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Gemini 2016 Horoscope / Gemini 2016 Astrology - By Pt. Punarvasu
2015 Horoscope Gemini

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This Yearly Horoscope / forecast has been prepared very meticulously by our experts.The Vedic system prescribes analysis based on Moon Sign, Lagna, Solar Sign & Dasa before any predictions are made.

There is nothing bigger than will power and it would be required in dealing with each aspect of human life so you have to be strong as the tough time is there to teach you some lessons whether they are from your relationships or your profession. Don’t give up and focus on your goals, you may have to struggle with health but, gradually you will be fine.

2015 Horoscope
Know your level of luck in 2016 for Love, Marriage, Career, Income, Money, Wealth, Health & good periods in the new year! Prepared by Pt. Punarvasu on your specific date & time of birth, this reading captures all aspects of your life in the New Year 2016
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Gemini 2015 Horoscope / Gemini 2015 Astrology - By Pt. Punarvasu
2015 Horoscope Gemini

Gemini is poised to have a very positive year but the promise of the good times to come would not be there as the year begins. You might begin the year with difficulties, disappointments and adverse situations. All these would gradually become better as the year progresses. This year should see flow of money and onset of wealth. You will find yourself becoming closer to your family. There would be greater bonding and some amount of control over your thinking would be exercised by family members which will not be in your interest. However you will feel you are closer to the family and as long as you manage yourself, it is a good time to bond with the people around you. Your power of expression would rise, writing skills would improve tremendously and you would gain because of your skills and communications. You would be in a phase of deep thinking; new ideas would come in before the middle of 2015.

Beyond July 2015 you might find that your status could fall, there could be distances from spouse. Spouse might have an outside interest and some false allegations on you are also possible. Be very careful and cautious about your status and reputation after December 2015. The year will see vibrancy at work, there would be many new opportunities and growth prospects due to your ability to work hard and bring in gains and growth to all the areas that you would like to work on. It is a period of high energy and you would need to expand this energy in positive areas. Chances of an extra-marital affair also present this year if you are married, so you need to be cautious after March 2015.

In case you are not married, then very good chances of a new exciting relationship most of this year would be present. Health issues could bother you at times. You might get bothered with chronic problems that have visited you in past. Be careful and do not skip medications at any time. Since you would be in a powerful phase and any complications or health problems would eventually be over without too much of a problem. Home and domestic matters would be a cause of concern. There would be confusion, controversy, misunderstandings and politics at home. You should avoid getting too direct and do not try to find all the solutions right away. There could be a lack of focus at work also and reputation could also be poor at times. All these issues point to a need to be more caring, cautious and avoiding direct confrontations.

Health of father could be poor and even mother’s health could be difficult at times. You need to be careful and be sure that you have enough resources at hand to take care of your parents if applicable. Love relationships would be very interesting between end of July and early September 2015. There could be sudden new relationships that could sweep you off your feet. There is a need to be very cautious and avoid any form of mistakes in judgment or taking any hasty decisions in matters of relationships. In case you are not cautious, there could be a very negative impact on you as well as your family. You should enjoy the positive phase but wait till you cross the 6th September 2015 to take any final decisions in what you plan to do in love life as well as life in general.

Your decision making and confidence level could waver during late January 2015, early February 2015, May 2015 as well as September 2015. Major decisions should be avoided during this time and you should look at life cautiously. Overall you will find the months of February, March, October and November 2015 quite favorable and much better than the other periods of the year. You should try to use these months for maximum results and progress. Overall you have a positive outlook towards finances and career but domestic matters could pull you down tremendously and you also need to control your own temperament and thinking because lack of discipline could spoil the outlook and make you miss certain opportunities during this time. You have to value your partners and spouse as people around you will bring you the maximum possible opportunities. You need to value your own self and own personal strengths as you will uplift yourself and push yourself towards progress during this year and thus there’s need to avoid getting into domestic controversies as that could take away the maximum amount of growth prospects and opportunities away from you.

