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Your Financial Status & Wealth Combination
An expert Vedic Astrologer can decode the ‘Wealth Accumulation’ potential of an individual. Understanding the strength of your birth chart elements & correlate them with your wealth & financial prospects gives us what is known as the Financial Status & Wealth Combination Report. This study factors in the effect of formation of certain wealth generating planetary combinations and when they manifest in one’s life to conclude the wealth potential of the individual.  In the course of one’s life, the occurrence of clusters of planets together in a house gives rise to ‘Dhan Yoga’ or the ‘Wealth generating combinations’.

How is it prepared?
The astrologer studies your natal / birth chart drawn on your time, date & place of birth. For those who are unsure of their time of birth, they can avail of “Birth time Rectification” services to know their precise time of birth and then the expert astrologer can accordingly prepare your birth chart to study the status of wealth in your horoscope. Here, the specific houses and their planets’ strength are studied. The prospect of formation of wealth combinations is analyzed. The results of dasa-analysis along with the transit effects of planets are compiled in form of the Financial Status & Dhan Yoga report. The study of planet Jupiter is very important here. Jupiter is the ‘giver’ of wealth & financial stability in life and it helps to understand the financial status in a horoscope. 

How does it benefit you?
This report will cover your potential of garnering wealth and the timing / age beyond which or upto which income flow would be positive. Sources of money flow and areas in which work should be done to accumulate wealth are also arrived at. Your success in investments and the periods of highs & lows will also be made known.

What you can expect from this reading?
  •  The most suitable ways to earn money (business / job / private practice/ freelancing/consulting)
  •  Areas in which success is possible.
  • Investments - whether favorable or unfavorable
  • Any bad combination of planets holding back monetary success.
  • Positive and negative period in the coming times.
  • Dhan (wealth) Yoga combination study & timing of its occurrence.
This will be a ‘know-all’ report on your financial status. You can start by selecting from the following options:



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