1. Tells you
  2. your exact time of birth
  3. what the future has in store for you, since you would be able to get your Future Forecast Readings using birth time.

What is Birth Time Rectification Report?
Many of us have faced this problem - "I do not know my time of birth, so how do I get my horoscope & Birth Chart made?" That’s because an accurate 'time of birth' is as vital to Vedic Astrology as is the date of birth. And there are many amongst us who are unsure of their exact time of birth. Without which the readings prepared will not be very reliable and may not give us the actual picture of things to unfold in future. But we can certainly help you if you are facing the problem of an 'unknown birth time' for yourself or for any of your loved ones. This is known as the 'Birth Time Rectification' services.

How is it done?
Under this service, we ask you to submit your key 'Life Events'. A minimum of 5 events which have had a profound impact on your life are required by us. These events could pertain to your early years - any major happenings like an injury or an ailment, time of your marriage, starting your career/ job, birth of child, education milestones etc. Listing down below some of these events as a point of reference for you

  • Date of Marriage / major relationship.
  • Date of birth of children.
  • Major purchases / acquisition like real estate / cars
  • Moving / relocation within or out of country.
  • First employment.
  • A financial wind fall/ financial losses
  • Injury / accident / surgery/ Major illness.
  • Status of parents: Living or not.
  • Date of demise of parents / family member.
  • New Business/ New Job.
  • Inheritance.
  • Any other event you find significant.

Our expert Vedic Astrologer then reverse engineers your birth time by calculating on the basis of the date of the occurrences of these specific events. The divisional charts which are exclusive to Vedic Astrology – ‘Navasma’ chart holds clues to specific events pertaining to life partner & general events; ‘Dasama’ chart tells us about Career & Business; ‘Chaturthamsha’ chart delivers on destiny & level of luck & ‘Shastiasa’ chart holds clues to other general events. These are all sub divisional charts and are as sensitive as even 5 seconds. You will also need to tell us the time band during which you could have been borne. Like 1 pm to 6 pm.

As you can see that the 'Unknown Birth Time' calculation is a task only an experienced and expert Vedic Astrologer can accomplish!

What can I expect from this report?
This report will deliver the following for you:

  • Time of birth / time zone of birth
  • Longitude / latitude of birth
  • Lunar month & day
  • Planets & their placement in nakshatras


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