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Pisces 2015 Horoscope / Pisces 2015 Astrology - By Pt. Punarvasu
2015 Horoscope Pisces

2015 forecast is based on Moon Sign. Click here, to know your Moon Sign!
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This Yearly Horoscope / forecast has been prepared very meticulously by our experts.The Vedic system prescribes analysis based on Moon Sign, Lagna, Solar Sign & Dasa before any predictions are made.

This is going to be a challenging year but with promise and hope for you. You will be inclined to make some major decisions. There could be new areas and opportunities waiting for you due to your own creative nature and skills. Luck however might not support you as much so despite all the efforts the returns will not be as great as you expect them to be. Overall the year will commence on a very creative note, you will get new ideas, new projects and progress will come in due to your own positivity. Mental faculties will be very high and increase further and so your ability to take major projects, handle major issues will be greatly enhanced. This is a year where you will be happy because of children, children will do well. Birth or conception of a child possible during this time. Career will progress due to your creativity. Your status will be high and socially also you are going to be very active and positive. After July 2015, the creative phase will go down a bit but the abilities will be good, your ability to work hard is going to give you progress also after July 2015. You will feel that the level of competition against you is also rising during this period. Issues might be experienced with health. Children’s health and relations with children could be a bit difficult and poor for you after July 2015.

You will find new opportunities at work and very vibrant way of working during the second half of the year but you have to take up all these options cautiously. Do not rush into every project right away. If expecting, a new loan could come through. Your expenses generally will rise during this time. Travelling will be frequent. You will find yourself on long and unnecessary travels also at times. Discomfort at travel could be experienced. If you are not cautious, travelling could turn out to be useless or loss producing. Level of luck could be lower than your expectation while expenses will rise. A new source of income is possible. Health of father could be a concern and even relations with father could be strained. Relations with siblings at the same time also could be difficult so you have to be careful throughout this period. This year will also see an impact on your decision making which could be poor. You are susceptible to making wrong decisions and taking a stand which is unreasonable. Due to this it’s a good idea to look for good counsel and keep sensible people around you whom you can consult.

New relationships would be on the horizon. A sudden new love interest which could culminate very soon into a steady relationship or marriage is also possible. If already married, there could be hassles as your expectations from life will be high and spouse might not be very cooperative. Sudden marriages possible during 2015 also. Be careful as your decision might not be very smart. This period will also see opportunities for new partnerships. These partnerships should be totally avoided unless you have a reason to believe they will continue very successfully in the next year also. Level of stress and mental issues will be present at times also. A phase of confusion and sudden activity will be felt between 26th July and 6th September 2015 which will bring in setbacks in work, love life and general health problems could be present also. 14th August onwards suddenly a new love relationship could get revived which had finished sometime back. You should enjoy this phase but you should not take any sudden decisions till you cross the 6th September 2015.

January, May, August and December would be very positive months for you. The guidance thought for this year would be that your intelligence and ability to do new things and think of new ideas will be tremendously high, as long as you have someone to vet your ideas and give you validation for what you are thinking you will do very well in whatever areas you take during this period. Since luck is not going to be very positive so hard work and doing things by the conventional method will give you much better returns as compared to hoping for a lucky break which might not come that easily. Hard work will be rewarded and so would be any new thinking and out of the box ideas. News and opportunities from foreign sources will also be very positive as long as you are able to give them a different and creative solution to their requirements.

2015 Pisces Career / Finance Horoscope : This year you will find your passion, set a goal and get practical about achieving it in 2015. You will achieve it too by channelizing your energies & by really concentrating on your work.

The first half of the year 2015 will be marked by ambition fever, where money making is an important motive. You will be preoccupied with investments, consultations, business transactions, acquisitions deals. With an environment like this you will be more seen communicating with your bankers or financers and state authorities etc.

During February, March & April 2015, do not initiate important financial deals, borrow or lend money. Avoid taking decisions which are rash, adventurous, risk-prone or hard to manage during this period.

The first half of the year 2015 will favour showcasing your talents, promoting the services or the products you represent, as it can open new doors of possibilities and provide surprising opportunities.

Starting July 2015, work level activity will increase causing greater work load. But your work output will be appreciated for quality and quantity. Look forward to be generously rewarded, and there could be opportunities to move further in your line of profession. If you have been trying to find a better job or a side income, this phase will prove to be beneficial and profitable. The remaining six months of the year are guaranteed to keep you so busy; you'll be challenged to find time even for yourself.

In November as Sun moves into Scorpio in your ninth house of global journeys, you may be required to travel. Entrepreneurial ventures will get a boost too. This would be the time to launch the project.

Fortune will favour you in the year 2015, if you set your sights on long-term gain. If you play your cards right, you could end the year with a decent sum of money in your bank, and even some real estate to your name.

Pisces Astrological Remedies for the year 2015

  • Avoid wearing black and grey and wear more of yellow and white.
  • Donate black and grey coloured garments or blankets to needy this year.
  • Keep fasts on Saturdays.

2015 Pisces Love and Marriage Horoscope : If you already are married or in a secure relationship, in the first half of 2015, you'll be able to take advantage of Jupiter's transit to enrich your love life, to experience new sensations and romantic fulfilment. For those in a somewhat casual affair, the first half of 2015, could make you take more concrete steps.

Matters like marriage and romance will be under good as well as challenging influences. Like the family and society’s role shall become prime in giving you the approval for proceeding ahead with your love life / relationship. Even when there are disturbances in the marital life, the role of family members will be pivotal in bringing the couple closer to each other.

Till July 2015, go ahead with any planning for a love filled life with your partner, when the planets will be in your favour and cupid will play its perfect role. You will be able to win the heart of the your beloved with natural style and without any show off. Therefore, don’t waste time and money in showing off how much you love her or him, as the lover will automatically get attracted to you and fall in love with you. Married couple can expect a baby this year.

Love matters will demand a stronger focus in the second half of 2015! For the most part, however, you're likely to enjoy it. It's not that the fun is over, but rather what you define as "fun" is now changing.

Periods from January 21 till February 11; May 19, 2015 till June 12, 2015 and then from September 17, 2015 to October 9, 2015 are not the warmest time for relationships, when love could be on the stagnant side. Perhaps your partner is in a reflective mood or there are communication problems between the partners. November is not favourable for singles wanted to settle down in love. However, Venus is in your marriage house from November 3rd to 30th. This can soften your disposition, help to enhance a partnership or smooth over differences in same, and it may bring helpful, warm, and loving people into your experience.

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