International Dance Day: Which dance form suits your zodiac sign?

On this International Dance Day, let us learn to break free and liberate ourselves creatively. If you want to choose a dance form that suits your personality, you have come to the right place. With help of astrology, we decode the best suited dance forms for you.

International Dance Day: Which dance form suits your zodiac sign?

Dance is a creative expression of one’s feelings and emotions. It is one of the most liberating feeling in the world. International Dance Day is celebrated each year on April 29, which is a global celebration of dance and creative liberty. It celebrates participation and education in dance through events and festivals, held all across the world. Created by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute (UNESCO), this day celebrates the birth anniversary of Jean-Georges Noverre, the creator of modern ballet.

From the various dance forms that exists all over the world, it often can be daunting to choose a particular one. And, what better way, than to rely on astrology for a correct representation of your personality, which is nothing but an extension of yourself.

Dance forms for different Zodiacs

  1. Aries:

Fire sign Aries are courageous, lively, energetic, and vivacious. Known for their confidence, courage, and leadership qualities, Salsa is one of the best-suited dance forms for Aries natives. Salsa is a partnered dance and being the forward leader that Aries is, they often take lead in the footwork and spins, for their partner to follow. Spontaneous and enthusiastic, Aries like to combine physical challenges with their desire to dancing, making improvisations along the way, which makes Salsa one of the best dance forms for Aries Native.

Among Indian (classical or contemporary) dance forms, Aries is likely to choose freestyle Bollywood contemporary dance.

  1. Taurus:

Earth sign Taurus is rooted, responsible, and mature. Known for their stability and sensuality, Spanish dance Pasodoble is the correct choice for this headstrong sign. Pasodoble is the Spanish bullfight dance and hence naturally is a good fit for Taurus, who is symbolized by the bull. Taurus has an eye for beauty and aesthetics and is innately very seductive in nature. Therefore, a dance with close proximity to one’s partner is a natural choice for Taurus.

Among Indian dance forms, fast-paced neo-classical dance form will be best suited to Taurus natives.

  1. Gemini:

Gentle and affectionate, yet extremely lively and talkative Gemini is full of fun and flavour. Hence, free style Bollywood dancing is best suited to their vivacious personality. This dance form is one of the best form of social dances, which can include a group or a solo performance. Energetic and entertaining, this dance form includes sharp movements, twists and turns, drama and is super fun, just like the personality of a Gemini native.

  1. Cancer:

Water sign Cancer is emotional, loving, and nurturing. They prefer tradition to modernity and hence, a sensitive and romantic dance form would be best suited to them. Waltz, which is graceful and romantic and has a rich cultural heritage, appeals the most to them. Waltz requires loyalty and compassion towards the partner, qualities that Cancer has most to give.

Among the various different Indian dance forms, Odissi with its enchanting hand movements and traditional storytelling makes for the best-suited dance form for Cancer natives.

  1. Leo:

Leos are expressive, passionate and their world revolves around them. This fire sign loves drama and is flashy. They love to show off their moves and maintain an element of different paced rhythm. Tango with its sharp twists and turns on one side and slow and graceful, the other side is the ideal dance form for Leos. Known for their unpredictability, both Tango and Leo is quite well suited to each other.

Among the various different Indian dance forms, Kathakali is best suited for the Leos. It is a stage art form of dance along with their elaborate and extravagant costumes, coupled with its difficulty factor, becomes a very appealing dance form for Leo natives.

  1. Virgo:

Virgos are perfectionists. They are analytical, practical, and reserved. They have a very keen eye for detail and always try to remaster everything. They love discipline and are sometimes very critical of themselves. Ballet is therefore best suited to the personality of a Virgo native. Ballet requires skill, dedication, and hard work. Very detail oriented and precise, ballet is the personification of perfection, when performed with precision.

Among the various different dance forms of Indian origin, Kathak with its intricate footwork and perfect chakkars is the best-suited dance forms for the Virgo natives. It requires a great deal of skill, dedication to perfect the moves and analytical mind frame, which is ideal for the Virgo personality.

