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What makes you different from others?

Always confused about the action 'n' reaction of your family and friends…!! Have you ever questioned why little things get on your nerves when your brother manages to stay calm?

Here is a way out to make your life lil easier and better!!

The place where Moon was hanging out when you came into this beautiful world controls your innate self. So, your Yin and Yang are the surprise gifts of the Moon to you (like it or not). INDASTRO will be your guardian angel to prevent you from life’s Checkmate. Read these Zodiac details to understand what makes you different from others!!

This Horoscope Prediction is based on your Moon Sign, the zodiac in which Moon was transiting at the time of your birth. So if that was Aries, then you are anAries Moon Sign. If Moon was in Taurus, your instincts are ruled by Moon inTaurus and you are a Taurus Moon Sign. If you don't already know your Moon Sign, find it out easily here.


ARIES – The Angry Bird

You are a power house of energy. You are found hopping around, always babbling and excelling in almost everything. Aries, you are strong-willed. You know what you want and end up scoring that. IMPULSIVESNESS is something that can’t be ignored in Aries- you are always boiling and on edge of a squabble. You have fierce need of independence and freedom in your relationships. Running fromsituation is a defining aspect of your character as you hate being chained or trapped.


TAURUS - The Voluptuous

It is the most SENSUAL sign!! You are satiated by mellow surroundings and decadent meals. Taurus you are classy and indulge in luxury goodies. Always an old school chap- very logical, conservative and security obsessed. Any sort of change is a red alert for you. To achieve goals, you might chase them bullheaded. Swinging between extremes - either you are relaxed as if sun-bathing on the beach or hyped-up to wage a war.


GEMINI – The Worrywarts

Hello Buddy! You OVER-THINK over thinking. Accept it or not but you have all the unrealistic situations/conservations planned and rehearsed in your head. The remarkable communication skills and absolute wittiness are your blessing and have brought you stardom. You are overtly extrovert and followed on all social media - you love SHARING. Being on roller coaster of life is fun. Hello gorgeous..!! Words coming out of your mouth are way sweet and kind and YES!! You are flirtatious and great flatterer.


CANCER- The Fragile

You guys are emotional and sensitive- sometimes may even sound whiny. Always happy being mumma’s baby!! The caring, loving, protective and family-oriented approach is the outcome of same. The great psychic abilities help you to make best decisions. Cancer folks love being appreciated and compliments leave great impressions on you. You are highly creative and loyal to your work.


LEO- The Flamboyant

The GLAM quotient of Leo fam is pretty high. You love being centre of attention. Being a Leo, you entertain your family and friends with great panache. The strongsense of leadership keeps you engaged in great conquests. You are affectionate, kind, generous, protective and brutally honest-STRONGLY OPINIONATED. You have creative soul and rooted love for performing art.


VIRGO- The Perfectionist

Virgo, you are the PERFECTIONIST- which makes you a bit neurotic sometimes. Obsessed with organized and structured atmosphere is your unique identity. You prefer a quiet and unpretentious life. A person who loves being a helping hand has to be a Virgo. You end up being a therapist to friends. Great analysts and excellence in understanding complexities comes along with Virgo. You always keep your promises no matter what or how. Guys, you need to stop criticizing yourself and be easy!


LIBRA- The Aesthetic Savvy

Peace, love and harmony describe the ideal Libran state. Sense of ARTISTRY is yourdriving force. You seek purity and clarity in all your relationships. Love challenges and extremities yet those management skills help you nail the balanced state. You are very diplomatic and decisive. Libran folks love excitement and you guys have power of intuition on which you rely for guidance.


SCORPIO- The intensely private

If you were around any Scorpion or you are a Scorpion, you know a strong SEXUAL CHEMISTRY is mandatory. How you crave for deep emotional and physical connections!! You are very secretive and unapproachable- always creating and maintaining boundaries. A scorpion can easily read minds and reveal people’s thoughts and feelings like magic. Magnetic and fierce personality is just a bonus.


SAGITTARIUS- The daredevil/ Adventurous

Always curious and ready for intellectual quest is the defining character of everySagittarian. WANDERLUST is synonymous to your spirit. You are philosophical- often ready to mold and manipulate mind to prove the point. The enemies youmade are because of your loose mouth- avoid giving advices. Relationships make you feel chained and suffocated. You are deeply religious and sentimental. The temper issues needs to be taken care of.


CAPRICORN- The CEO of Zodiac

Capricorns are dedicated, responsible, hard-working and disciplined. You are practical and everything is backed by some logic- no assumptions please!! Don’t believe in destiny and focus on hard-work to accomplish goals is your motto. You are AUTHORITATIVE. You can’t have flexible work ethics. You are blessed you with unique determination and patience.


AQUARIUS - The eccentric

Charming, imaginative and future oriented- the three defining traits of Aquarius. Innovative ideas are in your head all the time. You are highly logical and scrap off unnecessary with ease. Aquarius, youo are open-minded and non-judgmental. Reserved and not being vocal about feelings and emotions is how you prefer. DEEP THINKERS but prefer keeping things within self.


PISCES - The Dreamers

You are imaginative and creative with your projects. HOPELESS ROMANTICS as well as highly sensitive. Pisces are moody and have flickering opinions. Music, literature and poetry attract your attention. You lack necessary sense of humor and get easily offended. Seem to be great talkers- usually seen giving advices to needy.