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Sagittarius 2015 Horoscope / Sagittarius 2015 Astrology
- By Pt. Punarvasu
2015 Horoscope Sagittarius

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This Yearly Horoscope / forecast has been prepared very meticulously by our experts.The Vedic system prescribes analysis based on Moon Sign, Lagna, Solar Sign & Dasa before any predictions are made.

Sagittarius will see that 2015 is a challenging but a progressive year. There could be health related issues, financial hurdles and lack of clarity in work as well as domestic matters. All these issues could derail the life to some extent and the decision making could become a suspect. However, working hard and remaining open to new opportunities will revive fortunes and give you the growth and luck that you seek. The year will open up with health issues and hurdles will remain till March 2015 in health and general work related matters. Overall also, opposition to your ideas and hurdles in day to day activities would remain high till July 2015. You will find that you will get good amount of gains from others when you are working on your own. Working as a professional consultant or an advisor will give very good growth and results during this year. This year till June 2015 will also see you having a high appetite and a tendency to eat more than the usual. Chances of a weight gain are present and you need to be cautious on this account. Sex desire and physical desire overall will also be higher than usual.

Despite this phase, a deeper interest in spirituality, occult and unknown spiritual sciences will develop more during this time. After July 2015, your luck will change and there would be growth, gains and progress. Mostly efforts and luck due to favors done in the past will manifest now. Even previous birth good karma could manifest and give you good returns after July 2015. You will be more religious, there could be chances of religious pilgrimage. Spiritual pursuit and generally a 'high' in spirituality would be felt. Gains related to real estate will also be possible during this time. Your confidence will be high. Luck will be present due to your efforts during this period. Overall a positive time. Financially you might feel the pressure during this year. A state of financial bleeding will be present as overheads and wasteful expenses could be high. There would be loss of financial position, miscellaneous losses which could be avoided due to your intelligence. Tax issues could be present also during 2015. You should avoid new investments during this time.

Further a tendency to be secretive and indulge in secret deeds is present. Be sure that you remain on the right side of law during this time. You should be cautious of holding a public position as there would be some minor issues that could spoil your status there also. Some amount of distance from family could be created. A certain amount of loss of bonding could be felt also. Be pleasant towards family if you are not careful during this time. Health issues of a minor nature will be present but there is nothing to worry about during this year.

Career would be in a very vibrant phase in terms of opportunities but you have to remember that all that glitters is not gold. You have to be careful that you pick up the right opportunities amongst the various activities and options that come in front of you. There will be chances of getting political power and success during this time. Some amount of dissatisfaction at home could be present as you will expect more than usual from family leading to disappointments. Mother’s health could be a point of worry for this year also. Be careful. Issues to father’s health could be present also. There would be lot of new thoughts and ideas but you should remember that actual action will be much better than thinking about lots of opportunities and doing nothing. There would be an interesting phase in love after 26th July; this excitement could be extremely high till the 14th August 2015.

A new relationship, a sudden romance or a great pleasure trip with your loved one is possible till the 14th August 2015. Dip in activities will come in after the 14th August 2015 due to ego or work related pressures. Overall, however it is going to be a socially excellent period. February, May, October and November might be very useful and positive months for you compared to the rest of the year. As mentioned before you need to take care of your health and grab opportunities as they come along. You have to remain financially disciplined and remain on the right side of law for maximum progress during this year and action rather than just your thoughts to be the key for progress and growth whether at work or in personal life.

2015 Sagittarius Career Finance Horoscope : As 2015 opens, both Jupiter & Saturn require you to be more careful in how you advance your career interests. During the first half of the year, you focus more on your dreams and expectations for your future, and in the second half, focus more on executing in somewhat new or different way.

Do not jump into the situations without weighing all the pros and cons. In other words, think before you leap. When you enter year 2015, it is quite likely your career will be moving forward modestly for the first 6 months. Being patient and strategic while thinking about long-terms goals will prove more effective than being more of an action oriented person this year.

Fortunately, you will get an important boost from Jupiter in July, when it enters Leo sign. Jupiter is now into your 9th house of long distance travelling, abstract intelligence, very high level education and publishing etc. making it easier for you to get fruitful results in these areas of work or sectors of life. This situation will be applicable to your horoscope for the next twelve months. One word of caution here would be the increase in your expectations and restlessness that can make it more difficult for you to accept anything less than the best.

The second half of 2015 will bring success to Sagittarius, especially with studies and artistic or creative activities. It'll be a beneficial period for social contacts as well, of which later on profitable collaborations can be developed. July to September will need you to be careful on money matters due to retrograde Venus.

Overall, 2015 looks full of potentials and possibilities for taking your long-range goals and career aspirations to the next level. Also there shall be success in all professional matters, including the financial one.

2015 Sagittarius Love and Marriage Horoscope : The first part of 2015 will be full of emotional experiences as your ruling planet is in the 8th house. Due to which you will have a bit of a challenging start to the year, as everything will test your confidence and courage for sometime

With Saturn in the 12th house and Mercury retrograding along with Jupiter which is already retrograde till April 8th, this type of combination has the potential to give a series of shocks to the native, and could even reboot the romantic picture and relationship equation for you radically. Tell yourself that this storm too shall blow away. Moreover, after July 2015 everything will clear up and the rest of the year will be peaceful and harmonious.

If you are successful in all the precautions then this influence that lasts until mid-July is a good one for deepening a relationship, sharing yourself with your partner / spouse.

Starting mid July 2015, you will have increased closeness with your partner if you're willing to show your best side of personality and be more sensitive to him. Even if you're dealing with a partner who is little hurt or inert, going the extra mile to show your compassion and kindness will make the effort worthwhile. If you're single and looking to get hooked, a flirtatious and playful approach after July makes it much easier to meet someone of your types.

Overall it is the second half of the year when your ignited feelings get the endorsement of the favourable times. True lovers will find everything they are looking and get positive response, provided they say it softly and with a style. If you have recently come out of a broken relationship, you will get ample opportunities to start afresh this year. At the same time, if you are stuck in a dead relationship, then do not push it further beyond a point. This period is favourable to let you make a fresh start.

Sagittarius Astrological Remedies for the year 2015

  • Wear a yellow Sapphire in gold ring on index finger.
  • Avoid wearing grey and white in garments this year. Keep fasts on Mondays for health benefits.
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