Birth Time Rectification

Vedic Astrology has specific tools for working out an unknown birth time by means of going backwards based on the events that happen during the life time of the person.

Specific events are reflected by sub divisional charts such as Navamsa (Life Partner and general events), Dasamsa (career), Chaturthamsha (Destiny), Shastiasa (general events) etc.

All these sub divisional charts are sensitive sometimes, to even 5 seconds.  Based on these sub division charts, an expert vedic astrologer is able to reverse engineer the time of birth based on the events.

We require at least 5 major events which have occurred already to work back the unknown birth time.

These could be on the lines of:

  • Date of Marriage / major relationship.
  • Date of birth of children.
  • Major purchases / acquisitions like real estate / cars.
  • Movement / relocation within or out of country.
  • Any significant event which changes life.
  • First employment.
  • A financial wind fall.
  • Injury / accident / surgery.
  • Major illness.
  • Status of parents: Living or not.
  • Date of demise of parents / family member.
  • Financial losses.
  • New Business/ New Job.
  • Inheritance.
  • Any major event you find significant.

  • Further, we will require a date, time band of the time of birth. For example, you could let us know the date of birth and a time frame of may be 1:00 A.M to 6:00 A.M.

    This will be like having the basic details and thereafter trying to fill in the blanks.

    You can go ahead and request your birth time rectification based on:

Date and Place known, Time Unknown

Recommended when you do not know the birth time or are unsure of the birth time, but are sure about the date and place.


USD 60 / Rs.3000

Place Known, Date and Time Unknown

Recommended when you have a confusion about the date or even the year of birth.

Amount cannot be confirmed.
Estimate will be sent basis the review of the information submitted.