How to Handle Any Conflict in your Relationship as per your Zodiac Sign

Conflicts in relationship are a part of life. While relationships make us happy and gleeful conflict, disturbs the peace. However, in order to stay away from any kind of conflicts, there are a few measures that you can undertake. Find out how each zodiac sign handles relationship conflict.

How to Handle Conflict in Relationship as per Zodiac Sign

Are you in a relationship or Creationship? Ask yourself this when you face turmoil in your relationship. While relationship is a distance between two people and creationship is when you both choose to create something new in your life without any stiffness and resentment. We cannot weigh the bond and sadness in a relationship, at times it is just when a spur of the moment anger can make a couple split apart.

Relationship demands time and effort to understand each other which can be achieved with patience and calmness between two people. As per Astrology, each zodiac has different traits and behavior pattern, and they respond as per their elements and emotional nature.

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Elements can be broadly seen as FIRE: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. EARTH: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn AIR: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius WATER: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.

In astrology we can broadly classify the positive and negative attributes through zodiac signs as per their elements which describes the basic personalities, strength, and weakness of their placement in the horoscope. Each sign falls into an element which helps to determine their inner and outer energetic spirit.

There are four categories of elements: FIRE, EARTH, AIR, and WATER.

Fiery signs are ARIES, LEO, SAGITTARIUS. They are dynamic, active, restless, impulsive, passionate, potentially and temperamental.

Earthy signs are TAURUS, VIRGO, CAPRICORN. They are very physical, tangible, sensual, uptight, slow, steady and grounded.

Airy signs are GEMINI, LIBRA, AQUARIUS. They are active, non-stable, prompt, flexible, nonreliable, and jovial.

Water signs are CANCER, SCORPIO, PISCES. They are emotional, sentimental, nonpractical, loving, and caring.

How to handle conflicts in your relationship as per your zodiac sign:


The fire element can create harmony and destruction both. It is how the other person is handling this energy that determines the strength. Fire signs in a relationship has passionate lovers who will chase each other with high intensity of affection. When overstimulated, it can burn up the relationship with a blast.

ADVICE: It is important for a fire sign to take out time for love. Your impulsive nature will not help you out to get everything you want in a fraction of second. Relationship is a process, so take time to understand each other.

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Taurus is an earthy sign and are the steadiest and grounded people. You are driven by your senses and physical attraction is very important for you. You look for stability and comfort in a relationship. You work hard to give all materialistic comfort in your relationship.

Suggestion:  Taurus natives being an earthy sign can get fixated with your own opinion and stubbornness takes a toll in your head. Your anger can destroy or wreck everything in your path. Always accept the change as it comes, and patience is the key for a long-lasting relationship.


Gemini is an airy sign which is very communicative, and you are always in need for stimulating conversation. You are a free spirit and get suffocated in an overburdened relationship. Your dual personality of joyful to anxious nature can create a storm in a balanced relationship.

ADVICE: When you feel scattered and out of balance, ground yourself, come to the reality and face it. Do not allow your restlessness and lack of patience affect your relationship. You thrive in your relationships so understand the value of each other before regretting your actions.


Cancerians are water sign and are very sensitive and emotional sign. Always your family and your loved ones are your priority. You are very possessive and always ready with your claws when it comes for your near and dear ones. You never forget the past grudges. Therefore, it’s a repetitive pattern in your mind.

ADVISE: You may feel oversaturated by your own emotions through and through breathing techniques, you can control your anxiety. Do not suffocate your relationship by your possessiveness, give some space and trust your companion.

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Leo fiery sign is overshadowed with pride and lust. You make your partner feel as they are the most wonderful and important person for you. The fiery pride and ego of Leo can shatter the relationship within a fraction of second and without any regret because always you will always have the last say.

ADVICE: No one can win with you when it comes to an argument as you will always have an upper hand, even when you know you are not right. Try to overcome this quality and allow your partner to share their point of view. Relationship is not about being right or wrong, it is about how you are accepting each other with flaws.