  1. Libra:

Air sign Libra is known for their balanced and harmonious outlook. They seek beauty and aesthetics in everything they do. Jazz dance, as a creative measure, appeals to them due to the graceful movements, the balanced pirouettes, and aesthetic appeal. Fair minded and graceful Libras see to it that elegance and poise is maintained while dancing, at the same time retaining gentleness and harmony.

Among the Indian dance forms, Odissi and Kathak both suit the personality of Libra. Both these dance forms are graceful and has a great deal of aesthetic appeal, which makes either of these two dance forms ideal for the Libra native.

  1. Scorpio:

Scorpios are mysterious, intense, and strong willed. Being a water sign, there movements are fluid and relentless. Having many different layers to their personality, Scorpios are drawn to those kind of dance forms, which is fun, yet complex, spirited yet technical. Hip hop or street dance, with high energy and drama, yet difficult and methodical, suits the personality of a Scorpio native. Their dance, just like they themselves, have a mind of their own.

Among the various different dance forms of Indian origin, Bharatnatyam is best suited for the Scorpio natives. It is one of the most complex performing arts, high on drama and action. The beautiful and mesmerizing dance costume appeals to the Scorpios making Bharatnatyam, the ideal Indian dance form for Scorpio natives.

  1. Sagittarius:

This fire sign is free-spirited, optimistic, and creative. They are intense and hyper-focused but at the same time wildly independent. Contemporary dance, which is free style, leaves many opportunities for creativity and improvisations. Versatile, easy to understand, yet visually very pleasing, contemporary modern dance is a direct personification of a Sagittarius personality.

Among the many Indian dance forms, Chau Dance is most suited to the personality of a Sagittarius. It is a semi-classical dance, high on drama but with huge scope of improvisation and creativity. This dance form is comparatively uncommon, making the Sagittarius native stand out with their curious choice, pertaining to their personality.

  1. Capricorn:

Earth sign Capricorn is ambitious, determined, and disciplined. The same is showcased in their preferred choice of dance form. Flamenco requires concentration, determination, and patience. These are the things, which are innate qualities of a Capricorn native. Flamenco is mostly performed solo, which is characterized by synchronized footwork, rhythmic hand clapping and intricate body movements. It is subtle yet intense and hence the ideal dance form for Capricorns.

Among the myriad Indian dance forms, Kuchipudi which is offbeat, intense, and visually very pleasing, appeals the most to the Capricorn natives. The dance drama finds its roots in old mythology and requires effort and dedication to master it, something which the industrious Capricorns find alluring. Therefore, among the Indian dance forms, Kuchipudi is best suited to the Capricorn natives.

  1. Aquarius:

Eccentric, progressive and humanitarian, Aquarius is an air sign, which thrives on independence. They do not hold on to roots and traditions unnecessarily, especially if they find progressive and forward thinking alternatives. Dance styles such as Cha-Cha, which is fun, modern, experimental and enjoyable, highly suits the nature of an Aquarius native. The dance form as well as an Aquarius native is original and temperamental, body grooving as per the music in a quirky yet fun manner making Cha-Cha, the best-suited dance form for Aquarius.

Among the Indian dance forms, the one that appeals the most to the Aquarius native is the Tandava dance form. This a free-style, quirky and temperamental dance form, which is similar to the nature of an Aquarius native. This dance form has mythological roots of stories from life of Lord Shiva, modified to modern day take/rendition.

  1. Pisces:

This water sign lives in their own imagination and utopia that they have created for themselves. Caring, romantic and traditional at heart, Pisces natives prefer ballroom dancing the most. The dance is graceful and elegant, aesthetically and visually extremely pleasing with their flowy gowns and fitted suits. This dance has a dream like quality about it, which is exactly like the personality of a Pisces native.

Among the various different dance forms of India, Pisces would prefer slow Bollywood partnered dance, where the two partners are in close proximity of each other and entwined in their own world.