2015 Gemini Career Finance Horoscope : The beginning of the year may not be as grand as you would expect it to be. On the contrary things may still be problematic as far as your financial matters are concerned.

During first quarter, keep a close watch on your finances and control you budgets & spending. If you use your resources judiciously, you may manage quite well. After February, the finances will turn for better. Issues regarding your income and investments will keep you busy throughout the year. Since you are innovative and will be resourceful during year 2015, you can come up with some original ideas to increase the cash inflow. However, during first half of the year, spend more time in planning and making budget rather than spending.

Period till July 2015 is the best time to take risks in order to expand your earning potential. March to May is the most promising phase and the most you make use of it during this period, the higher returns it will give you on your efforts - compared to other months during this year.

In the second half, you may have to deal with not so favourable situations, as Venus and Jupiter, which are the two inimical planets, are together in your 3rd house. Business owners are advised to keep their staff strength to the minimum - in fact the lesser the better. A big team may mean politics at the same time hiring cost may go up. Businessmen should be prepared for unexpected events like client returning the goods or not respecting the terms of the contract. Therefore, keep your alternative plans ready for switching over to something more suitable.

This year seems less favourable for job hopping - unless you are lucky to get an extra ordinary offer. Especially, the period after July 2015 is not a great period. If your efforts get noticed by your employer, you could fire in case there is a retrenchment drive in your company. The configuration of planets advises you to be prepared to work harder than ever and more importantly you should guard against frustrations because your hard work is likely to go unrewarded. It is best to stay put where you are and make friends with the situation.

Your house of money is ruled by Moon which is you 2nd solar house. Being the fastest-moving planet in the zodiac, Gemini is blessed with a built in ability to change quickly to the needs of the professional environment. Your strength is that you are financially versatile and flexible. If one door closes, you can quickly open another door. You have the means to earn money in many different ways.

Gemini Astrological Remedies for the year 2015

  • Avoid wearing Grey & Red, instead wear Green & Blue.
  • Keep fasts on Thursdays, if possible. Else abstain from alcohol on Thursdays.
  • Wear a good quality Emerald in a Gold ring on the little finger & feed cows with green fodder or grass.

2015 Gemini Love and Marriage Horoscope : If you have been waiting for long and looking forward to a committed relationship or getting married, then the wait is almost over. After mid July 2015 when Jupiter enters the sign of Leo, it will bless your 7th house of marriage and partnership.

However, Rahu in your 4th house may create some obstructive situation either at home or at your work place - distracting you away from your love life and commitment made to your sweet heart. This may affect adversely your married life. A word of caution - do not use abusive or sarcastic language. Avoid getting egoistic. This way you will have to consciously ensure that there is peace, and happiness at home.

This period of one year can be of slow but important changes and you should keep yourself prepared to accept changes quickly, considering the fact that you take time to adjust. Since your anxiety level could be high during some months, you would have to handle love aspect of your life very patiently.

In the first half of the year, you will be eager to enjoy the pleasures of life, have a happy relationship and explore the possibilities of a great relationship.

The time period from January 21 till February 11, then from May 19 till June 12 and finally from September 17 to October 9, will not be the warmest phase of your love life. You should be careful; as even small conflicts could convert into big issues. This is the time to manage your attitude to make it more accommodating and to find out ways to deal with the annoying habits / attitude of your partner. You need to make special efforts to bring back the excitement in your love life.

After July 15 till the year end, you will be very energetic, kind hearted, gentle, sensitive and sociable. For most of the months romance is in the air after July 15th. If in love, you may make the move now to the next level of strengthening it, as you have better chances of success. You may also realize now how love can be a great lifter of the spirits. Naturally, you will feel happy and large-hearted. You may be surprised to see how much compassion you have for other people! What goes around comes around, and you too shall be treated with kindness by people more fortunate than you. And what better can you expect this year!

2015 Horoscope
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