Chat Consultation

This is a unique service of where we offer you the option of having a personalized discussion with our expert astrologer Pt. onkar nath. There is no limit on the number of question while time is of consideration.

Once you request for the consultation, with a suggestion as to your convenient time we get back with a confirmation whether the time is available for consultation or not.

If yes:

  • We send you a URL to visit at the designated time of the appointment
  • You would need to refer your order number before the chat is initiated
  • Please remember it takes about 1-3 minutes before the chat process is initiated.
  • Once the chat is initiated you can commence asking your questions and clarifications
  • We recommend 25 minutes when you need to consult for one persona and usually the time is sufficient for 3-5 questions depending on the counter questions that are put
  • For more than these questions or 1 or 2 birth charts we would recommend 45 minutes chat and for more charts a one hour chat is recommended
  • Our expert is assisted by our technician and so chatting & typing is not a bottle neck

In case we don't have the time available as suggested we get back with an alternate or ask you for an alternate.

All the time mentioned is Indian Standard Time which is 5 1/2 hr ahead of G.M.T.

Many clients prefer the chat so that many questions that come up during a personal discussion can be answered right away.

A transcript of the session is then sent as a attachment to your email for your future


25 Minute Consultation - USD 50 / Rs.2500

45 Minute Consultation - USD 74 / Rs.3700

60 Minute Consultation - USD 99 / Rs.4950