Cancer 2017 Horoscope / Cancer 2017 Astrology by Pt. Punarvasu

Cancer (Kataka)

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2017 Horoscope

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2017 is all about overcoming challenges with hard work for Cancer. Planetary configuration indicate that you could face roadblocks in success at work and in the domestic life. Though there would be upward trends in fortune, but these trends will not follow a consistent pattern. In the family life and professional success, improvement would come about in the second half of the year. Change of residence is possible in 2017 for Cancer Moon Sign natives. Chances of purchase of a house or a car are high in the first half. Foreign travel would keep you in good spirits. Overall, career would rise due to your efforts as well as new opportunities that would come your way. You need to however, keep calm and composed. Fixed and non-tolerant temperament could lead to issues with people around. This could put you in difficulties at work as well as home, thus weigh your words.

Cancer 2017 January Horoscope

You seem to be too aggressive and occupied with yourself as the month begins. A news from foreign would bring some positive change and ideas into your life. You may however suffer on the health front due to issues related to stomach or face. After 14th January 2017, situation would be a lot under control. Thereafter, progress would come about due to hard work, especially in career.

Cancer 2017 February Horoscope

This is the month to elevate career. You are likely to have better circumstances at work, which would lead to progress eventually. Health would be also improve quite a bit this month. However, after 12th February 2017, ego hassles may spoil your bonding with spouse. This month, you may also travel for business. You ideas would face a lot of opposition at the end of the month.

Cancer 2017 March Horoscope

Your ideas may not align well with those in authority as the month begins. Any money related associations abroad could be rewarding. Spouse may be a little adamant. Your ego might create some troubles in the beginning. Health hazards are also possible after 14th March 2017 along with several other challenges. Fortune doesnt seem to be happy with you at this point. It would be better to not bite off more than you can chew. Do not make any false commitments.

Cancer 2017 April Horoscope

Your energy level is dipping as the month begins so do not exhaust yourself at this point. Profits from unexpected sources are likely but you might encounter a lot of problems too. Government and tax related hurdles may cause some trouble. Support of luck would be there after 14th April 2017. Some unexpected travel could occur but it would be a pleasant experience in the end. Your spiritual inclination would be higher as the month draws to the end.

Cancer 2017 May Horoscope

Luck seems to be on your side this month. Any travels you take up would turn out to be enjoyable and profitable. Indulging in religious events would also give you a lot of mental peace. Career rise is possible after 14th May 2017. Your status and reputation would elevate and you may get a position in authority too.

Cancer 2017 June Horoscope

June seems to be a good month in terms of career development. Your work life and personal affairs would observe substantial progression. You might land an assignment that you had an eye on. Chances of promotion also exist. Income would increase after 15th June 2017 and you would be able to make profits as you want. During this month, you would enjoy the company of friends a lot.

Cancer 2017 July Horoscope

The month begins with substantial income, comforts and a good social circle. Your friends would inspire and enrich your life. You might land a new source of income too. However, the period after 16th July 2017 is not as positive for finance due to falling income and rising expenses. If there happens to be a travel this month, we suggest you to keep it frugal to curtail expenses and avoid hefty losses.

Cancer 2017 August Horoscope

Your stamina may go downhill in the beginning and so seems to be the case with your finances. Losses might be there as the month begins so be careful in money management. The period after 17th August 2017 would bring some respite when your health improves along with your financial position. Ego issues may increase and you may think too high of yourself. This is the period to follow spiritual pursuits.

Cancer 2017 September Horoscope

This month, too much self-esteem and ego could trouble you. You need to stop thinking about yourself only. Your actions are strongly under the influence of the need to get noticed and respected. This is a busy month due to travel plans. Moreover, foreign association may prove rewarding this month. From 17th September 2017, you might begin to concentrate more on family, tax and government related finances. Good luck in financial matters would be there towards the end of September. However, you need to ditch self-obsession and domination.

Cancer 2017 October Horoscope

What you say is affected by a strong sense of self and feeling of superiority. You attention is focused on earning and finance. A positive development could be seen after 17th October 2017 but facial of mouth related problems may occur at the same time. Profit would come from sources abroad and networking skills. Any business meetings abroad would be profitable.

Cancer 2017 November Horoscope

Travels would be rewarding this month. You may in fact plan a short leisure trip to enjoy. Some miscommunication might take place between you and your siblings though. You might also feel a friction with family members post 16th November 2017. Fortune would favor you in real estate and home matters. You might buy a valuable asset in this month too.

Cancer 2017 December Horoscope

You may move your home this month. Chances of buying a house or vehicle exist too. This is a landmark month for your mother or maternal figure. Children related issues may persist after 16th December 2017 and health may also suffer thereafter. You may experience an unwanted rise in ego as the month comes to a close.


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