Virgos are an earthy sign which makes them analytical and critical who like to take things slow. You are stubborn in your thinking but are reliable, dependable, and loyal to your partner. You are gentle and quiet, and you quietly observe and notice the smallest details before you go in for any altercation.

ADVICE: You won’t go into conflict without fully weighing the pros and cons and gathering all information. Most people don’t like to be examined and analyzed to correct flaws or mistakes and this may often bring conflicts in relationships.

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Libra is an Airy sign that has Venus as its personal planet of beauty. As a result, they are fair in all aspects of their life. When Libra natives face any conflicting situation, you hope to reconcile by solving your issues with diplomacy. You tend to use diplomatic techniques with mutual conversation or understanding with your partners. You always try to prove your honesty and dedication in the relationship.

ADVICE: Resolving any situations with your partner is very easy if you are willing to be open to all perspectives. You must observe all the angles of the conflicting situation and then come to any diplomatic compromise.


The water sign which is most dedicated and extremely fierce lovers among all the zodiac signs is Scorpio. For you, honesty and trust are the most important factor in any relationship. You are emotionally intelligent and always love to go deep into the issues and try to find the root cause of it and then fix it. You are very secretive and will take time to open up and share your deep inside secret.

ADVICE: Learn to forget and forgive others and try to let go of the past mistakes and hurt. By remembering the past, your present and future will be affected. Trust and honesty come with the time spent with each other. Let the process proceed in its own space and enjoy the journey.


You are the fiery sign that love your freedom and enjoy the adventurous life. You don’t take relationship like a responsibility, so you may get confused if a relationship demands commitments and closeness. You believe in living life to the fullest and do not like to have any microscopic view or comments intervening in each other’s life. You like to give and receive space to maintain good relationship.

ADVICE: You follow the realistic view of life rather than being in unreliable and fickle. You have to take responsibility in binding in a relationship. It is always give and take policy. Freedom and adventures are part of your nature but give time to other person to understand the value of space.


You are an earthy sign, who are workaholic, committed, responsible and always gear up to achieve your targets and ambitions. You must also understand the other perspective of being in a relationship. Your practical approach all the time may make your partner feel to be left out and lonely. While you may justify your actions with more practicality, but this will go in vain. For you, a relationship is a task. So, try to go beyond your own understanding and tune into the love and romantic world.

ADVICE: You must learn to balance your work and relationship equally. Try to understand from your partner’s point of view. You must understand that your partner is not your assistant, and the best partnership are built from mutual understanding and respect.


The airy sign, water bearers are a great humanitarian at large to the society but at times miss out on your closest people. You are a great thinker and always work and plan towards future perspective and miss out the nitty gritty details of the present. Your partner might complain about your absent-mindedness and not being in the present moment. You must learn to appreciate your partner rather than ignoring them.

ADVICE: You are a great thinker; you can’t help but plan beforehand or think ahead of time. Therefore, sometimes you miss out on a lot of things in your present, while you’re planning for the future. Although it is great, but your partner might feel that you are a little indifferent and detached. Instead of focusing too much on the future. Give some time to the people around. 

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You are a watery sign and are a dreamer who always look for a fairytale relationship. You push hard towards to maintaining perfect and harmonious relationship. However, you must understand that no relationship is devoid of faults and flaws. Be more realistic and tackle your issues with more maturity. Don’t be over-sensitive and possessive in your relationship, as everything is not about you.

ADVICE: You must learn to take things lightly and not to get attached with over sentiment and emotion. Be practical and face the reality, as you might suffocate the other person by not giving them space and breather.

Relationships are not perfect. They require work and proper crisis management as well. All zodiac signs have their own style of contradiction and conservation of relationships. The ability to negotiate peace is a very important talent to balance mutual relationships. In astrology all zodiac signs have their own technique to resolve conflicts and bring forward resolutions.