. Saturn will retrograde from 30th April to 18th September. They would bless you with abundance of success & opportunities to learn and develop new skills. 2019 career horoscope suggests if there is a break in career instead of rushing onto the next thing; polish your skills to use them whenever the opportunity arrives.

With that being said, here's a closer look at what's in store for you, career-wise, in 2019:


Good news for Aries natives, you’re likely to get good opportunities to work with foreign companies in 2019. Career horoscope 2019 suggests strong chances of getting job on the basis of your Masters degree. Guidance from father & guru will be beneficial. Career in law, occult sciences & research will bring success. Odds of good returns from share market in the first months of 2019. Stay cautious between 18th May and 2nd June as chances of sudden break in job or business is possible. Be honest, punctual & organized to succeed in this year. Tax issues would get resolved. Chances of getting favor from government for official work is seen in 2019 career predictions. It is an opportune period to try luck in new job, business or project but only after 25th September. Read more


Guidance from elder will lead you towards path of success. Foul mouth & hot-head could become your enemies. As per 2019 career horoscope, it can harm your career in job & business too. Silly mistakes can cost you a lot. Slow relief in tax hurdles so take care of your paper work. Prospects of higher education through distance learning. Try to be punctual at work place. Follow a daily work routine to prevent your personal life from being affected by work. Stay patient, delay in expected results is foreseen. Make your Saturn strong to do well & earn better in 2019. Honest & disciplined work will guide you to success. Read more


This year is more about patience and less about classic Gemini spontaneity. Growth is slow but certain for you, so keep pushing unless you get what you planned. Professionals will see bright opportunities of growth & career in foreign places or work related to them. There might be some hurdles for business, so keep cool & avoid arguments with partner. Spouse will be understanding & helpful in business. Invest some time to learn new skills or language. Acquisition of traditional knowledge will assist you to grow as per the 2019 career predictions. Successful career in occult science and healing science is seen in your horoscope. Ace your game, as there are chances of hurdles in higher education after March. Career as business counselor could also bring success. Read more  


Success will be reward of your honesty at work as suggested by career horoscope 2019. Odds of promotion & hike in salary. You have chances of getting long-awaited success in business. You are likely to get desired results in job & business. Avoid huge investments in foreign companies or projects. Take suggestions from your seniors to escape situations of loss in business. Learn new skills to widen your portfolio. Analyze your work pattern to model a plan for future success. Help & suggestions from elders & seniors will bring success in career and business in the New Year. Read more


You have favorable chances of getting job overseas. Online business will flourish in 2019. Professionals will have success in career. Teachings jobs are likely to keep you happy as per career horoscope 2019. Your boss would be supportive of your ideas in the New Year. Stay away from office gossips & controversies. Odds of slow monetary gains are seen for you in 2019, so it’s advised to plan your finances judicially. You are likely to get promoted in this year. Read more


Boss will be very supportive in 2019. Good chances of success in business as per career 2019 horoscope analysis. Shun the temptation of investments & making major decisions during retrograde period. Go for job switch only before March 2019 for success. Unwanted problems in career & office are likely to affect your peace of mind. Possibility of hike in salary & promotion in 2019 is pretty high. There are prospects of traveling to new places for work. New skills will give fresh opportunities to expand business. Good communication skills will give excellent professional career. Students who are planning to go for higher education in business field will get success and good career opportunities in future. Read more


Speech will play an important role in career. Through your communication skills you will get growth in career graph. Professionals should enhance their presentation skills for success as per the 2019 career horoscope. For student, career in research field will be good. If preparing for Government job then success will be yours. Plans are not likely to work out in one attempt. Boss and seniors can cause troubles. Service person will not get the desired result easily. Senior/boss are likely to demand more work and better quality from Libra natives. Plan your targets properly and include all the detailed information to achieve desired results in time. Read more


Slow success and monetary gains for business person. There are chances of sudden trouble or break in job but it will approve beneficial later. You might face problem in implementing ideas in job or business as seen in career horoscope 2019. Sun will transit your 3rd house and is likely to make you aggressive. Try to be cool & have patience. Proper utilization of talent & skills can foster good growth in career. Chances of hike in salary. Boss and seniors will support and appreciate your work. Read more


Career will be more successful overseas or in work related to it for Sagittarius natives. You might have to put in extra effort in every task to achieve your goals.  Students who want to be doctor or pursue career in research or planning to do PhD have great prospects of success in the New Year. Before signing any assignment or contract, 2019 career horoscope suggests you to verify it properly. High chances of change in job and it will be for good. Career in creative & innovative field will be of great success for you. Professionals might try to deepen their roots on online platforms. Read more


Rise in career of Professionals is seen in 2019. You will get favor from government for some official work. Your success will help you to overcome hurdles and defeat your enemies as seen in the career 2019 horoscope. You have great chances of having positive working environment and monetary gains in the New Year. Luck will favor business person and job people will get opportunities to work abroad. Odds of promotion & hike in salary for people working in an organization are fairly high in 2019 career horoscope. New business plan related to foreign place will be beneficial. Read more


Your hard work & consistent efforts would get rewarded in 2019. Expansion in business and gain from job is possible in the New Year. Students will get desired results & chance to go for higher education as per the Career Horoscope 2019. You are likely to get business proposal from overseas companies. It might turn out to be profitable for both your pocket & career. During Saturn transit, you will get appreciation from boss. There are chances of sudden gain from foreign projects for business people in 2019. Read more


2019 career horoscope shows great prospects of gain and opportunities to grow in career from online platform and foreign places. Your fortune and support from boss & seniors will encourage you to accomplish your goals in 2019. Professional will work well in new projects. Chances of promotion are foreseen in your career analysis. If you were planning for higher education, this year will be the best time to start. Hard work of professionals is likely to be rewarded with monetary gain & fame. Career in performing arts will be beneficial for you. Avoid confrontations & arguments. Check carefully all the documents before signing. Be vigilant when it comes to the paper work at work place. You will get help & support from the boss but your colleagues can harm you. Old projects and businesses are likely to give better returns in this year. Read more

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