Leo 2015 Love Horoscope

Discovery of fresh faces then acquaintance, followed by friendship and then some misunderstandings you have it all like a masala bollywood movie. With a shaky start, this is going to be a year full of interesting challenges and puzzling situations.

If you love challenges then you would not be disappointed. Friends might approach you with advice for their personal situations. Have I scared you out of your wits? Wait till you find out that your inner strength will be multiplied manifolds this year. You will be glad to know that your mental faculties are in total sync with your power of expression, which will impress your beloved and increase your fan following in the social circles.

Let us not talk of the mundane stress of the daily life because by March end you will be at much higher level and far beyond the reach of any negativity in love life. So there is another name for Leo in you in 2014 and that is “Superhero”. In other words, you will sail through 2014 easily and will be successful in your mission.

As I just mentioned, the year may have a shaky start but only for a short while, as the chances are that you are likely to meet a person who is also a fiery sign (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius). You will have many opportunities to strengthen your bond. Of course, there will be fireworks till the middle of the year but you will be fully equipped to not only handle them well but to turn them into memorable events. This will be one step short of solidifying your bond into a concrete unit. Jupiter will bless your joint journey. The beauty of the relationship of the two of you will unite the families also in a harmonious way.

If you are still a single then this could well be a year of change, bringing in your life an ideal person. Romance is in the air! Want to know your secret of success? Just be witty, smart and intelligent. Your dreams of finding your soul-mate are about to become a reality.

A few exclusive tips for you
There is a particular configuration of the planets during their movement which makes me share a few tips about maintaining a better and harmonious relationship.
  • Reciprocate the good and warm gestures and have good times. But if your partner is in not in a mood or is in a difficult situation try to understand him / her. If the situation demands then withdraw from the scene and conserve your energy rather than wasting it.
  • Keep your fiery mood under check, do not do anything in extremes.
  • Be modest, courteous and respectful.
And finally
Rome was not built in a day. The strangers become acquaintances, in turn they become friends and out of the friends circle comes someone special. So send your serious mood and fiery nature on a holiday in 2014. Be nice, loving and caring to every person who comes in your life. It's up to you to make those moments, if there is an argument or disagreement, sprinkle love and set everything right. So make no mistakes, one of such persons is going to be someone special in your life.