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Leo 2016 Horoscope / Leo 2016 Astrology - By Pt. Punarvasu
2015 Horoscope Leo

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This Yearly Horoscope / forecast has been prepared very meticulously by our experts.The Vedic system prescribes analysis based on Moon Sign, Lagna, Solar Sign & Dasa before any predictions are made.

Knowledge is the ultimate bliss in Life. Your intellect and wisdom will have more depth and your conscience will help you deal efficiently with every situation. You must drive carefully as there may be some injuries. Utilize your knowledgeable skills to excel further more. You will be having high confidence and it will lead you to all round success.

2015 Horoscope
Know your level of luck in 2016 for Love, Marriage, Career, Income, Money, Wealth, Health & good periods in the new year! Prepared by Pt. Punarvasu on your specific date & time of birth, this reading captures all aspects of your life in the New Year 2016
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To Lead in 2016, Read 2015: Read below


Leo 2015 Horoscope / Leo 2015 Astrology - By Pt. Punarvasu
2015 Horoscope Leo

2015 could be a challenging year. You might experience certain setbacks and slowdown which were not present in the past. The issues could build up slowly and you should be ready to encounter the issues and not be taken by surprise by any of the developments around you. Expenses would rise and you might end up travelling without many gains during this period. There could be distance from children and certain disconnect whether mentally or physically with children also during this time. Spirituality will rise and you will find yourself closer to god and thinking more about the outer world. Hard work and struggle would be needed. Do not shy away from hard work during this time. There would be progress after July 2015. You will find bright new ideas and sparks back in your life. There will be dawn of new learning and enlightenment on what your strategy and steps forward in life should be.

New ideas would come in. Maturity in thinking would come back and you will also be happy with regards to children during this time. Overall July onwards you will feel much more in control than at the beginning of the year. Despite the progress the year will see steady rise in domestic hassles and issues with regards to day to day working of the house. There could be reasons for distance from home, discomfort due to travel without gaps and all these things could also make your temperament irritated and negative at times.

Health of father could be difficult and even issues relating to mother could come up after March 2015. You have to be careful and be prepared for any sudden emergencies. There will be family issues mostly on account of political pressures and negative thinking. Sub conscious could be burdened due to a lot of issues over work and that could have a negative impact on the relationship with people around you. Expenses could be wasteful and you might incur overheads which are unnecessary. Despite all these things another source of income could build up. You have to be cautious against any tax or legal issues as these matters could also come up and bother you at times. Health could be below average and you might struggle a bit on account of vitality and energy.

The bright spark of the year could be a sudden love relationship opportunity after 26th July 2014. There could be a sudden rush of opportunity in love matters till the 14th August 2015. Have a nice time since its going to be a very bright and sparkling period, beyond the 14th August 2015, the promise of the period might go down but still it's a good period to have a nice time and indulge yourself. Physical desires would be high and you should be cautious not to make any mistakes in terms of enthusiasm while pursuing your desires. Wait to cross the 6th September 2015 before you take any major decisions in love or relationship matters. Finances could be a bit unsteady around end of January, early February, May and September 2015. Avoid major commitments during this time. January, May, June and October could be better months compared to the rest of the year.

Your general counsel and ability to make good decisions might be a bit compromised as the year begins and so you should try to take good counsel from people whom you trust during this year. Family and domestic matters could pull you down and you should have plans or process of having a backup in place. Since you might be needed in more than one place at various times during this year, avoid depending too much on a single person and ensure that you have your team in place for various things around you. Diplomacy in thinking is required as well as in speech but do not put off others by being deceptive in speech as that could make a very negative impact overall for you.

2015 Leo Career Finance Horoscope : Leo will have a better second half of the year 2015. The first half will present challenges at work. While you may be keeping your eyes on your financial goals and professional matters all year, but on the income front the gains are unlikely to be proportionate in the first half. You will benefit by adopting a thing or two from the Virgo trait of Financial Prudence.

Saturn in your 4th house is aspecting the 10th house of your work zone. Some of you may be tense over the possibility of source of income drying up. But if you secure the hatches, you should be fine. The leakage is inside the home. May be it is a close associate or a member of the family who is unconsciously detrimental to your professional growth. First identify this leakage and fix it. This will restore your financial confidence; bring in the hope that in future your financial dreams and aspirations shall come true.

As Jupiter transits to Leo in mid July 2015, your life will be filled with abundance. Professional life will get the support of your intelligence, knowledge and skills on one hand. On the other hand you will be supported by your luck in all your endeavours.

At the same time, the energies of your Sign lord Sun during March, April, August and September will help you work through financial challenges, letting you successfully tackle old financial issues and setbacks through wisdom and experience.

In the second half, all your career related problems will be reduced. Income sources will also increase. Colleagues & friends will be very supportive. Your seniors will appreciate your talent and efforts. You may be nominated for a prestigious official trip. Chalk out your travel plans accordingly. You will have planetary forces in your favour to give you success in your mission.

Leo Astrological Remedies for the year 2015

  • Wear a deep red coral in a gold ring on ring finger.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol. Do not wear grey and black colours
  • Offer water to Sun every morning.
  • Throw raw coal in the river if facing a lot of difficulties and obstacles.

2015 Leo Love and Marriage Horoscope : With Jupiter transiting into Leo this year, your chances of finding your true love are great this year. If married, you could look forward to a bonding which was not there for quite some time now.

It'll be the time of privacy, when you seem to be more interested in the sensitive, emotional side of the relationship, rather than in the physical, passionate one. Some Leos might want to settle down, to build a home. The situation will be stable, and the emphasis will especially be on family life, domestic activities, on interests related to accommodation, properties and assets.

It is also possible that love takes priority over work or other responsibilities in your life now. For quite a few of you, this would be a great time to do a personal make over. You may improve your appearance.

Therefore, be open to the change in the second half of the year when you are likely to experience breathtaking romance. What starts in July - August 2015 is nothing short of a miracle, the one that will carry you forward into the next phase of life and much more.

During the first half of the year, when Jupiter is in Cancer, you will be generous, frank, clean at heart and liberal. During the period you will be relatively fearless, bold and ready to fight for a just cause. You are likely to have philanthropic ideals. On the negative side, you may have some qualities like ego, self importance, arrogance, self-praise, with a desire to impress everyone, and a prejudiced outlook. Your confidence level could swing from very high to very low, at times. Overall you will be much concerned with enjoying pleasant activities in your daily life.

With Saturn's retrograde motion from March 14 till August 2, some of you may give up pleasures like eating out and going to movie shows and social gatherings. Saturn is the great teacher and always has some important lesson in life for you. Like - give your relationship the respect it deserves and do not take your partner for granted. This enlightenment if it strikes will change you for the better, forever.

2015 Horoscope
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