House, property and the connection with planets

The 4th house in your horoscope is a direct medium that can foretell the various prospects of real/estate, property, or home that you may acquire in this life. With the help of this article, you will be able to learn different combinations of planets and stars that promise you the fortune of real/estate and property in your life.

House, property and the connection with planets


It is a desire for everyone to have their own house, but there are plenty of homeless in this world. There are people who owned multiple properties yet died homelessly. So, fortunes change. This article is all about property and wealth. Which planet represents home and property and the possibilities of the home as well.

In the natural zodiac wheel, the sign of Cancer indicates family, home and comforts from the land. The role of this sign is very important is to assess the possibility of land and home. This sign is ruled by Moon, so the condition of the Moon is also important. An affliction on moon indicates, so many things related to home, including the chances for having an own house. An affliction doesn’t always indicate a lack of a home, but there are other things like challenges regarding peace, happiness, and mother as well.

The 4th house in the astrology chart indicates home and family. So, this house becomes the main house to find the chances to have a house. These are the signs which rule the 4th house for every rasi.

The sign which rules the 4th house

  • Aries/Cancer
  • Taurus/Leo
  • Gemini/virgo
  • Cancer/Libra
  • Leo/Scorpio
  • Virgo/Sagittarius
  • Libra/Capricorn
  • Scorpio/Aquarius
  • Sagittarius/Pisces
  • Capricorn/Aries
  • Aquarius/Taurus
  • Pisces/Gemini

There are so many conditions in astrology to have own house and properties. Various texts give a lot of techniques to know the possibility to have an own house as well as property. There is various planetary combination which shows the possibility of palace to even a hut.

Other than these factors, there are sub factors which indicates the possibility of a house and property.

For any luck, despite house, you need to have strong lagna. The strength of the lagna is very important and that shows, how strong you are as a person to achieve anything in your life. Mars indicates land and construction, so, Mars also has to be very strong.

Few conditions for having own house

According to Brihad parasara Horasastra as said by Sage parasara planetary states are very important. There is an avastha called “Garvit” and if any planet is in this avastha, then it shows happiness through houses. Garvit is a situation when a planet is in own house, exaltation or Mool trikon sign.


  • Sun———Aries
  • Moon-——Taurus
  • Mars—--Capricorn
  • Mercury—-Virgo
  • Jupiter——Cancer
  • Venus——-Pisces
  • Saturn——Libra

Own houses

  • Sun———Leo
  • Moon-——Cancer
  • Mars—--Aries, Scorpio
  • Mercury—-Virgo, Gemini
  • Jupiter——Sagittarius, Jupiter
  • Venus——-Libra, Taurus
  • Saturn——Capricorn, Aquarius

Mool Trikon Houses

  • Sun———Leo
  • Moon-——Cancer, Taurus
  • Mars—--Aries
  • Mercury—-Virgo
  • Jupiter——Sagittarius
  • Venus——-Libra
  • Saturn——Aquarius

There is another state called Mudit, this is called happiness. When a planet is in its friend’s house, then that gives happiness through own houses.

  • SUN: Friends: Moon, Mars, Jupiter
  • MOON: Friends: Sun, Mercury
  • MARS: Friends: Sun Moon Jupiter
  • MERCURY: Friends: Sun, Venus
  • JUPITER: Friends: Sun Moon Mars
  • VENUS: Friends: Mercury Saturn
  • SATURN: Friends: Mercury, Venus

Certain planetary placement for having own house

It is very simple to find the chances to have own house in a chart. If the planet rules the 4th house makes any connection to the kendra or trikon house, that is the best signal to have own house. If the planets are in connection with good planets, then there are high chances to have own property. You have to check this from the Moon chart as well. If your birth chart is not showing such strong signals, then you should check your navamsa chart as well.

The condition of the 4th lord is very important as it rules the house. If this planet is in good condition, then that assures the chances to have own house. If the planet is in debilitation, retrogression or with any negative planet, the chances for the house do exist, but it will come with a lot of difficulties.

Especially when there is a connection with Saturn comes, through Placement, Conjunction, and Aspect, then the move for own house can get delayed, but it doesn’t restrict. ( This could depend on your natal planets also )

Huge and multiple houses are shown through the connection of Jupiter and the 4th house. If Jupiter is making any connection to the 4th house, then there are chances to have more than one house and huge houses as well.

If the 4th lord makes any good yoga, then that is a sure condition to have an own house.

One surprising factor is, the connection of Mercury to the 4th house gives a house full of creative objects, but in astrology, Venus is the planet for creative skills.

  • If the sign ruling the 4th house is an Earth sign, then there are huge chances for getting a house early in your life. For that also conditions apply.
  • If the sign ruling the 4th house is a fire sign, then it shows, there will be heated arguments in the house and there can be issues related to fire
  • If an air sign is ruling the 4th house, chances for frequent shifting can come up.
  • If it is a water sign, then the person may get a home near the water.