1. What’s in it for me?
  2. Ask any question close to your heart or anything too personal that you would not like to discuss with anyone.
  3.  Reliable, accurate and practical solution.

What is Specific Matters Consultation?
Asking your ‘specific’ questions under the Specific Matters Consultation is equivalent to meeting an Astrologer on a personal level to discuss your combination of questions. Indastro offers many reports and readings pertaining to different aspects of life and some of them even deal with all the aspects of life put together. However, when it comes to questions or matters which have been a cause of concern with you, seeking their solutions through Specific Matters Consultation works to your advantage. 

How to go about it?
In order to seek expert opinion on your pressing matters, please submit your query precisely along with your birth details. Our Vedic Astrology Expert will read through your birth chart and provide you solutions accordingly. Please focus on the moot issue rather than the related issues. This will keep the focus intact and the solution will work for you.

Why you should go for Specific Matters Consultation?
This service has been devised for such personal problems which you want to seek an immediate solution for but do not know how to resolve them. If some unresolved matter which has been a cause of concern for a while and is taking away your peace of mind, this service of Specific Matters Consultation will come handy in seeking respite from those personal issues. You can trust our Vedic Astrologers with a reliable, practical and accurate response to your problems.

Vedic Astrology can provide answers to each & every of your pressing issues. We are yet to come across an issue or a problem in life which cannot be resolved or answered by Vedic Astrology.
A few of the questions we have been asked in the recent past are as below:

What would be the right line of career to be pursued? Similarly what line of education should be taken up?

Change in Jobs: When is the right time? When will the transition period be over? Will it be beneficial to move city/ country for career? Will I be able to retain my job?

Is it the right time to start a new business? Should I work with a partner? Should I increase / decrease my investments?

When is the right time to recover/ repay the losses/ loans? Will it be possible?

When is my period of high/ Highest Growth?

These are some of the indicative questions which are usually asked and answered. Of course any question regarding career can be asked including queries about investment in the stock market & whether it is the time to increase your investment or liquidate the same.

Love / Marriage:
Luck in love, timing of marriage, delay in marriage, incompatibility in love/marriage, whether lost love will come back, when will I find love of my life/soul mate, description of spouse - probable description, divorce, second/ multiple marriage, which person to choose for marriage etc.
Money / Finance:
Questions about financial problems and when will the finances turn positive. Areas in which money can be earned, whether investment positive, luck in speculation and gambling, any negative planetary combinations hindering monetary growth, source of income etc.

General outlook, tendency of diseases, recovery from current ailments etc.

Their health, welfare etc.

Questions of childlessness, problems of children like ailments, poor studies, line of education etc.

Their chances / timing


  • "Indastro has been giving me advice and encouragement for 7 years now. I do not always get the answer I want but I always get the answer I need to hear. If you are looking for truth and insight, you have found the right service. "
    Bonnie Geffen, Canada
  • "Indastro is a wonderful site - I cannot praise it enough! All orders are processed in a timely fashion, and the insights the astrologers provide are valuable. I would recommend Indastro to anyone!"
    Emily Lamond, Canada
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