When Gemini Turns Dark!!

(Moon Sign Based)

When we talk about Gemini, they are cheerful and outgoing people. Yet, at times, they are emotionally unavailable, afraid of long commitments, and lack seriousness in life. In this article, let's have a look at the negative traits of a Gemini personality.

When Gemini Turns Dark!!


As a Gemini native with Mercury as it lord is symbolized by the Twins, you are an Air sign. This means you will remain emotionally constipated (expression what you truly feel to others will remain a mystery to you). As an individual, you are an extremely curious and interesting person with an undying thirst to learn and know everything. However, if a Gemini plans to go, rogue, that means to follow its darker or negative traits, it will show characters of being restless, untrustworthy, indecisive, unreliable, unstable stubborn, anxious, deceptive, unfaithful, moody, messy and hyper-volatile nature. It happens in cases where Rahu, Ketu and Saturn and wrongly placed in the natal or birth chart of a person who has Gemini as its ascendant or moon sign. This gives the Gemini native an inclination towards their darker or negative side as a result of the malefic effects of these planets.

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In the following article, we will discuss the darker dimension of a Gemini Moon side in a little detail.

  1. Mess Is Your Second Name

Staying organized is not your thing and your belongings may stay lying here and there all the time. It is not that you do not like cleanliness but doing things to organize the mess is too much to ask from you. You may also make some investment for the renovation of your surrounding as you have a habit of getting bored of the usual. But the excitement will soon die away and you will fall back to your pattern of living in a mess soon.

  1. Emotional Unavailability Is The Harsh Truth

Gemini natives remain to stay a mystery to everyone around when it comes to the emotion and expression part of the existence. It is difficult for you to understand your own feeling in the first place let alone helping others out on the emotional front. You face a lot of difficulty in empathizing with people around you or for that matter understanding the emotional outcome of a particular action. They act and function without the concern of how will their action affect people around and what impact will it have on their relationship with those people on a personal level.

  1. Unstable And Inconsistent

Usually, Gemini is considered to be emotional people but when sitting on the darker end of their character, the otherwise emotional Gemini becomes extremely inconsistent and unstable in nature both on a personal and emotional level. Focusing constantly at one point or factor becomes the biggest challenge for their very existence and hence they keep shifting their point of focus from one point to another pretty frequently. Mercury is the Lord of the Gemini ascendant and according to Vedic astrology; it is a pretty unstable planet. Therefore a Mercury-oriented individual is extremely inconsistent and unstable in nature.

  1. Commitment Phobic

Another donut point in the same context for Gemini native will be that they really are bad with the whole commitment part. They are really bad at keeping promises and meeting the deadlines they promised to their loved ones. Though a Gemini cannot do much about it genuinely as it is a flaw in their genetics on which they literally have no control.

  1. Manipulative

As already mentioned that the Gemini Native following the Darker side lacks empathy and is emotionally constipated, still they are extremely good at manipulating emotions and getting things done in their favor. They can imitate the emotions and pretending to be a close acquaintance and friend to people only till the time they mean business. Once they have sorted their way out, you may not hold any importance to them. Hence, they will stop entertaining you and get out of your hair in such a way that you may believe them to be a fragment of your imagination which was not real.

  1. Stubborn and Anxiety

On the off chance that Mercury (Lord of Gemini) is moving in a retrograde motion or Mercury is affected by malefic planet or any retrograde planet in someone’s natal or birth chart (which can only be checked after a thorough and deep horoscope reading by a certified astrologer) then the nature of the Gemini native is expected to be extremely stubborn, unstable and filled with anxiety. Because of this, your married, personal, love and personal life will forever remain hay-wired and disturbed causing extreme nervousness and underlying restlessness in your personality.

  1. Deceiving Lovers And Partners

Gemini native is famous for having the highest number of breakups amongst all the other zodiac signs. They are the lord of High mood swings. They are a total loser on the long-term relationship and commitment front as they are genetically modified in such a way that keeping up to their promises and commitment for them is next to impossible. They are quite famous as the renowned cheats in a relationship meaning they are the ones who will cheat and bring an end to a beautiful relationship and are famous for being creative about the novel and innovative methods they come up with to cheat their partners.

Due to Mercury and Jupiter’s retrograde motion or being placed in the wrong house; they are also the pioneers of extra-marital affairs. It is because of their unstable, unreliable, untrustworthy behavior and the act of deceiving their partners or lovers they mostly face failure on the relationship front as their reputation reaches people way before they can. Because of this they are unable to appreciate their one true soulmate and stay loyal to them.

  1. Habitual Impostor

Geminis are Professional Liars. They can lie while gazing straight into the eyes of the other without giving blinking once or breaking into a cold sweat unlike the rest of the innocent people for whom lying is an extremely difficult task. They can be really creative in fabricating the truth so that it works in their favor and will present a new version of the fact wrapped artistically in the threads of the lie in such a manner that truth itself will look ugly and futile. They can also lie in order to make themselves look good in front of others and are masters of deception and a king of flaunty words.

  1. Professionally Difficult Life Ahead

On the off chance for a Gemini if the Fifth House (House of education and Intelligence) has bad aspects of any malefic planet or the placement of the planet Mercury (Lord of the Gemini ascendant) is extremely wrong or bad or the Lord of the Fifth House is also placed in a wrong house or Rahu and Ketu are placed in the Fifth House then the native will face hurdles in his or her process of completing education. It will also affect their decision making power and will make a Gemini native remain confused about their career choices so much that they will never be able to make a right decision about their career and hence will suffer a failure professionally.


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