Travel Horoscope 2019


Some people just sit & wonder while some work hard & wander. Travelling rejuvenates your mind, body & soul and most of all it makes us feel alive once again. A person who is only working and not travelling or exploring new places is actually just surviving and not living his life to the fullest. In the recent past, travelling has become a sort of therapy which makes people revive their life by taking an escape from the exhausting daily routine.
You must have wondered many times why all your travel plans fail miserably or why even after infinite tries you are not able to get a job or settle abroad. Well, the answer to all you doubts lies in your stars. The placement of planets in your natal charts defines your destiny and occurrence of different events in your life. The 3rd house and its lord define the likelihood of short travels while 9th one is for long distance journey. If you are looking forward to try your luck in some foreign country then 12th house and its lord are going to play the key role
To elucidate your travel profile in 2019, has prepared a short 2019 Travel horoscope synopsis of each zodiac sign which would ease your worries and give you a head start to plan vacations and job proposals abroad as per the favorable transit or dasa of the planets.

2019 Travel Horoscope: Important Planetary Transits

This year Saturn, Jupiter and Rahu & Ketu will influence your travel plans.
  • Saturn is posited in Sagittarius sign in 2019. Sagittarius is a sign with duality in nature. Here, Saturn is likely to give chances to travel long distances. There is possibility that these travels will be primarily related to higher education, education in foreign land, visit to a pilgrimage or travel related to legal disputes.
  • Jupiter transits the Scorpio sign. It is fixed in nature and thus kind of reduces the prospects of traveling. Scorpio will provide stability in life and thus no/less traveling in 2019 for some zodiac signs.
  • But Jupiter and Saturn will conjunct between 30th March and 22nd April in Sagittarius sign. This would give you opportunity to travel for reasons like some ceremony at home or function at relative’s place.  
  • Rahu & Ketu will transit in Gemini and Sagittarius sign. Both these sign exhibit dual nature due to which Rahu & Ketu will give mixed result related to traveling. Traveling related to communication, religious work, legal work, etc will be supported by these planets.

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