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2014-2015 Horoscope | 2014-2015 Astrology
Based on Moon Sign

Welcome to home page of 2014 Horoscope! The practice of bringing out an 'Annual Horoscope' for the New Year predictions has been on for the last 2 decades by Pt. Punarvasu through the platform of www.indastro.com. The Annual Horoscope is based on the calculations done on Indian Vedic Astrology System.

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Aries would have an eventful year. Though the pressures would be high and even position might be threatened till the middle of the year. The year might start off with some challenges but improvement will start after the March 2014.
Taurus will have a good year. There would be a continuation of business and professional success as you saw last year too. Financial gains would continue to be very good till the middle of the year. Some amount of pressures and loss
Gemini could have a challenging year. There would be negativity as experienced in the last year but the overall outlook would turn positive after 14th July 2014. Finances will finally turn around after the 19th June 2014 and substantial gains will
Cancer will have a challenging year. Domestic matters will continue to be difficult. There would be high pressures till 3rd March 2014. Some improvement due to your own efforts, positive thinking and hard work will change your life after
This is once again a bumper year for you. You will make excellent progress, growth. New areas will open up for you. Travel will bring in a lot of progress and growth. Your income will be very high. There will be substantial gains from various
Virgo has a better year than before. Your mind would be at ease comparatively although pressures will be very high till March 2014. Negativity will give way to hard work and a determination to fix the problems that you are facing in life.
Libra might find the year slightly difficult compared to the last year. While hard work will be present and you will be persistent and focused in all you do, still the level of success might slowdown a little bit. There would be an expansion in
Scorpio will make a very positive turnaround in luck and fortune this year. While the year will start with challenges and some amount of difficulties, still after March 2014 your financial problems and liquidity crunch should give in to a better period
Sagittarius would have an excellent year. Amongst all signs, Sagittarius would have the best 2014. There would be gains and growth from various corners this year. Progress will come in due to support of friends as well as family. Your luck
Capricorn would have an interesting year as the high activity in career will continue. Pressures will be very high. Hard work would have to be exceptional too. But all this will give you very good growth and returns eventually. There would
Aquarius will continue with a difficult streak but improvements will surely come about now. You will find that creative work and hard work will give you returns. There would be success from foreign lands. Your temperament and thinking might
Pisces will have a slightly better year although hurdles and hassles will remain. Health could become a cause of concern while hurdles also could be high till March 2014. There would be a rise in your creative outlook. Way of thinking.
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