Taurus 2015 Love Horoscope

As your Valentine year begins, there are 3 planets in the 6th house and your rashi lord is in the 8th house. At the same time, the planet of expansion and grandeur Jupiter is in the 2nd house of wealth. I know that you don’t care about the Astrological technicalities but it does mean different things for interpretations and this depends on your status.

If you are married or in a deep committed relationship, then your spouse / beloved shall be on the top of your mind, whether or not you spend time together. Your life partner shall be in your dreams, your heart will beat and your thoughts will be caring, whether or not you express your feelings.

However, if you are just flirting or are casual about your relationship then the circumstances shall demand you to choose one of the two options - either commit to the relationship or no relationship at all. It is not that you have any ill intentions or are trying to have multiple relations. On the contrary the pressure of work and profession will leave you with no time and energy to even give your 50%.

Similarly, if you are a single and want to get into a relationship then you will have to wait for the right opportunities till March 2014 and the results of your efforts shall be visible from May 2014 onwards only.
If you have known each other well now and want to get married or straight away plan to marry, then better hurry up. The period only till end June 2014 is favourable. So start planning now!

Generally speaking, there would be a common feature for all Taureans - as the year begins, do not expect much action on this front as you would be too busy with other aspects of life such as further education, skills enhancement, career, domestic matters, children etc. Of course, as the year progresses, your love and relationships area too shall get better.

A few exclusive tips for you
Your Taurus 2014 Love Horoscope shows that this year and especially June 2014 onwards is uneasy when evil-wishers could try to mess with your love life. This is regardless of your status – married / committed / just got into a relationship / flirting / single.

Therefore, do not share your very personal thoughts and feelings about your relationship with anyone, lest he / she might turn out to be a spoilsport.

Also be careful of gossips and rumors in your friends circle as this may adversely influence your personal affairs.

And finally
If you are married then you may experience some challenging situations as relations can come under pressure due to ego and domestic differences. A lot of time in the family life would be spent on supporting children.

For the unmarried, the most helpful tool would be to stay alert. The moment you sense something is not right then repeat your commitment in the relationship to your beloved with all sincerity.

Therefore, a good approach to avert such a happening would be to be empathetic and use very sweet communication language – which you are so capable of!