1. Live Chat with Pt.Onkarnath for
  2. Vedic advice & practical remedies
  3. speedy solutions of problems
  4. better stress management and peace of mind.

Why a Live Chat Consultation with Astrologer works?

At Indastro, we offer some of the best analyzed and interpreted Horoscope Readings, which can tell you a great deal about your life in general and an issue in particular. However, there is no match to a one-on-one chat with our Vedic Astrologer, with whom you can chat from the comfort of your home or from just about anywhere, without having to worry about the confidentiality of the matter. A personal discussion has its own merit over getting an Astrologer’s view which is what you normally get when you ask for a particular reading to be prepared by an Astrologer. Over a personal discussion thru a web chat mode you can describe your issue well, can even discuss more than one issue.

A live chat session with Astrologer who happens to be the subject matter expert - dealing with marriage, job & business related issues; health matters would go a great length in giving you immediate peace of mind. As the astrologer will be able to understand your problem and predict the time by when the situation would ease out or your desired would be achieved. 

How to book a Live Chat Consultation with Astrologer?

Once you have ordered for a session with your timing preference, we will get back with the confirmation of the appointment. We will check with you for an alternate slot if your preferred timing is not available. A URL / link is shared on your email to be visited at the designated time of the appointment for the chat session. We recommend 25 minute session when you need to consult for one person and usually the time is sufficient for 3-5 questions depending on the counter questions you may have. For more or for 1 or 2 birth charts a 45 minute chat session and for more charts a one hour chat is recommended. A transcript of the session is also emailed to you for your future reference.

All time mentioned is Indian Standard Time which is 5 1/2 hr ahead of G.M.T.

Why you should go for Live Chat Consultation?

Web Chat Session with an expert will on one hand help resolve your queries in no time and on the other hand will get you on the spot clarifications that you may have while discussing with the expert. The reports and readings related with Career matters, Marriage & Love, Business and other areas will draw focus on these spheres of your life, but anything specific from these spheres would need exclusive focus and clarity that can come by discussing it out yourself with an Astrology Expert.



  • "Indastro has been giving me advice and encouragement for 7 years now. I do not always get the answer I want but I always get the answer I need to hear. If you are looking for truth and insight, you have found the right service. "
    Bonnie Geffen, Canada
  • "Indastro is a wonderful site - I cannot praise it enough! All orders are processed in a timely fashion, and the insights the astrologers provide are valuable. I would recommend Indastro to anyone!"
    Emily Lamond, Canada
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