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Aquarius 2016 Horoscope / Aquarius 2016 Astrology - By Pt. Punarvasu
2015 Horoscope Aquarius

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This Yearly Horoscope / forecast has been prepared very meticulously by our experts.The Vedic system prescribes analysis based on Moon Sign, Lagna, Solar Sign & Dasa before any predictions are made.

Life is asking your best as it will be a time when you have to prove yourself. Your efforts will write your success story. Some health ailments may be developed. Travelling will be the thing; you love most and would visit many places. Those who are student, it will be a tough time for studies so concentrate more and do well.

2015 Horoscope
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To Lead in 2016, Read 2015: Read below


Aquarius 2015 Horoscope / Aquarius 2015 Astrology - By Pt. Punarvasu
2015 Horoscope Aquarius

2015 would bring in challenges, hurdles at work and minor health issues. Mostly you will find that you need to work very hard and prove yourself during this year for the best results. All the new opportunities will initially require a lot of hard work and execution of various expectations from you before eventually the results and gains start coming in. The year will start with a new vibrancy and new opportunities at work. There would be a sudden rise in various options and new projects around you. At the same time, competition against you will also rise. This might bring in its share of challenges till the end of March 2015. Worries about health will be present and there would also be the chances of increase in your indebtedness. If you are waiting for a loan to come through then this period will see some sort of a new loan also before the end of June 2015. July 2015 onwards, luck will change substantially and you will find progress and growth through the area of joint ventures and partnerships.

New projects could come in due to references and joint work with people around you. Investments made in the past should give you rich returns now. Spouse and partner would be a source of growth and gains for you. Travels will be quite beneficial. A celebration in the family is possible. Marriage, if unmarried is also a very big possibility after July 2015. If married, marriage matters will be happy. Spouse would do very well during this time. This year will see a rise in your authority, you will get a better status, but at the same time impediments and blocks at work will rise also. You will be a hard task master but you will also be accountable to a hard task master so it might be a pressure situation at work throughout. Superiors could create hassles and you might be tough to your juniors also. You have to remain cautious and stiff towards these issues. Travel for work would be substantial. If you are not conservative and careful loss in business enterprises also possible during this time.

You will be focused, determined, sharp as well as aggressive in all you do and while dealing with your team. Overall everybody will believe that you are a good administrator. This year could also see tax and legal hassles mostly between March and August 2015, so you need to be careful on these accounts too. The general level of hurdles would be higher than usual. Health issues could be present for self and spouse. Expenses could be wasteful and you might find your savings going down and getting sapped due to unexpected losses and expenses. Revenues could fall a little bit and savings as mentioned before could also go lower. You need to be careful about your speech as that could create a distance and trouble with people around you. This year could see a tendency to put on weight as you might end up eating more under stress. The level of discretion could be low and you might be reckless in certain undertakings. You need to have very good counsel around you for best possible results during 2015.

During the period 26th July to 6th September, 2015 you might experience a very strange way of thinking and events. Sudden rise in hassles in love, career and marriage matters could be felt. A major real estate transaction could come about during this time also and some very severe setbacks could further come in after the 14th August 2015. Despite all these activities and events, you should not push your luck too much and do not make any changes in life during this time. Once you cross 6th September 2015 your decision making should be much better than before and that’s one time to assess the situation and move ahead in life. Good months for 2015 would be April, July, November and December as compared to the rest of the year. 2015 has to be handled with care as there would be opportunities, power and the energy to make things happen. However at the same time if you are not focused and get under pressure due to negative events, then the opportunities that come in front of you might be lost. Partnership will hold the key so keep looking for some joint projects or areas which will help you realize your potential to the best possible abilities.

2015 Aquarius Career Finance Horoscope : You'll begin the year with full enthusiasm and energy and work dedicatedly as per the planning. Even though your efforts shall be lauded but are unlikely to bear fruit.

Those in jobs should try to pre judge the potential of new activities before starting the work indiscriminately. This way you may save a lot of your physical and mental energy from being washed away with the projects which will be scrapped after a few months. You may also feel uncomfortable working with some of your colleagues as you are likely to form some prejudices against them. Be warned that this will affect your decision making unnecessarily. Therefore, get rid of the negativity to improve your work surroundings. The chances of transfer or re-location are not very strong. After July 2015, the chances of finding a new job improve significantly. Interestingly, you may get the lead or support from someone known to get you a job.

During the first 6 months, budget your expenses judiciously to sail through the year smoothly. As a relief, you can hope to get some financial contribution from your spouse (in case working) after mid July. Possibilities of alternate sources of income exist after mid July.

This year is more suitable to focus on existing activities rather than any plans of expansion of business. Small and medium sized business persons and self – employed professionals are expected to be working very hard this year, even setting examples for others to follow.

During November - December, avoid taking any extreme decisions to bring about drastic changes in work place or business. The period after July is good for building up your contacts. Which are likely to contribute a great deal in the further progress of your career.

Travels undertaken for business / professional purposes are likely to be fruitful – if done in the second half of the year.

Aquarius Astrological Remedies for the year 2015

  • Donate ripe bananas on Thursdays.
  • Keep fast during evenings and nights of all Saturdays.
  • Worship Lord Hanuman.
  • Help your brother(s) (or similarly placed persons) from time to time. Do not annoy them.

2015 Aquarius Love and Marriage Horoscope : 2015 will be a very positive year for your love life. Whether you are married, single or in a relationship you shall enjoy most part of the year on love and relationships fronts. Of course, there shall be changes and developments from time to time but they shall be either for better or shall pass away without much damage.

During the first quarter of the year, with Venus transiting over your first, second and third houses, may have many messages depending on your current status. For example, if you are single then you will have closer contacts and more understanding with your beloved. Although it will be a tough task to win his / her heart. The married couples will become more intimate.

This year starts with your ruling planet in your work zone which is your tenth house and in the sign of Scorpio. You will set high and ambitious goals for yourself. Hence you will be working long hours and will be tough on your juniors. This will leave you more stressed out and thus may affect your love life adversely. The married ones will need to pay a lot of attention to their marital life for it to run smoothly.

The other major challenge is in the form of Jupiter in the sixth house of your zodiac horoscope. While this stay in Cancer sign is good you to win over your competitors, it is not great phase for a warm relationship. During this period do not be too adventurous and ambitious. This could back fire.

Happiness, fun and pleasure shall enter in your life once Jupiter enters your seventh house of partnership and marriage after July 14, 2015. You will be hosting parties. Attending functions and hanging out with friends and family. This will give you a much needed break from the work front. Love life shall be beautiful again. This marks the beginning of a year long period favouring smooth relationships and fulfilment.

However, be cautious during September 17 to October 9, as this is not the warmest time for relationships. The last part of July, August and the parts of September 2015 can bring absolutely special events in your romantic life.

2015 Horoscope
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