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RAHU & KETU Transit Connections in 2023

RAHU & KETU Transit Connections in 2023


Rahu & Ketu will be in a transformative phase till they exit their current positions at the end of November 2023. Most of the influences would be disruptive in your life and since they occupy and influence key planets, life will bring a big dollop of change and challenge as and when various planets get short circuited by either Rahu or Ketu.

Rahu and Ketu are both shadow planets, which means they don’t have a physical mass or existence, due to which the changes since March 2022 have come about silently and shifted the paradigm of our lives. The importance of the transit of Rahu and Ketu is second only to Saturn and it brings substantial changes in our lives.

Rahu Ketu Conjunctions in 2023

Rahu and Ketu will form several conjunctions in 2023 which will affect various aspects of your life. These include the conjunctions of Mercury-Rahu (31 March to 7 June); Rahu-Venus (12 March to 6 April); Sun, Rahu and Mercury (14 April to 15 May); and Sun, Mars, Mercury, and Ketu (19 October to 30 October).

The major conjunctions that will have a significant impact on your life are:

  • Sun-Rahu: 14 April to 15 May
  • Rahu-Jupiter: 22 April to 30 October
  • Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, and Rahu: 22 April to 15 May

When & How would this Transit Connections affect You?

  • The major situation that you should be ready to handle is the conjunction with Jupiter that goes under the name ‘Guru Chandal Yoga’ and makes the noblest of people and situations turn petty and unscrupulous.
  • Further, the period till 28th November will see four eclipses (2 solar and 2 lunar) – all influences by Rahu and Ketu – bringing sweeping changes in your life, not to mention the influences upon Venus and Mercury that will cause relationship and financial changes.
  • The most important issue to look out for is your personality and temperament change; so make a plan to conquer the situation.

Benefits of Rahu-Ketu Transit Reading

  • Focus on how your journey will transform contrary to your expectations through end of November 2023, in terms of personal life, career, finance, relationships, family, health, etc.
  • Focus on various conjunctions & eclipses & their effects on your destiny.
  • Opportunities & challenges that would present themselves to you.
  • Dates which need special preparation & caution.
  • Remedies to overcome challenges of this transit.


Helpful Tips:

  • Understand how various conjunctions & eclipses will affect your destiny.
  • Identify opportunities & challenges for you in this period.
  • Get dates that need special preparation & caution.
  • Remedies to overcome challenges.

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