Financial Status & 'Wealth Combination' Report

Vedic Astrology is very capable of decoding the ‘Wealth Accumulation’ potential of an Individual. The study of Planet Jupiter, which is known as the ‘giver’ of wealth & financial stability in one’s life helps us understand the financial status in a horoscope.

We are able to ascertain the likely chances of garnering wealth and the timing / age beyond which or upto which income flow would be positive. Sources of money flow and areas in which work should be done to accumulate wealth are also derived. In a course of one’s life, the study of influence of planets and their combinations or the occurrence of clusters of planets together in a house can give rise to what we term as ‘ Dhan Yoga’ or ‘Wealth generating combination’.

Hence with the means of Financial Status & Wealth Combination reading, we are able to determine –

  • Level of accumulation of money in a person’s life.
  • What’s the age beyond / up to which finances would be positive.
  • Sources of inflows of money.
  • Areas in which money can be earned.
  • Success in investments
  • Any combinations (habits) which make money matters negative for you.
  • Periods of highs and lows.

  • Based on these calculation, we come up with the Financial Status & Wealth Combination Report which includes :

  • Most suitable ways to earn money. (business / job etc)
  • Areas in which success is possible.
  • Investments -whether favorable or  unfavourable
  • Any bad combination of planets holding back monetary success.
  • Positive and Negative Period in the coming times.
  • Dhan Yoga combination study & timing of its occurrence.


1 Year Report - USD 35 / Rs.1750

2 Year Report - USD 40 / Rs.2000

5 Year Report - USD 49 / Rs.2450

10 Year Report - USD 70 / Rs.3500